Beach to Re-open on a Limited Basis

At tonight’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting, councillors had a long debate about re-opening the beach.  Councillor Emily Chorley proposed that the beach be re-opened on a limited basis with advance reservations required for time slots.  She initially wanted weekdays only but others wanted seven days a week.  The idea is that numbers would be limited although the exact number has not yet been specified.  There would likely be only one public entrance that would be available (and it would be accessible) although there would be other emergency only entrances. In discussion it became apparent that there are staffing and logistical issues that need to be sorted out so Staff were asked to report back on June 29 with… Read complete articleBeach to Re-open on a Limited Basis

Nurses Campaign for Equity

In late 2019, the Provincial Government passed a law that limited salary increases for workers in the Public sector to 1% per year for three years.   Not too terrible (more below) but it exempted Firefighters and Police officers which are predominantly male while Nurses who are predominantly female are not exempt.  Given their role in the current fight against the pandemic, Nurses are not happy and the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) LOCAL 105 decided to have a day of action.  They campaigned outside the Port Hope Office of MPP David Piccini and their spokesperson Sarah Cowin had a meeting with David.  I counted about 16 demonstrators although some were representing Gay Pride – I’m not sure what the connection is…. Read complete articleNurses Campaign for Equity

Cobourg Entertainment in Covid-19 era

There has of course been a lot of talk about the Beach and Restaurants but it’s not only commercial life that has been affected but also entertainment and social activities.  The Cobourg Community Centre and other Arenas are closed so there is no Hockey or LaCrosse or even Curling.  You can golf if you follow the rules and you can now play tennis but contact sports like Rugby are not allowed.  The Loft and Rainbow theatre have been closed for months and there have been no Concerts at Victoria Hall or Port Hope’s Capitol.  Outdoor events like the Waterfront Festival, the Highland Games and Rib Fest have all been cancelled.  But let me look at each Sector in more detail… Read complete articleCobourg Entertainment in Covid-19 era

Recycling to transfer from County to Producers

Last August, the Province announced a new recycling program that will improve its effectiveness and will transfer responsibility from municipalities to the “Producers”, that is to the companies that design, create and market packaging, paper and paper products.  The program should reduce the amount of plastic finding its way into waterways and oceans and will be phased in between Jan 2023 and December 2025.  When operational, the cost of all recycling will transfer away from the County and save almost $3M per year.  At their next Council meeting on 17 June, County Council will be asked to approve a staff recommendation to begin the transition on 1 January 2023 and to adopt Option 2 of three alternative scenarios.  More detail… Read complete articleRecycling to transfer from County to Producers

Farmers’ Market now operating normally

On June 13, at the fourth market for 2020, there were 20 vendors and at least two of them were non-food vendors. They all seemed to be accepting onsite orders as well as online orders (see link below for first attempt at opening).  The weather was perfect and although not crowded, a good number came out.  The area was “roped off” with Police tape and admission was managed.   I suppose we can say that the Farmers’ Market is back to normal. All we need now is a return to the ideal space grouped around the fountain (or oval as some call it).  People seemed to be keeping their social distances – I guess this is about as normal as it’s… Read complete articleFarmers’ Market now operating normally

Cobourg Marina Lift-in – 2020 edition

This year, the lift-in of boats into Cobourg’s Harbour was a little different because of the pandemic. It was also in a different location – actually two locations, both of them on the boulevard instead of on Division Street.  Because many owners did not feel it worthwhile to launch their boats this year, there is only one lift-in day instead of the usual two.  Many of the boats in the storage area will stay there and in fact many of the boats being lifted in were not stored there.  Many Marinas on Lake Ontario are closed so one cannot sail to nearby Ports and stay overnight.  That will also mean our Marina will have fewer visitors.  But watching the lift-in… Read complete articleCobourg Marina Lift-in – 2020 edition

Town is Helping Restaurants Set Up Patios

The Town of Cobourg today hosted a virtual seminar for Restaurant owners to discuss the newly allowed Patios.  Starting June 12, although dining in is not allowed, restaurants will be allowed to serve meals and drinks to patios – in some cases patios will be new and for others they will be existing or an expansion.  In all cases, social distancing will be required with rules on table spacing.  All relevant departments were on the Zoom call:  Planning, Building, Fire, Works and Clerks departments as well as representatives from AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission) and HKPR DHU (Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit). I counted about 6 businesses although Town Clerk Brent Larmer said that there had already been… Read complete articleTown is Helping Restaurants Set Up Patios

Council Debates Re-opening

On Monday, Premier Ford announced stage 2 re-opening for the region that includes Cobourg (see previous post) and on Monday night there was also a Council meeting.  Mayor John Henderson made it clear that he was not ready to act on the changes because the Provincial “regulations” had not yet been issued although they were expected within 48 hours.  But there were decisions to be made as requested by Community Services.  These included re-opening the Trailer Park (now called a campground), opening the Centennial Pool, allowing transient boaters and more.  But in the end, decisions were made plus Adam Bureau proposed encouraging restaurants to provide patio service in line with Provincial direction. It was clear however, that the ECG (Emergency… Read complete articleCouncil Debates Re-opening