Province and Feds Help Fund Transit

People ask why do we have full size buses and not small ones or even ones like those used in Okotoks?  (See link below to earlier article). Well I don’t have an answer but if spending Council money is the problem, then the Federal and Provincial Governments are helping big time to buy replacements for existing fleets.  Today, MPP David Piccini announced the support being provided to Cobourg and Port Hope via the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program.  Cobourg’s 2020 budget included $160K (contingent on a grant) to replace a Wheels bus, $230K in 2021 for one regular bus and $460K in 2022 to replace two more regular buses – total $850K.  The grants for Cobourg are $496,182 from the… Read complete articleProvince and Feds Help Fund Transit

New Venue for Council Meetings

At the start of the what I like to call the “Covid-19 era”, the Town shut Victoria Hall to the public.  They also made Council meetings virtual but now that we have a gradual re-opening of everything, that has changed.  The Committee of the Whole Council meeting on Monday 14 September was “in person” and held in the Concert Hall instead of Council Chambers. With advance notice, the public were admitted.  However, You-Tube streaming was still available so there was no real need to go to the meeting unless you planned to participate with a delegation. Below are some screen grabs taken near the start of the meeting.  From what I could see, apart from Councillors, all but one person… Read complete articleNew Venue for Council Meetings

GPL and Mason Homes Developments Approved

At Monday’s C.O.W. Council meeting, as well as the Coast Guard re-development, two other projects were also approved: the Golden Plough Lodge (GPL) and the 27 Townhomes by Mason Homes at 425 King East (pre-servicing and sub-division agreement).  Mr. Mason was there to suggest that a chain link fence would be better than a wooden one but was otherwise happy and thought that construction would start next Spring.  He said that chain link blends better with trees and lasts longer but neighbours wanted privacy and wood is better for that so wood will be used.  (See links below for the full Planning report and earlier articles).  The GPL project was first initiated in 2016 and residents should move in during… Read complete articleGPL and Mason Homes Developments Approved

New Coast Guard Building Approved

At the Committee of the Whole Meeting on Monday night, the development agreement for the new Coast Guard building on the east pier was approved. That means that work can start soon: two months are needed to award contracts then demolition of the existing buildings would be done in November/December. Construction of the new building would be done over the winter so that the new facility would be ready for the boating season. Weather permitting, this would be April/May but could stretch into summer. Directors Glenn McGlashon and Dean Hustwick said that this work would not clash with other work on the east Pier.  Dean clarified that East Pier work would be in two parts – repairs and enhancements –… Read complete articleNew Coast Guard Building Approved

Welcome to Cobourg’s New CAO

Today Mayor John Henderson announced that Tracey Vaughan will be Cobourg’s new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), effective Monday, October 5, 2020.  Her current position is Director of Recreation and Culture at Ajax which she has held for 8 years.  She also currently lives in Ajax.  From her resume on Linked-In (see link below), she has been working since 1998 after graduating from York University with degrees in Sociology and Psychology.  Her experience includes “nearly two decades of senior management experience within the municipal and public sectors”. The Mayor’s announcement continues with: In her current role as the Director of Recreation, Culture and Community Development with the Town of Ajax she designed and implemented several key strategic plans including the Diversity… Read complete articleWelcome to Cobourg’s New CAO

Victoria Hall Restoration Work gets another Contribution

In June this year, Council approved a tender for the work from Colonial Building Restoration Ltd in the amount of $275,000 (plus HST) to restore the sandstone at the front of Victoria hall including the speakers’ balcony.  In July, the Victoria Hall Heritage Maintenance Trust Fund contributed $10,000 to this work and today, at 3:00 pm, the Victoria Hall Volunteers (VHV) contributed another $20,000.  In accepting the cheque, Mayor John Henderson said:  “I don’t know of another Town with this kind of support for heritage projects”.   The Victoria Hall Volunteers have a long history of supporting Victoria Hall with a total contribution to date of over $356,000. Today is the closest available to the 160th anniversary of the opening of… Read complete articleVictoria Hall Restoration Work gets another Contribution

East Pier – Public Meeting (Virtual)

The next step in Cobourg’s plan to re-vitalize the waterfront is to fix and enhance the East Pier.  This requires extensive public consultation and this started last year (see links below) and now there is another consultation although this time it’s virtual and hosted on Engage Cobourg. This includes a presentation in two versions – a pdf and/or a video – a survey with the first question “have you watched the presentation?” and a forum for free form comments.  The presentation starts with some background information then divides the area into zones and discusses options.  Then the discussion moves into three “design approaches” then finally talks about design palettes  – Contemporary, Heritage or hybrid.  The survey opened Sept 4 and… Read complete articleEast Pier – Public Meeting (Virtual)

Ed’s House – Official Opening

On Thursday, September 3, Northumberland’s Hospice (Ed’s House) was officially opened by Minister of Health and Deputy Premier Christine Elliott.  There were about 70 people gathered outside the new building on Ontario Street to witness the event.  As well as capital to build the facility, operating costs are ongoing and the Province has committed to pay this for the six new beds – Christine said that the Government is expanding palliative care. As well as the Minister, many who had helped make it happen were also there – see list below.  Hamilton Mayor Bill Cane commented that this was “an amazing collaborative effort”. All speakers at the event thanked the team who made it happen: Fundraising was better than goal… Read complete articleEd’s House – Official Opening