Statue of Wartime Female “Sparks” planned

Fern Blodgett Sunde could be called a heroine but she was certainly a trail-blazer – she was a Radio Operator during World War 2 when women were not allowed in the Canadian Navy, not even the Merchant Navy.  Not giving up on what she wanted to do, she signed on to a Norwegian ship and made 78 crossings of the Atlantic during the Battle of the Atlantic.  I’d call that heroic and certainly worth commemorating with a statue.  And that’s what Leona Woods wants to do, commission a statue of her and have it erected in a prominent place on Cobourg’s waterfront.  Leona has teamed up with Sudbury sculptor Tyler Fauvelle and together they made a presentation to Cobourg Council… Read complete articleStatue of Wartime Female “Sparks” planned