AGN Leads Project to Decorate Garbage Cans

In September 2018 Wally Keeler teamed with Lydia Smith to ask Council to fix the eyesores of ugly garbage cans around town (see link below).  The Parks and Recreation committee agreed with them  and in June 2019 Council passed a resolution to implement a “Trash to Treasures Pilot Program” and add it to the 2020 budget.  This did not happen and also did not happen in the 2021 budget – it’s currently listed in the 2021 operating budget as a special project in 2022/2023 with an estimated amount of $2000.  But all is not lost.  The Art Gallery of Northumberland has taken it on as an Education project for the Youth Council.  They plan to beautify 25 metal garbage cans… Read complete articleAGN Leads Project to Decorate Garbage Cans