Armed Robbery at Shell Gas Station

Cobourg police report that on Monday, May 14th, 2018, at approximately 4:40 am, Police responded to a call for an armed robbery at the Shell Gas Station, located at 1154 Division Street in Cobourg.  It was reported that two males entered the store and demanded cash and cigarettes.  Both suspects were armed with handguns.  The suspects obtained an unknown amount of cash and cigarettes and fled on foot eastbound on Densmore Road. Cobourg Police are asking for the assistance of the public to identify the two suspects.

Both suspects are described as male white, 16-25 years – one was wearing grey baggy sweat pants, black jacket, blue hoodie underneath and a black string style back pack.  The other was wearing black pants, black or dark grey jacket, grey hoodie underneath, black sunglasses and wearing what appears to be a blue cover over his mouth area.

Since they were masked, the available photos don’t give much more information but criminals robbing gas stations are not very smart so they will no doubt be caught quickly (otherwise they would not be criminals or using handguns). Pete Fisher has released a video of the robbery on his web site here

Although no-one was hurt, as well as the cash and cigarettes stolen, the gas station lost revenue since Police closed them down while they conducted their investigation.

If you have information, Cobourg police can be contacted at 905-372-2243 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Below are the photos that Police issued.

Suspect 1
Suspect 1
Suspect 2
Suspect 2


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Rusty Brown

The video indicates that young Mr. Droopydrawers is holding his gun in his left hand. Unusual, I assume.


Looks like gun in right hand in photo, not too unusual.

Rusty Brown

For a second there, you had me convinced that I was losing my mind, but then I remembered: It’s in the video that Pete Fisher has released on his web site here


If they’re local, surely someone could recognize Suspect 1 by his very fetching pants. You have to admire a man who takes a pride in his appearance.

Bill Thompson

The one guy for sure left enough fingerprints to convict him if they do get apprehended.


These guys musn’t be local; there is a cop shop just on the other corner. Hope they nail these guys, especially since they appear to have used firearms.


Crimes are frequently committed across from police stations. It’s an optimal spot.

Rusty Brown

Mack’s Milk at King and Spring St. on 16 Jan 2016 being another example.