Holdco – Should their finances be Public?

Holdco is the holding company for Lakefront Utilities and Lakefront Utility Services Inc. which provide water and electricity to Cobourg and is owned by the Towns of Cobourg (most shares) and Cramahe (one share).  Although Holdco issued annual reports in 2017 and 2016 for the previous years, these reports have minimal financial information.  It may be possible to obtain their financial reports but they do not make it easy and I have not yet seen a report for 2017. Personally, I have not been able to find any Holdco Financial reports online. In addition, they have had esoteric battles with the Cobourg Taxpayers Association (CTA) over details of their activity.  But they do pay a dividend to Cobourg each year –… Read complete articleHoldco – Should their finances be Public?

Unsightly Trash Cans

An unlikely pairing – Cobourg Taxpayer Association (CTA) President Lydia Smith – and activist Wally Keeler, joined forces at Monday’s C.O.W. Council meeting to point out the “blight” of Trash Cans on Cobourg’s Waterfront.  As Wally said, “Trash cans do not have to be trashy-looking”.  Lydia gave three examples of trash cans that are in poor shape and said that they could be decorated or as a minimum re-painted. To illustrate her point, she presented photos of three examples – one near the cenotaph in Victoria Park, the second on the harbour front promenade and the third at the Ecology Garden (see photos below).  As Lydia said: “Our waterfront does not deserve this string of blight, but a string of bright… Read complete articleUnsightly Trash Cans