Downtown Vacancies – Nov 2017

A report prepared by Cobourg’s Economic Development Department has listed all the Downtown commercial units and building lots available for sale or lease (as of 26 September).  Although it’s part of a report that will be the subject of another post, by itself, the information contained is an excellent list of properties that need a marketing effort to get them occupied.  The report of the 26 vacant units also identifies to what extent each is ready for occupancy and use.  Only 8 of the 26 are turnkey and require few if any improvements.  Although the CIP program helps with external improvements, it seems to be not often used for internal defects not visible from the outside although these are in fact eligible for CIP Grants and Loans. [Italics show correction – thanks Alison].

Status of Downtown Units

  • 26 units are vacant
  • 19 units are considered business ready (i.e. ready for occupancy, given minor improvements)
  • 15 units would be suitable for either retail or service sector businesses
  • 10 units would be most suited to retail only
  • 4 units would be suitable for office space only
  • 8 of the business ready units are considered turnkey (i.e. ready for immediate occupancy, requiring few or no improvements)

Since the information is in a good format, it has been copied – as is – below.  Prices are not provided but these are best obtained from Real Estate Agents and are usually subject to negotiation.

Some of the buildings shown are for sale although they are occupied and their tenants are not planning on moving.


These similar earlier reports include prices where available.

Other Link

  • Community Improvement Plan – Final document from the Town.  See pg. 34-48 for specific scopes of work eligible under each of the 8 programs.

A reminder:

Be sure to check News Updates for the latest on previously reported stories and minor news.


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Deborah OConnor
6 years ago

Whoever designed the layout of the graphic used here did a wonderful job. The addition of photos makes it so easy to see exactly which property is on offer. It seems there’s new energy and flair emerging at the Cobourg Economic Development Department. Looking good!