Great Waterfront Trail Adventure for Cyclists

About 150 cyclists arrived in Cobourg Sunday afternoon on the first stop of their ride from Ajax to the Quebec border along the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail – that’s a total of 525 km over 6 days.  Some will stay in local hotels but most will camp in Victoria Park. Many will use the services of Comfy Campers to provide a tent at each stopping point but others bring their own.  They will use the showers at the Centennial Pool and washrooms at the Beach.  This is the 11th time this ride has been organized – each time “showcasing a different section of the 2600 km Great Lakes Waterfront Trail”.  The weather was perfect on Sunday and it’s not hard to imagine riders taking advantage of a dip at the beach like hundreds of other visitors. 

Great West Trail Adventure cyclists arriving
Great Lakes Waterfront Trail Adventure cyclists arriving

The idea is to promote the Trail and the Towns along the way.  Although the organizers provide breakfast, participants are encouraged to patronize local restaurants for dinner.

“Discover vibrant communities and beautiful rural vistas; experience delicious local food and entertainment; enjoy charming shops and unique local businesses. Take time to get off your bike and visit charming shops, unique local attractions and experience a few surprises long the way!”

The last time this event came to Cobourg was 2010 and the participants ranked it their number one stop due to the close proximity to a wide variety of local restaurants and things to do.

To make life easier, a truck carries all their luggage for them – clothes, tent, snacks, water bottles etc.

This event was approved by Council on February 26 – more details here.  Note also the Criterium race coming to Downtown Cobourg on August 11.


Day One: July 29 – Ajax to Cobourg, 99km (61mi.)
Day Two: July 30 – Cobourg to Picton, 102km (63mi.)
Day Three: July 31 – Picton to Kingston, 91 km (57mi) and Wolfe Island.
Day Four: August 1 – Kingston to Brockville, 83km (52mi)
Day Five: August 2 – Brockville to Cornwall, 110km (68mi) – overnight at the NAV Centre
Day Six: August 3 –  Cornwall to Quebec border, 50km (25mi) – bus back to Ajax


Detailed Route Maps – e.g. Port Hope to Trenton 

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Wally Keeler
5 years ago

“Some will stay in local hotels” … “participants are encouraged to patronize local restaurants for dinner” … “the participants ranked it their number one stop due to the close proximity to a wide variety of local restaurants and things to do.”

Another indication of tourists spending their money in Cobourg. If Cobourg ranked number one, we can be sure that some of these tourists likely returned and spent more money here. This is a positive thing.

Walter L. Luedtke
5 years ago

Great event. Congrats to organizers and volunteers.
Cobourg – The Small Town That Can!

5 years ago

A very positive initiative! It was amazing to see so many cyclists on Hwy 2 heading east. Created a youthful, energetic feel in the town.