Covid-19 in Cobourg

Last Updated: 12:05 pm  6 August 2020

This page summarizes news about the Covid-19 virus. The page will be dynamic – that is, it will change with the news.  Also, it will not accept comments.  

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As we re-open, you might be interested in what’s happening about entertainmentgo here for the latest.

Update There is no current declared state of Emergency in Ontario or Cobourg but new Provincial Legislation allows  rules to be mandated.

Cobourg is now in Stage 3.  For limits set by the Province, download pdf here 

Summary: Indoor groups limited to 50, outdoor groups limited to 100, both 2 metres apart. Indoor restaurant service allowed but people must be 2 metres from others not in their 10 person social circle.  Live show performers must be 2 metres apart except “for the purposes of the performance”.  Stay tuned for Cobourg specific details.

NEW For details on the wearing of masks to suit the Stage 3 rules, go to this new HKPR DHU page.  See key points here on when mask must be worn.

See current Testing details below – or click here

Requires Social Distancing and other conditions – Ontario Guiding principles/framework.

Cobourg provides a phone-in hotline for Public Information. – 289-677-0585 Operating 9:00 am to 4:00 pm 7 days a week: An information and referral service aimed to link individuals and families to vital services throughout the community.  Town web site here.

The Beach is now fully closed and fence has been erected.   Community Centre is still closed.  Playgrounds are open

Details on re-opening in Stages.

A web page has been created which gives the phone numbers of all the doctors in Northumberland.  There’s even a number to call if you don’t have a doctor.  Go here.

MPP David Piccini issued the following:

The Provincial Government has launched on online survey seeking feedback on the impacts of COVID-19 on personal finances, business supports, and government relief measures – [primarily as it relates to employment and business]. The survey will be open until  August 31 2020 and the insights will be used by the members of the Ontario Jobs and Recovery Committee to help inform the province’s restart and recovery plan.

Please find the link to the survey here:

Covid-19 Data – in Haliburton, Kawartha Lakes, Pine Ridge

Updated  5:45 pm  5 August 2020 –  in future, updates will only be provided Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays only, and not Holidays.

  Haliburton Kawartha Lakes Northumberland HKPR DHU
Confirmed Cases 14 176 25 215
Current Probable Cases 0 0 0 0
Current High Risk Contacts 3 7 0 10
Hospitalizations (total to date) 2 11 2 15
Resolved 12 156 25 193
Deaths 0 32 0 32
Outbreaks 0 0 0 0

For definitions of terms, see the Source of this data HKPR  – For Ontario Updates and Statistics, go here.

There are currently no Outbreaks

Expanded access to COVID-19 testing in Ontario 

The Chief Medical Officer of Health has issued guidance on Ontario’s testing strategy. Testing is now available for:

  • All those with at least one symptom of COVID-19, even if mild
  • Asymptomatic people who think they may have been exposed to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
  • Asymptomatic people who may be at risk of exposure to COVID-19 through their employment.

Location for NHH Assessment Centre  

NHH’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm. Call the Centre directly at 905-377-7783 to book an appointment or if you have questions. Walk-ins are accepted, but to shorten your wait and help us maintain physical distancing requirements, it is strongly recommend that you call ahead and schedule a visit.

Note that those arriving for assessment are asked to enter via the Emergency Department entrance, versus the previous entrance. Access to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre will no longer be permitted through the hospital’s main entrance.  


Note that end dates are often revised. The sources for this data are generally announcements by the organizations.

Organization Details Start/ End date
County Facilities All visitors to County Facilities must wear a mask.  10 July
Splash Pad Victoria Park Splash pad is open effective July 10.  It will be open 7 days 9 am to 5 pm except closed for cleaning 12 to 1 pm.  More of the usual rules enforced and a few extra – see this page.  Access is controlled with a fence and a YMCA person. Effective July 10
Companies employing Migrant Farm Workers All companies who employ Migrant farm workers must comply with newly issued rules including 14 day quarantine upon arrival and working on only one farm. Effective July 9
All Commercial Establishments All Retail stores, convenience stores, malls/plazas, restaurants, personal service settings, grocery stores and bakeries, gas stations, indoor farmers’ markets, areas of mechanics’ shops/garages/repair shops, which are open to the public – operators must ensure all people entering must wear a non-medical mask.  – News article with details Effective July 13 
Cobourg Beach and Playgrounds Beach closed to August 31.  Playgrounds now open.
Town of Cobourg All Municipal buildings closed to the public and activities in Public buildings to stop: CCC closed, Concert Hall programs rescheduled, Venture 13 programs and classes cancelled. AGN open, no public group meetings like Historical Society. Library closed.  A complete list of what’s closed plus more is here. Until further notice
Town of Cobourg  With the closing of Vic Hall, its washrooms were no longer accessible to the public so two portable washrooms were set up outside Vic Hall on Third Street Until further notice
Parking near Waterfront Parking near waterfront reverts to usual fee – pay and display no longer free  Details here. Starts 30 July
Downtown Parking Parking will be free downtown – King Street and nearby. August 31
Marina  The boat launch is now open.  Limited transients now accepted
Trailer Park Limited transients now  accepted 
Cobourg Transit Reduced Schedule and restrictions added – Details here Free to August 31 – Masks recommended on all busses August 31
Cobourg Police  No Entry to Police Station; The Comfort Centre, the emergency cooling and warming room, will be closed as well. Until further notice
Northumberland Hills Hospital  In person NHH Visitors now allowed with restrictions. Visitor to identified by patient, weekends only, 1 pm to 5 pm, one at a time, – other restrictions apply. Details here.  NHH volunteers have ceased on-site volunteer duties;  External meetings/special events planned for NHH cancelled (e.g. PACE). Some elective surgery now taking place. Until further notice
All Bars and Restaurants  Patio service and indoor service is now allowed – new patios still need approval.  More in news item here.  Indoor service requires mask when not seated. NEW
All Entertainment venues Update. Not yet open: Rainbow Cinema, Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, FireHall theatre,  Museums such as Marie Dressler closed. Sifton-Cook Museum open with limited hours. Victoria Hall Booking Office is closed.  No tickets are available. Open.  Cobourg loft is open.  AGN is openMore here.
All Town/ Community Events Cancelled All events on Town Property (CCC, Victoria Hall, Parks, etc) cancelled until Sept 1.  News item with details here.    All CCC summer camps cancelled.
September 1
All Schools Officially Closed and re-opening in September.  School boards to determine details. September 8, 2020
Lions, Legion and Columbus Centres Like other Venues – also only open with strict social distancing – maximum 50 people at a time.  Updated.  No details available yet Until further notice
Lakefront Utilities  From June 1 to October 31, hydro will be 12.8 cents per kilowatt hour at all times of the day. Up to May 31 it was 10.1. The usual TOU rates are 10.1, 14.4, and 20.8c/KWH depending on the time of day.  Starting November 1, customers can choose to continue with this or use TOU rates  Oct 31
Cobourg YMCA Now open: Centenniel pool, Child Care, Day Camp, Outdoor Aquatics and Outdoor Group Fitness Programs, Indoor Group Fitness Programs. Then on Aug 17 Conditioning Centre will open and Sept 14 Indoor Pool at Cobourg will open. More at YMCA Web site
Centenniel Pool Schedule  Advance Bookings required – Update
LCBO LCBO Elgin st. and Albert St  Tues – Sat  10:00 to 9:00; Sun 11:00 to 6:00  Until further notice
All Stores Many stores now opening with restrictions – masks required and strict social distancing.
Downtown Stores A list of Downtown stores that are open is here 
Cobourg Library Reserve and Pickup service is available.  Also Computer Lab – download pdf with details.  
DBIA Events  All Downtown events for the rest of 2020 are cancelled.  This includes the Sidewalk sale, Harvest Festival etc. If possible, the Christmas event may be re-instated – TBD. December 2020
Dentists Emergencies only Until further notice
MTO Seniors Drive Tests  If you are 80 or more, you need to attend an MTO drive test session to renew your Drivers licence.  These are now shut down although driving tests for new drivers resumed on August 4. Until further notice
Provincial Court Attorney General has further postponed all provincial offences-related court appearances until after September 11, 2020.  NEW September 11

Other Closures

Day Care centres are now open although there is a limit of 15 children per group and is effective July 27. Update

Community Care All offices close – still operating by phone and delivering frozen meals Until further notice
EarlyOn Child & Family Centres Closed and programming postponed.  Current Status here. Until further notice
Golden Plough Lodge Visitors with strict conditions Until further notice
Legion Village Visitors with strict conditions Until further notice
Recycling Centres  Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) in Bewdley, Seymour, and Brighton will reopen to the public on a limited basis by May 1. More here. Bewdley CRC hours now Monday to Saturday – 8:30 am to 3:00 pm  Until further notice
Cornerstone Open but with Covid-19 restrictions in place – Download June Statement for details 

Food Vendors – most are now open for take-out and/or patio service.

Other Affected Organizations 

Organization Impact End date
Churches No in-person Church services allowed with more than 50 people.  Social distancing required. Until further notice
Council and other Meetings The Town and County Councils are now conducting meetings online as are many other organizations. Until further notice
Cobourg Fire  Ceased all public education and fire prevention activities for now. Requests for fire inspections will be reviewed on an individual case basis with any immediate threat to life an inspection will be conducted Until further notice
Cobourg Council – Advisory Committees Online meetings now permitted – some being held as required
Northumberland County

All County buildings are closed to the public except the admin Building at 555 Courthouse Road. – included are 600 William Street and Material Recovery Facility in Grafton. Household Hazardous waste now accepted at Bewdley.  Details here.

Until further notice
Rebound  Suspension of all group programs – other programs now by phone 905-372-0007, or by text at 905-269-7165 Until further notice
Post Office 150 countries will no longer have service, list here; Hours were 8 to 5:30 Mon-Fri but will now open 1 hour later and close one hour earlier.  These hours apply to the Queen st location. Until further notice

HKPR Health Unit (covers Cobourg)

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