Cobourg Marijuana Update

In October 2013, local newsmedia reported that Michal Hasek, venture capitalist and Real Estate Broker, was planning to turn part of the old Kraft building into an indoor marijuana growing facility.  It was intended to supply the growing medical market for marijuana.  It seems that some time before August 2014, he sold to Thomas Fairfull of FV Pharma in Whitby.  On Saturday, the Toronto Star reports that after a long wait, Fairfull has now secured a licence from Health Canada (Cultivation license granted on October 13, 2017). He plans to harvest his first crop of 4,000 kilos as early as February 2018.  The Star also reported that FV Pharma intends to purchase the entire 15-acre property, now called the Cobourg Innovation Centre, and has a closing date set for December. He plans to “make this operation the biggest and best marijuana facility in the world.”

FV Pharma says they have 25,000 square feet ready for production and in the next year will expand by an additional 300,000.  The Star reports that “in the next five years, Fairfull envisions equipping the facility with four million square feet of growth space across five levels.”  That sounds like a major expansion of the buildings currently on the site.  According to Fairfull, tenants currently occupy “a very small portion of the property,” but they will move out once their leases expire, he said.  The seller of the property would no doubt be 520 William Incorporated with Sidney Spiegel, President, as documented on the Certo building discussion. Fairfull would then inherit the Certo building problem too.

Thomas Fairfull
Thomas Fairfull

Samantha Beattie of the Star reported that Fairfull “wants to create a lecture hall in the facility to host presentations and conferences for the medical community to educate them on the health benefits of marijuana.”  Maybe that’s because the building already has a lecture room and conference facilities. Fairfull also said that when pot is legal, he plans to produce some marijuana for that market but will focus mostly on the medical side.

Fairfull’s estimates of employment in 2015 were 25 to 40 new jobs initially, and within five years, up to another 250 to 300 more. His most recent estimate is 150 people by the end of 2018 and as many as 1,200 jobs in five years. This would obviously depend on the market being significantly larger than it is now and/or that FV Pharma dominates the market.

If these ambitious plans come to fruition, then the owners of the old Kraft location could once again be one of the major employers in the Town.  It might even make Cobourg a destination for people looking for employment and not just retirement. It would also give new meaning to “Cobourg – the feel good town”.

The Star reported that “Cobourg Mayor Gil Brocanier declined to comment on FV Pharma’s plans until the official announcement is made on Monday (Oct 16).”  When there is an official announcement from the Town, it will be added to this report.


Comments by Mayor Brocanier

Northumberland News has reported on the above and includes some comments by Mayor Gil Brocanier – go here.  Sorry, this link is now offline.


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There goes Cobourg…Up In Smoke!

Stinky smoke too. Just ask anyone living near one of these plants (hows that for a pun).

Stinky smoke? What is producing the smoke? They don’t burn weed; they grow it.

Hey Wally…you never heard of a QA Department???

Yes, I have. So …


There have been big announcements and rumours in the past about industry buying or moving into the former Kraft property. None of them ever materialized. The job creation projections and time frame are completely unrealistic. I imagine there will be Fed/Prov/Municipal government funding requests needing to be approved and granted Before this ever gets going. A lot of hurdles remain before this one will ever happen. Not the least of which is Trudeau keeping his legalized pot election promise. Despite what FV Farma says, I’m betting they are counting on the “recreational” pot user market more so than the medical marjuana market. I also expect that there will be a lot of Cobourg NIMBY’s coming out of the woodwork to oppose this. Call me a cynic, but I predict this grandiose plan will never come to pass. We’ll know by December.

Despite what naysayers say, the CEO has a good track record. Already created jobs in other industries. So what if the job projections are off. So what if only 400 jobs are created in five years. The point is that jobs were created, something that naysayers don’t do, naysayers who haven’t the guts to step up to the plate and create jobs and wealth. In any event, most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure at some point in their careers. Naysayers have nothing positive to offer.

Naysayers offer a healthy and justifiable dose of skepticism, based on observation of past performance. Something that cheerleading naive optimists like Wally are lacking. Like Barrak Obama saying “yes we can”, doesn’t make it so. We all know how that worked out. Talk to me once 400 jobs have been created, Wally.

Talk to you when 400 jobs exist? Sure. I’d look forward to it. Of course, you con’t be a pseudo name when we meet. In the meantime, I applaud the heavy investment in the hydroponic sector which will stimulate jobs. Perhaps tens of skilled jobs setting it up and maintaining it. Something that naysayers sneer at. In the meantime, I applaud the creation of tens of jobs setting up the entire production operation, even if they last for a year or two, as the company declines, and gets bought out by Tweed Weed. Lotsa players, Lotsa money to be had. Some will fail, some will thrive, If Cobourg Kush management can only produce 100 jobs, until a more efficient management/company buys it out and either closes it or expands it. Even so, jobs were created. Far better than no jobs at all. But then again, naysayers sneer at any job created.

“Of course, you con’t be a pseudo name when we meet”
Sure she/he can. Maybe Naysayer can wear a bag on his/her head like the unknown comic.
Have you ever used a pseudonym Wally?

You’ve already dumbed down the figure of 1200 jobs to 400 and now you’re saying 100 would be OK and even if they only lasted for a year or two. You’re easily satisfied.

Btw, I do know that pseudo names sometimes like to maliciously impersonate others. Are you one of those?

Btw, I do know that pseudo names sometimes like to maliciously impersonate others.
Other what, pseudo names?

Are you one of those?
No, I have never maliciously done that.

Have you ever used a pseudonym Wally?

So how many jobs have you created Frenchy? More than a 100? Is that what gives you your condescending attitude? How about Naysayer? Has Naysayer created more than 100 jobs? I haven’t created any jobs; so I applaud those who do, those who will, and have a track record of creating jobs.

I’ve created four jobs. Dosen’t sound like much but can you imagine if every third or fourth person could do that? There would be enough people working and paying taxes to cover those who don’t.

Have you ever used a pseudonym Wally?

Considering the antics of his successor Obama has done extremely well despite the efforts of said successor obliterating his record just because he hates him.

The hurdles have been jumped. They secured the license because its ready to go( on a smaller scale) Most of the product is actually shipped to China. The medical market is big and will become enormous.

I think that ‘naysayer’ may be right! Especially when we have not heard from our Mayor!

We’ve now heard from the Mayor but the naysayers seemed to have disappeared rather than acknowledging it. Not surprised.

Great news for Cobourg, much needed jobs and maybe more young folk moving in. I really like this story!

High time this happened :))

Up to 1200 jobs in the next 5 years? That’s amazing! Cobourg has been needing an economic growth driver. What an exciting announcement.

I agree. Cobourg does need economic growth.

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When are we going to get the official announcement of the opening and operating of the Canadian Candy Company that is located and operating in the Northam Industrial Park in the space vacated by Strapex? What’s the big secret here?

My goodness.

My goodness what?