Cobourg’s Taxi Regulations to be Updated

In February 2019, Cobourg Council decided to look at the regulations/By-Laws governing Taxis to see if complaints by users and Taxi owners could be resolved.  Issues included availability of accessible cabs, fares not sufficient to encourage new taxis, the cap on the number of taxis was too low and there was no provision for Uber, Lyft and similar services. (The Town calls these Transportation Network Companies – TNCs).  Although the cap was quickly removed, it was felt that input from cab-owners, cab-drivers and taxi users was needed before further changes were made.  So from September 16, 2019 until October 11, 2019, an online survey was conducted that got input from 116 Citizens, 4 Taxicab Owners and 3 Taxicab Drivers but… Read complete articleCobourg’s Taxi Regulations to be Updated

Cobourg’s Ten Thousand Villages to Stay Open

The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a Christian organization dedicated to Social causes – or as they put it “working for peace and justice”.  In Canada in 1972, they started the Ten Thousand Villages chain of stores selling “Fair Trade” goods.  Fair Trade means that the people who make the goods in the stores, generally in third world countries, get paid fairly and sustainably.  (More on this below).  But unfortunately, in the last few years, MCC have found it financially impossible to continue their stores.  In 2018 they closed nine stores and on Tuesday January 21, they announced the closure of the remaining 10 company stores while leaving the twelve “board” stores to make their own decision.  “Board” stores are… Read complete articleCobourg’s Ten Thousand Villages to Stay Open

More Trees in Cobourg

In 2019, Cobourg had a net loss of 75 trees and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee didn’t think the Town was putting enough money into the budget to replace and add to them.  At their meeting on January 7th, they made a motion that the budget be increased from the $50K proposed to $100K.  Further they wanted an extra $50K for replacement of Emerald Ash trees which are continuing to die off.  Their motion will be presented to the Committee of the Whole Council meeting on January 27 but meanwhile, Budget meetings have been held where the subject was raised by Emily Chorley (she attends the Parks and Rec meetings).  She convinced Council to increase the budget from $50K… Read complete articleMore Trees in Cobourg

Northumberland Mall Changes

The Mall is obviously ripe for a makeover but Trinity group who are managing the Mall, are not revealing their plans.  Although Mall ownership changed hands in the last few weeks, Trinity Group are still managing the property.  The Mall looks tired since routine maintenance is not getting done and tenants in the Mall are gradually moving out.  There is growth, but not in the Mall proper – the new “strip plaza” in the parking lot facing Elgin is now at the Site Plan approval stage (more here) and new tenants are moving into the outside spaces. Based on what we know so far, we can deduce that drastic changes will be coming to the inside part of the mall… Read complete articleNorthumberland Mall Changes

GO Bus Service to Cobourg

For at least 15 years, local residents have been lobbying for an extension of the Go Bus/Train service to Port Hope and Cobourg (see links below).  In 2015, Mayors from Clarington, Port Hope, Cobourg and others got together to commission a study and subsequently the Province announced that the train would be extended to Bowmanville.  But the hope of lobbyists is that the Go Bus service which currently terminates in Newcastle would continue on to Port Hope and Cobourg’s Northumberland Mall. To do this, they must first convince Metrolinx that there is a viable business case. This recently stepped into high gear when Northumberland County added a goal to its current Strategic Plan to “Advocate for extension of GO Transit… Read complete articleGO Bus Service to Cobourg

Progress on New Museum for Dressler House

Marie Dressler Foundation is planning an expansion of the museum at Dressler House to include sections for the other two Canadian female Oscar winners: Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer and at Monday’s Council Meeting, the team working on this gave a progress report.  Toronto University agreed to offer the project to students in their Master program for Museum Studies and 5 students accepted: Michelle Wright, Enya Barbeau, Karen Cheung, Natalie Heaton and Emma Myers.  They presented a brief overview of what the museum will look like and talked about the great access they had to experts who are knowledgeable about the two stars plus thousands of artifacts – mostly photographs and film clips.  It appears that this will be the… Read complete articleProgress on New Museum for Dressler House

Capital Projects in 2020

At the Town’s Budget meeting on Thursday and Friday, funding was allocated for a large number of projects.  The ones relating to the Harbour and Marina were mentioned in yesterday’s long report but Public Works also had a list. Some are routine and some are not.  A large number of items are not really contentious or (in my opinion) of interest to the public.  Although all items are listed, only those of interest are detailed below. Approved 2020 Projects Sidewalk Construction  $200K Sidewalk Construction was put on hold pending development of a policy as to how priorities would be set. The final approved policy (see link below) ending up putting Abbott Boulevard as next on the list even though objections… Read complete articleCapital Projects in 2020

Town’s 2020 Budget Reviewed and Approved

Over the last two days (Jan 9 and 10, 2020), Cobourg Council reviewed the entire Budget for 2020.  The goal was to have a tax levy increase of 1.9% but it came in at 2.2%. It would be impossible to provide a short summary of all the decisions made so this report will be just about highlights of the Operating budget. Yesterday’s post covered Community grants and another post tomorrow will cover Public Works Capital Projects. Included in the debate was a motion to increase Councillors’ salaries as approved in a 9 September 2019 Council meeting but subject to approval in the budget. A good number of items were extensively debated with several items added and others removed. The Councillors… Read complete articleTown’s 2020 Budget Reviewed and Approved