Public Meeting – Vacant Property Tax Rebate

Hits: 2 As reported last December, the county is looking at changing the tax system so that vacant stores do not get a rebate on their taxes.  A required part of that process is that public meetings must be held to allow communication to and from affected people.  The required meeting was held on Wednesday March 21 at the County building – only a few people turned up.   At a presentation, County treasurer Glenn Dees explained some of the details.  The change is now possible because legislation passed in early 2017 allowed municipalities to “opt-out” of the rebate program or make other changes.  Of those who requested a change in 2017, 21 of 25 eliminated them immediately of phased them… Read complete articlePublic Meeting – Vacant Property Tax Rebate

Boost to Cobourg Tourism planned

Hits: 340 Under the direction of Dean Hustwick, Director of Recreation and Culture, Cobourg is adopting a new strategy to attract Tourists to Cobourg.  Instead of simply listing attractions, a new “guide” will focus on “experiences”.  Other initiatives include a new tourism web site to expand on this and the hiring of summer students as “experience ambassadors” to encourage visitors to stay longer and spend more.  Work on this project was done by Bryan Mercer, a contract employee who has many years of experience marketing Tourism, most recently in Kingston.  Bryan presented the result of his work to Council on Monday and handed out copies of the new guide to Councillors and the media. The new guide looks very different… Read complete articleBoost to Cobourg Tourism planned

John Lee has Criticism and Suggestions for Downtown

Hits: 736 At the regular council meeting on Monday, John Lee and Patrick Bonneville made two presentations that showed that although there are many closed stores on King Street and many in bad repair, the ones that his company Phoenix Genesis have been involved with were in much better shape. They also pointed to Condo developments they had done.  He made a number of suggestions on how the Downtown could be vitalized and also made accusations that the Town was biased and unhelpful in his dealings with them. Along the way, John clashed with Mayor Gil Brocanier and seemed to not make any friends on Council.  He also quoted Cobourg Blog News as saying that Gil said that he “would hold his feet… Read complete articleJohn Lee has Criticism and Suggestions for Downtown

Good Turnout at Town Hall on Local News

Hits: 865 About 160 people were at the meeting in Victoria Hall tonight led by Rob Washburn.  When Rob introduced it he said that it was more a conversation than a meeting – no decisions were made but a lot of ideas were presented.  At the meeting I saw many political figures: Lou Rinaldi, John Henderson, Brian Darling, Aaron Burchat, David Piccini and Adam Bureau. During the meeting many of the local journalists and media representatives were there and spoke up – too many to name individually.  These included Northumberland News, SNAP, CHEX, My Broadcasting, FM89.7 as well as Social media: Now Network, Cobourg Media and Cobourg Internet.  Many in the audience spoke of many years of experience in newspapers… Read complete articleGood Turnout at Town Hall on Local News

School Rezoning Meeting gets Heated

Hits: 712 The gallery was full for Monday’s public meeting on the proposed rezoning of land in New Amherst to allow for a Catholic French language school to be built (see links below for more on the proposed school).  The application for rezoning was first made last November and, with a time limit of 120 days for a decision before the developer can ask the OMB to intervene, the Public meeting was held on day 119.  Although she does not live in the area, Emily Chorley was critical of the process and pointed to her own experience with the rezoning on College Street (see links below).  Residents were also highly critical of both the process and of the planned school. … Read complete articleSchool Rezoning Meeting gets Heated

Reminder – Town Hall meeting on Local News

Hits: 562 Hopefully most people in Cobourg know by now that a group has been formed to see if there is anything that can be done to replace the gap left by the shutdown of Northumberland Today.  Currently led by Professor of e-journalism Rob Washburn, a Public Town Hall meeting has been organized for Tuesday March 20th at 7:00pm in Cobourg’s Victoria Hall.  Rob asked Cobourg Council for support in the cost of that and Council approved his request on February 20.  Since this initiative started, there has been some activity online (see links below) but no printed replacement newspaper.  But is there demand for a daily printed paper?  What do people really want?  What are they prepared to pay… Read complete articleReminder – Town Hall meeting on Local News