Health Team gets funding for Community Paramedicine

The Ford Government last year announced that LHINs would be disbanded and instead we would have “Health Teams” and Northumberland was one of the first to form such a team.  One of their goals in the first year was to implement a Community Paramedicine program and now MPP David Piccini has announced that this will be funded by the Province to the tune of  $342,000.  The idea is to take advantage of skills that paramedics already have and do some pro-active health care.  So as well as paramedics responding to 911 calls, they will also do things like “assisting with diabetic care, doing medication assessment, providing flu vaccinations, conducting post-injury or illness evaluation, and other care functions”.  The overall intent… Read complete articleHealth Team gets funding for Community Paramedicine

New Initiatives at Venture 13

The focus at Venture 13 is on encouraging Entrepreneurs – especially young start-ups.  But on Tuesday, Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) announced a new program where Cobourg Police are partnering with innovators.  On Wednesday, they also announced a partnership with Telus with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.  Both CFDC and Cobourg Police were anchor organizations with the Town of Cobourg in the founding of Venture 13 in May 2018.  (See links below).  Wendy Curtis, Executive Director of Northumberland CFDC, said that the Cobourg Police service is “one of the most innovative in the country” and now they are taking it further with their new PoliceTech Accelerator.  That’s not a new pursuit car but a “test… Read complete articleNew Initiatives at Venture 13

Update on Major Projects – Feb 2020

Cobourg’s planning department is involved in a number of projects – some move through quickly but sometimes developers are slow to act so projects take many years.   In any event, planning does a good job of putting details and status on the Town’s web site so the public can know what’s happening.  Details are brought to council at various stages – some require re-zoning and can be controversial and others get a lot of attention because they respond to a cause like a shortage of low-cost housing. The Town site has a lot of detail (see link below) and includes details on projects such as the Tannery project, the new strip plaza on Mall property, the new Coastguard building and… Read complete articleUpdate on Major Projects – Feb 2020

County Budget Brings Changes

After a longer than usual review, County Council approved the 2020 budget on 13 February with an increase over last year of 2.61% in the tax levy.  Included in the budget are some key initiatives plus some changes in fees.  This year will see “breaking ground for construction of the new Golden Plough Lodge and Northumberland County Archives & Museum facility” and “continuing with county-wide implementation of the Affordable Housing Strategy, including completion of a detailed design for the Elgin Park Redevelopment Project.” Effective March 30, fees for tipping at Community Recycling Centres (CRC) (that’s the latest name for the waste dumps) will increase from $115 to $130 per tonne and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) operations at the Brighton and… Read complete articleCounty Budget Brings Changes

Cobourg Library – MOU wanted

At the committee of the whole Council meeting next Monday, the Cobourg Library will be in the spotlight.  In budget deliberations, Library CEO Tammy Robinson asked for “a Memorandum of Understanding with the Town of Cobourg in regards to facilities” and on Monday, Councillor Adam Bureau will ask for this to be prepared.  He asks for clear direction on roles and responsibilities between the Cobourg Public Library Board and the Town of Cobourg to help with “budget requests, deliberations and approvals for the Cobourg Public Library”.  The amount of money Cobourg contributes to the Library’s budget is significant and Provincial cutbacks have made budgeting difficult for the Library with an increasing amount required to keep it going.  The Library is… Read complete articleCobourg Library – MOU wanted

Cobourg’s Entertainment Scene – 2020

There are many events in Cobourg that could be described as entertainment – from stage shows to movies to speakers to “parties”. Most are produced by not-for-profit volunteer organizations but a few are promotional events for bars, restaurants etc and one (Rainbow Theatre) is commercial.  Cobourg has only three venues that are primarily for entertainment: The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, the Cobourg Loft and of course the Rainbow.  The Park Theatre is still derelict with nothing happening to restore it – at the rate it’s going, it will likely get demolished by neglect.  It’s hard to see how a large theatre like the Park would be viable given the apparently thriving Capitol just down the road.  However, there could… Read complete articleCobourg’s Entertainment Scene – 2020

Civic Awards for 2020 delayed

Last September, Council agreed on a Procedure Manual for the Civic Awards program and agreed that the Civic Awards committee should be set up the same way as other Advisory committees.  This meant that 6 citizens should be nominated again from scratch and that process is currently under way. If you would like to be nominated, forms can be obtained from the Mayor’s admin assistant Toni Galea at .  John Henderson hopes to have the committee in place in March.  The next step is to decide on the process and John wants that changed too although a decision will be up to the committee.  Up until now, the selection from nominations from the public was made by the committee… Read complete articleCivic Awards for 2020 delayed

Cobourg Online

A Google search will find answers to questions that you know to ask but doesn’t work well if you don’t know what to ask.  Would you think to ask “when did a plane land in Cobourg?” Or “what activities are there in Cobourg?” And some questions don’t get complete answers – like “what shows are on this weekend?”  What you need are web sites that you go to that provide those answers – but how do you find those web sites? Well, read on. You already know how to get Cobourg News – it’s right here plus I have provided links to other news sites in Cobourg (see menu at the top of the page).  But it’s not always obvious… Read complete articleCobourg Online

MPP David Piccini briefs Cobourg Council

At the regular Council meeting on Monday, MPP David Piccini reported on what was happening with a number of Provincial programs and how they affected Cobourg.  As shown on the recently approved budget, the Province provides close to $1M of Cobourg’s revenue – much of that is jointly with the Federal Government which provides another $1.6M.  The big items are Cobourg’s request for funding for Harbour repairs plus the ongoing hope of funding for the Victoria Square Project which has been on hold for a few years pending such funding.  David also reported on a number of smaller grants plus he spoke briefly about the Provincial Project to improve MPAC which provides all property assessments in the Province – these… Read complete articleMPP David Piccini briefs Cobourg Council