Public Town Meetings

Below are details of meetings called by the Town and other organizations for consultation with the public.

2020 Municipal Operating & Capital Budget Schedule

All meetings listed are open to the public and are held in Council Chambers.  Most meetings will be the subject of a Cobourg News Blog report – click the “Report” links to see them.

Meeting About Date Time
Final Budget Approved by Council The Draft 2020 Municipal Operating & Capital Budget is submitted for final approval by Council. Feb. 3 4 pm

Engage Cobourg

As well as public meetings, the Town has setup a web site to allow similar engagement to public meetings – except they’re online. Topics discussed often have a survey and a forum for interactive discussion as well as a public meeting. Below is a list of the current topics complete with the date that the online engagement closes. Click the topic title to go to its page on Engage Cobourg. 

Topic End date for Survey/ Forum Public Meeting
(Details above)
Date of Report
to Council
Taxi-Cab Bylaw October 11, 2019 None Jan 27, 2020
2020 Budget November 7, 2019 Multiple – see above Budget Approved 3 Feb 2020
Affordable Housing CIP January 30, 2020 January 23, 2020 Final Report May 19, 2020

Refer to the “last updated date” at the top of this page for a definition of current.

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See this page for Council meetings.