Lawn Bowling Club gets Federal Grant

Today MP Kim Rudd announced that Cobourg’s Lawn Bowling club would be given $22,100 to help pay for some much needed equipment.  The money came from a fund called the “New Horizons for Seniors Program”. Kim said that as well as promoting “positive aging by supporting seniors’ volunteerism and encouraging seniors to play an active role in their communities” it is also “partnering with the community since organizations like this are community”.  The club applied for the grant about a year ago for their “Bowling for Life” project.  According to the club’s web site, it currently has about 100 members aged from 8 to over 90. However, it’s known to be mostly popular with seniors – that’s why the grant came from a seniors’ program.

Club V.P. Bill Arthur -  M.P. Kim Rudd
Club V.P. Bill Arthur – M.P. Kim Rudd

The Club’s season opens May 12 – it certainly was not a good day for bowling today with temperatures around 0°C plus a brisk wind. 

The equipment funded includes:

  • A greens mower
  • An aerating machine
  • A small ride-on mower/tractor for cutting surrounds and to help with sanding the green (apparently the green is on a sand base).
  • A push mower for peripheral grass where the ride-on can’t reach.
  • Some new club bowls.

The equipment will be kept in a shed which will also soon be replaced although this will be funded with club funds.  The design of the new shed recently received a heritage permit.  This was needed since the club itself has been around since 1907 and the clubhouse since 1925.  Definitely in heritage territory.

The Club’s web site is here.

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5 years ago

Where is the public outcry for wasted tax dollars? Where are all the people complaining how this will do nothing to improve downtown? Where are the residents worried about the additional seniors that will now flood the streets creating accessibility and parking issues and not spending any money in the community? Heaven forbid that they hold a tournament that brings those good for nothing outsiders to town. This cash infusion may cause membership to double to 200 people – that’s more garbage for the town plus those noisy youth members will only create problems for and in the neighbourhood with their bicycles and laughter; Unless laughter is prohibited while at the club….

I’m glad they received this funding because having a diverse offering of activities for all ages is critical to a thriving community…

Wally Keeler
5 years ago

Good for the Lawn Bowling Club, I’m sure they will put the money to its most effective use. It has been there all my life, and I hope it will continue to be there and functioning. If taxpayers are willing to put in money to maintain sports fields, then this can be done as well. Keep on rolling those lawn balls.

5 years ago

The Liberals in action buying votes…when will Dalewood & Pt. Hope golf clubs beg for federal funds to help them buy new equipment to cut grass etc. Their members are predominately seniors as well.

Reply to  cornbread
5 years ago

You’re being cynical! The bribe aren’t to buy votes but because the Liberals care.

Old Sailor
Reply to  Dubious
5 years ago

Join the discussion

Reply to  cornbread
5 years ago

The lawn bowling executive applied through the proper channels and they were successful. All ages use this facility certainly not just seniors.

Reply to  cornbread
5 years ago

While I am no fan of the Liberals, the Conservatives ran the same program. The West Northumberland Curling Club also received one of these grants a few years ago for their lounge. Mr. Norlock was the MP at the time and did the presentation.

My understanding is that Dalewood and Pt. Hope Golf Clubs are private entities and therefore would not qualify for this program.

Congratulations to the lawn bowling club. These grants can be quite time consuming for volunteer members to complete and success is not guaranteed.