Surprise Approval of Larger Council Salary Increase

At the May 14 Committee of the Whole (C.O.W.) meeting, Council approved the recommendations of the Ad Hoc committee that had been formed for that purpose.  At the same meeting, Paul Pagnuelo of the CTA said that councillors were grossly underpaid and should be paid a lot more.  In keeping with that, a clause was added to the Council motion that required a review in twelve months.  But when the motion came up for the usual rubber stamping at tonight’s Council meeting, Debra McCarthy said that she had second thoughts:  Why not approve a quarter of the increase immediately?  Specifically she moved an amendment that would increase Councillors’ and the Deputy Mayor’s pay by $5000 and the Mayor’s by $2500… Read complete articleSurprise Approval of Larger Council Salary Increase