Public Town Meetings

Below are details of meetings called by the Town and other organizations for consultation with the public.

Municipal Council and Cobourg Police Service Call Public Meeting for Opioid Crisis

This meeting has been postponed.

Municipal Council, in partnership with the Cobourg Police Service,  called a Public Meeting/Committee of the Whole meeting regarding the Opioid Crisis for Wednesday, February 12th beginning at 6 p.m – but this has now been called offseemingly because not all stakeholders in the community would have been represented.

The public meeting was to take place at Victoria Hall, Concert Hall and open for all citizens, stakeholders and community partners to attend and would provide the public with an overview of the current situation and programs, educate and engage the public, and support developing partnerships for a coordinated community response at the local level.

The Town of Cobourg is also encouraging all community partners, stakeholders and organizations to participate in the summit. Please contact the Municipal Clerk to be included on the agenda by emailing

The agenda was to be published on February 6th (but was not) and would have been available on the Civic Web portal (

However, the Town is encouraging discussion on their Engage Cobourg site:

How to Provide Feedback
Online: Visit and register. Click on the project page: “Opioid Community Summit” and visit the forum to include your comments.

Engage Cobourg

As well as public meetings, the Town has setup a web site to allow similar engagement to public meetings – except they’re online. Topics discussed often have a survey and a forum for interactive discussion as well as a public meeting. Below is a list of the current topics complete with the date that the online engagement closes. Click the topic title to go to its page on Engage Cobourg. 

Topic End date for Survey/ Forum Public Meeting
(Details above)
Date of Report
to Council
2020 Budget November 7, 2019 Multiple Budget was approved 3 Feb 2020
Report on Cobourg News Blog
Affordable Housing CIP January 30, 2020 January 23, 2020 Final Report May 19, 2020

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See this page for Council meetings.