Cobourg’s Feel Good Night

Otherwise known as Civic Awards night, everyone was in a good mood last night when the Civic Awards were handed out.  There were (by my count) 58 individual or team recipients.  The evening started with Town Crier Mandy Robinson who joked that she was glad the Town postponed the burying of the Time Capsule since otherwise (given the wind) with her voluminous gown, she risked being the world’s first flying Town Crier.  Then we had MP Kim Rudd making a short presentation followed by Poet Laureate Ted Amsden who read out a poem written specially for the occasion.  Before we started and at intervals during the awards, Paul Storms directed the Cobourg Concert band to provide musical entertainment.  Paul Allen was the M/C and the Mayor, a number of Councillors and others gave out the awards.  In most cases, the awards were represented by a certificate but the major awards received a sculpture of Victoria Hall made by Hoselton (see image below).

Civic award - by Hoselton
Civic award – by Hoselton

The video below is a collection of photos but without captions as to who each person is – but I do have a list of recipients below the video.  But first, there were two committees – one to organize the event and another to choose recipients based on information provided.

Civic Awards Committee Members:
Mayor Gil Brocanier
Chairperson Karen Chalovich
Jennifer Ashley
Tracy Berry
Petra Hartwig
Linda Nicol
Karen Stinson
Town of Cobourg Staff: Kara Euale, Toni Galea

Civic Awards Selection Committee:
Deputy Mayor John Henderson
Rod Baker
June MacDonald-Jenkins
Lynda Kay
Don Morrison
Roberto Mosole
Jamie Simmons

The Concert hall at Victoria hall was full to overflowing – many had to stand.  Below is a video of the event – well actually, it’s a collection of photos shown as a slide show. But it does work in full screen and HD. The music has the right title (“I will remember you”) and I’m a fan of Sarah MacLachlan – they tell me videos should have a sound track…..

This list below is of recipients of awards and is in the sequence of the video above  – you can use it to identify who’s who.


MP Kim Rudd presented the Special Presentation (helped by Deputy Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf):

The Sovereign Medal for Volunteers Award

  • Duncan Walker

Following awards presented by Karen Stinson and Councillor Suzanne Séguin

Distinguished Civic Awards for Community Service

  • Lions Club of Cobourg (President George Laurencic)
  • Ron Wiebe
  • Bill Copland
  • United Way
    • Jennifer Moore
    • Judy Mclean
    • Leslie Orpana
    • Karen Trizzino (Not Attending)
  • Jacqui Manning-Albert
  • Gordon and Mona Mavin

Following awards presented by Linda Nicol and Councillor Debra McCarthy

Distinguished Civic Awards for Community Service

  • St. John Ambulance Group 1
    • Mackenzie Ball
    • Erin Cann
    • Ken Martindale
    • Darlene Mcloughlin
    • Brittany Toms
    • Morgan Steinmiller
    • Terry Dillon
  • St. John Ambulance Group 2 Amy Turcotte accepted for the Byks and James Maguire)
    • James Maguire (Not Attending)
    • June and Walter Byk (Not Attending)
  • Therapeutic Paws Group (Port Hope & Cobourg Team)
  • Therapeutic Paws – Jeanne Rockey-Smith

Posthumous Distinguished Award

  • Sharon Holmes Award received by relative John Holmes.

Following awards presented by Petra Hartwig and Forrest Rowden

Distinguished Civic Award for the Environment

  • Roma Colbert
  • Janette Johnston (Not Attending)
  • Colleen Olsen

Distinguished Civic Awards of the Arts

  • Cindy Taub
  • Sydney Stewart
  • S.O.N.G.

Following awards presented by Tracy Berry and Deputy Mayor John Henderson

Distinguished Civic Award For Academics.

  • Toby Martin-Legere

Distinguished Award for Athletics

  • Fraser Adamson
  • Ryan Smith
  • Martyn Homer
  • Jack and Marilyn Lally
  • Jonathan Samis
  • Todd Gimblett
  • Sharyl Ann Milligan

Following awards presented by Jennifer Ashley and Councillor Aaron Burchat

Distinguished Civic Awards For Athletics – Athletes

  • Rachel Jackson
  • Mac Lowry
  • Ben Van Steijn
  • Jack Dimarco
  • Riley Mcadams

Following awards presented by Karen Chalovich and Mayor Gil Brocanier

Athletics Awards (Groups and Teams)

  • 2017 U16 Boys National Fastpitch Championship Organizing Committee
  • Volunteers of the Cobourg Cougars Hockey Club
  • West Northumberland Curling Club
  • Cobourg Novice Angels

Distinguished Civic Awards for Community Service

  • Adam Bureau
  • Thelma and Terry Dillon
  • Leona Woods
  • Liam Woodward

Major Awards

Major individual award winners received the unique Victoria Town Hall award – exclusively crafted by Hoselton Studios in Colborne for the Town of Cobourg Civic Awards (see image at top)

Peter Dounoukos, News Editor Northumberland News (sponsor),  presented:

Sportsmanship Award

  • Liz Basinger (Not Attending)

Alexis Smith, Conservation & Key Account Rep, Lakefront Utilities (sponsor) presented:

Environmental Award

  • Bruce Bellaire

Roger Tessier, President of the Rotary Club (sponsor) presented:

Outstanding Youth Award


  • Aidan Woodward
  • Kally Mcmurray

Karen Chalovich, Senior Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns Wealth Management (sponsor)

Outstanding Senior Award

  • Edgar Carman

George Laurencic, President, Lions Club of Cobourg (sponsor) presented:

Layton Dodge Athlete of the Year Award


  • Baylee Van Steijn
  • Josh Maguire

Lynn Hardy, RBC Wealth Management Sponsor presented:

Heritage Award

  • Felicity Pope (Not Attending)

Shared award

  • Carol Currelly-Burnham
  • Nancy Williams
  • Patsy Hand

Former Mayor, Joan Chalovich presented

The Town of Cobourg Lloyd C. Stinson Memorial Award for Community Service

  • Lynn Mcmillan

Mayor Gil Brocanier presented

Mayor’s Award of Distinction

  • The Victoria Hall Volunteers

Tim Desprey (grandson of Angus and Bernice Read) presented:

Angus and Bernice Read Volunteer Award Sponsored by the Town of Cobourg

  • Rick Miller

If you want to know WHY people got an award, you had to have been there. But the show was recorded by Cogeco so if you have cable, watch out for a replay.

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Wally Keeler
5 years ago

Good vid John, well composed and presented.

5 years ago

Great pictures and summary of a wonderful evening. So many young people involved in sports and volunteer activities.