Province Opens Up – Partially

Today, Premier Ford announced that starting this Friday, June 12, the Province will loosen Covid-19 restrictions. Social gatherings of 10 are now permitted instead of 5 and now allowed to open will be Churches (subject to limits) restaurants (outdoor patios only), hair salons (subject to limits), swimming pools and more (details below).  But this does not apply to all of Ontario; a notable exception is the GTA plus a few other locations.  The HKPR District Health Unit which includes Cobourg is included in the loosened rules.  In all cases physical distancing apply. This is in line with the Province’s plan to move to Stage 2 on a regional basis (see link below for a description of Stage 2). As we’ve… Read complete articleProvince Opens Up – Partially

FSD Pharma scales down Cannabis cultivation

As announced in April, FSD Pharma is selling their Cobourg building and Bloomberg reports that that part of the business (cannabis cultivation) has been scaled down to a bare minimum. Instead, the company will “double down on our biosciences and specialty R&D pharmaceutical efforts”.  In line with this, on June 3 they announced that they had received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to design a proof-of-concept study for a potential Covid-19 treatment.  But this drug does not involve any sort of cannabis-derived compound which implies that growing marijuana plants is no longer where they see their future.  It looks like Cobourg’s hope that they would provide large employment opportunities has gone.  Perhaps a new owner of the building will… Read complete articleFSD Pharma scales down Cannabis cultivation