Changes Proposed to Cobourg’s Animal Control

Currently, the management of lost and stray cats and dogs is done by the Joint Animal Control Municipal Services located on Theatre Road – generally called the “Shelter of Hope”.  This facility and service is jointly managed and financed by Cobourg, Hamilton Township, Port Hope and Alnwick/Haldimand – the cost to Cobourg is $104,000 in 2021 or an average of $9.56 per household.  But other municipalities pay an average of $4.82 to $4.63 per household and a recent KPMG report suggested Cobourg could save $40K per year. In addition, Cobourg staff felt that current performance was not satisfactory.  The current agreement mandated 2 years notice and in February 2020, the Town gave notice that it would withdraw from the agreement. … Read complete articleChanges Proposed to Cobourg’s Animal Control