Covid-19 Update – 12 May 2021

Our Medical Officer of Health Dr. Natalie Bocking provide an update today and although we are not “out of the woods” (my words), Dr. Bocking said we are “moving in the right direction”. Vaccinations are ramping up although most have only had one shot – 76% of those aged 60+ have had their first dose and 49% of those eligible (that’s 18+) have had one shot. The Province has paused vaccinations using the Astrazeneca vaccine due to supply issues (plus the small risk we’ve all heard about) but supplies of others – particularly the Pfizer version – are ramping up. The district has been receiving 3500 per week  but deliveries will be 4000/wk in the first 2 weeks of May, 8000/wk in the… Read complete articleCovid-19 Update – 12 May 2021