Solar Panels at Venture 13 Explained

At the Venture 13 grand opening on May 17, 2018, Dereck Paul, President & CEO of Lakefront Utility Services Inc (LUSI) announced that Solar panels would be installed on the roof of the Venture 13 building and would save approx. a third of its hydro costs.  At  last week’s council meeting he presented additional information.  A key thing is that it’s not just LUSI involved but a consortium of LUSI, Veridian and Solera.  And LUSI does not distribute Hydro – that’s a sister company: Lakefront Utilities Inc.  The mandate of LUSI includes providing broadband to business as they will do for Venture 13, to manage the water supply for 4 municipalities and to expand their business (see the full presentation… Read complete articleSolar Panels at Venture 13 Explained