Vaccine Information for Cobourg and Northumberland

This page will be updated as information becomes available.

Update as of 4 August

Clinic times have changed – that means the CCC Clinic is now open 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Campaign to get second doses moved sooner

Close to 8,000 area residents are starting to receive an important phone call.

The HKPR District Health Unit is teaming up with staff from the Ministry of Health to connect directly with local residents who have an appointment to receive their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine booked after August 15. Recently, the HKPR DHU announced it had cancelled all second dose appointments booked in August and beyond and was encouraging individuals to either rebook their appointment sooner or visit one of the Health Unit’s vaccination clinics as a walk-in.

Currently, staff from the Ministry of Health are calling these individuals directly. The goal is to ensure they know their appointment has been cancelled and to help them rebook an appointment sooner or help them find a local clinic where they can walk-in for a vaccine without an appointment. Please note: Incoming calls will be from phone number 1-888-999-6488.

Booking Online – visit is where you can book online

Phone Line – 1-888-999-6488

Vaccines administered to date in HKPR Region: Go here.

HKPR Information page – worth a visit

Vaccination Status – 4 Aug

Northumberland Aged 12 + 68%  Have received 1 dose
  60%  Have received 2 doses
HKPR Region Aged 12 +  79.4% Have received 1 dose
  69.4% Have received 2 doses
HKPR Region Aged 18+ 80.3% Have received 1 dose
  71.1% Have received 2 doses


Anyone 12 or older can book a first dose in the Provincial system Currently, anyone can book a second dose – or an earlier date for their second dose.  Or just walk in.

Provincial Page with lists of Pharmacies providing shots

Cobourg Pharmacies

Shoppers Drug Mart
Pharmacy 101
York Super Pharmacy
Cobourg Care Pharmacy
Wal-Mart Pharmacy

What can you do after two shots?

Current advice is to continue full precautions (Social distancing, masks, groups sizes etc).  New guidelines for those who have had two shots will be provided before too long.  We should be “back to normal” by the end of summer (that’s the end of August or early September) – that’s when it’s expected enough people will have had two shots.

Rotary Lawn Signs

These are available at the CCC for $10 on any day when there is a vaccination clinic.  Details on signs – see news item here.

Dr Bocking gives a media briefing every Wednesday and this will be reported here soon after.  Videos of these “scrums” are available here.

Cobourg Community Centre

As described earlier, the CCC has removed ice from the Bowl Arena and initially NHH staff administered the shots with volunteers and Town staff assisting with organizing the flow of people. Now the focus on administering vaccines has moved away from clinics like the CCC and be more focused on pharmacies, Health teams and mobile clinics  The vaccination clinic at the CCC has now moved into the gym.

Vaccines to be Used

Only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will be used at the CCC.   

Northumberland Family Health Team

And the Northumberland Family Health Team (NFHT) is hosting vaccination clinics in the lower level of Northumberland Mall.
Dr. Emma Smith of the NFHT says their website ( is your best bet to keep updated.

HKPR Videos

The Process  at the CCC

How vaccines work and what side effects you can expect.