Midtown Creek Pond – Environmental Assessment

At a meeting at the CCC on Thursday January 25, the public were shown the proposed solution to the flooding that occurs just north of the VIA station whenever there is a 50 year storm. (We had one recently). The problem is that in a big rain storm, the midtown creek cannot handle all the rain and neither can the storm sewers. The solution is a pond – “or a big hole” to store the water long enough to let it drain away. Technically it’s called reducing the flow of a 50 year storm to that of a 2 year storm. This project requires an environmental assessment (the current stage) then moves into the construction stage. It’s expected to cost around $1.4M but the Provincial and Federal Governments will each contribute around $400K.

Mid Town Pond - Public Meeting
Mid Town Pond – Public Meeting

There were not a whole lot of citizens at the public meeting although I was only there for 30 minutes of the two hours allocated. Councillor Forrest Rowden was there as were the consultants (D.M. Wills Associates Limited), Director of Works Barry Thrasher, Deputy Director of Works Laurie Wills and Director of Planning Glenn McGlashon.

The deadline to complete the project was recently extended to 2020 but the Town hopes it will be done by the end of 2018. The Kerr Street right of way is just to the south of the planned pond so this project will help make building this part of Kerr Street feasible sooner rather than later. I understand that there are currently no immediate plans to build this part of Kerr Street – the section from Division to D’Arcy has higher priority.

Of course, south of the Pond, the Creek goes underground and does not appear until it emerges in Rotary park before emptying into Lake Ontario. The basic problem is that these pipes are not large enough to carry the water from a 50 year storm.

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Mid Town Creek Pond proposal
Mid Town Creek Pond proposal


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Rusty Brown
17 February 2018 7:43 pm

I remember there used to be a small pond back there when I was a kid. I believe they called it McIvor”s Pond.

26 January 2018 10:22 am

Wow….what a great idea! Sorry I missed the presentation. Maybe this could become the ‘Central Park’ of Cobourg, although the railway spur cuts thru a potential ‘pick-nick’ area. The promotion of aquatic plants and animals, ducks, etc. would be a nice addition too. Just a thought?

Reply to  Ken
27 January 2018 7:11 am

I would think little used James Cockburn would be more inline with a “Central Park” and again we see how much use it gets.

In the case of this Midtown Creek Pond I don’t think it’s a pond at all, rather a basin or flood plain of sorts that will fill up with water in the case of a flood. It will essentially be a field with a creek running through it. I live somewhat close to the area a little disappointed there won’t actually be a “pond”.

Reply to  Ken
18 February 2018 9:21 am

If you want to see what it will probably end up like look at the retaining pond by the Golden Plough Lodge. A scruffy looking wilderness surrounded by a fence. When this was being planned there was a suggestion that this too could be landscaped and become part of the seniors complex. The County in its frugality refused to listen and look what that produced. You want Central Park be prepared to pay for it.

26 January 2018 10:03 am

Does this mean we are all possibly exposed to more residential flooding due to inadequate storm water and sanitary sewer line sizes for the next 2 years ?
while public officials do a Enviro assessment .
Mean while these so called 50 yr storms have been occuring every 3 years
and the
insurance Cos, are cutting back on Flood insurance in this area especially for those who have already experienced a flood

Reply to  perplexed
27 January 2018 7:12 am

Everything is on track for this to be completed this year.

26 January 2018 8:15 am

excellent idea.