Sidewalk Sale – 2018

With the weather heating up now that we are heading into August, on Thursday most of the downtown merchants in Cobourg put their wares out on the sidewalk – well really on the road – and invited customers.  It is an annual 4 day event with Saturday being the big day with a Sandcastle Festival but I checked it out on a quieter day – today, Friday.  Although the forecast said it might rain, merchants had their stuff out in the open – they would  be busy protecting them if it actually rained although some did have canopies.  As well as shoes, clothes and DVDs, there was also furniture, paintings, jewelry and more.  There were also some booths unrelated to… Read complete articleSidewalk Sale – 2018

MoneySense Ranks Cobourg

Recently, MoneySense Magazine announced their 2018 ranks for cities which are good places to live and retire –  and Cobourg’s ranks are slipping.  The table below shows the ranks for 2018 with some of the numbers from 2015 and 2017 for comparison. To calculate ranks, MoneySense looks at “Wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture.”  These are weighted so that money and health get high ratings but culture and amenities are low.  I would weight culture higher and maybe adjust some of the others but these are the ranks that are often quoted.  You have to wonder what such rankings mean – everyone’s idea of a perfect town is different… Read complete articleMoneySense Ranks Cobourg