Shooting Victim at Hospital

At around 10:45 Tuesday morning (24 March), a car delivered an “adult male” suffering from a gun-shot wound to the Northumberland Hills Hospital Emergency department.  Police were called and are investigating.  Their statement says that “this incident is being investigated by members of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, assisted by members of Uniform Patrol, Forensic Identification Services and Special Constables.  The investigation is in the early stages and investigators believe that this was not a random incident.”  The victim is reported to have “serious but non-life-threatening injuries”  And “the location of the shooting is unknown at this time.”  A photo is being circulated of the car that it’s believed dropped off the man – see below. Because of the crime, the… Read complete articleShooting Victim at Hospital

Two Special Council Meetings

Council cancelled their regular meeting last night but at short notice, they scheduled two “special” meetings, one after the other starting at 3:00 pm.  However, given the Covid-19 virus issue, they were held using video-conferencing with all Councillors plus Interim CAO Ian Davey and Town Clerk Brent Larmer also connected.  It was then streamed so the public could view it, and I did!  The technology worked quite well although there were a few glitches (that’s technical jargon for “malfunctions”).  The sound was clear but cut out for about 20 minutes and the video froze a few times on individuals.  The two meetings each had a single topic agenda – the first was to take advantage of very recent legislation allowing… Read complete articleTwo Special Council Meetings