Andrew Scheer Campaigns in Cobourg

It was a big event for Conservative Party candidate Philip Lawrence – Andrew Scheer visited Cobourg.  It started with some people gathering at Philip’s office on King Street at around 6:00pm last night – then everyone walked to the Lions’ Pavilion in Victoria Park.  At around 6:30, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer arrived and gave a short speech to the crowd.  His first comment was to answer the question – “what’s it like to have a 5th child?”  He quipped “picture yourself drowning and someone tosses you a baby!”.  He then went on with campaign comments starting with “We can’t afford another 4 years of Justin Trudeau”.  He said that Justin was not as advertised.  He talked about some of his campaign promises – more, with photos, below.

Andrew Scheer campaigning in Cobourg
Andrew Scheer campaigning in Cobourg

In the crowd of maybe 70 was MP Erin O’Toole and I’d guess, all of Philip’s campaign team.  Local media were represented as well as the National media including CBC and CTV. One of the photos below shows Erin signing David White’s Campaign cap (he’s the local Conservative EDA Vice President).

Andrew said that he would make life more affordable, that as Prime Minister, the very first piece of legislation would be a repeal of the carbon tax and replace it with a better plan; he would cancel the GST on home heating and restore ethics and responsibility.

Andrew came across as warm and at ease with the crowd as did Philip.  See links below for info on the other candidates.

He then mingled with the crowd which included some young families then went on to do some door knocking on Bay Street.


[Note the NDP do not yet have a Candidate]

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Jason Beatty

This may not be a popular opinion, but this is the first election I’ve faced where I’m truly frustrated at ALL the parties and all the candidates. I was brought up to always vote because brave people died for that right but I’m telling you, this is a hard election to get behind. I hope my disillusionment passes sooner rather than later.


If you don’t like the party leaders , than look at the people running in the riding and pick the person who you think will do the best job

Canuck Patriot

I think party platforms, how well each has performed either in government or opposition, keeping election promises and spending within our means are far more important than individual personalities, kissing babies and photo ops.


Then just sit back and watch them toe the party line.


I guess Scheer does not like Catholic teachers
From a story that was posted on FB
“No free speak or free listening here in Peterborough. I registered and received my blue wrist band for the visit of Andrew Scheer at the Peterborough zoo.
But before the event began as many were gathering around the pavilion, and as I stood quietly holding my Catholic Teachers flag, I was approached by 3 VERY large security enforces and forced to leave as my flag was offensive.
Even Hong Kong allows for peaceful demonstrations.
I was escorted out of the area👎
I made a few new friends who were also kicked out”


“I guess Scheer does not like Catholic teachers” – What a silly statement.

“From a story that was posted on FB” – I saw a picture of a unicorn on Facebook, but I sill don’t believe in them.

No need to read the rest of your post.

Leona Woods

John, I continue to be amazed by how you find out about the things going on in Cobourg, and make the time to attend and then report on them for those of us who somehow, miss a lot. Thank you


Gentlemen (and a couple of women) please let us address issues and not personalities? To that point, I would like to see Scheer offer specifics rather than perpetually slam Trudeau. Let’s be fair here.


Shearer, Sheer? Duh!
Is it too much to expect that the folks, who want their leader to be Canada’s next Prime Minister, can spell his name?

george taylor & not ASHAMED!

73 yrs. old
Harper was by & far the Best Prime Minister in my life time.
Hopefully Shearer will be able to right the ship & carry on Harpers legacy!


George, you are truly delusional.

Btw, you should be ashamed of a comment like that.

Canuck Patriot

Why should he be ashamed for his personal view? I’m sure that you have your own views as to who the best Canadian Prime Minister has been. I can respect that different people support different parties and leaders for varying reasons. An attempt to shame people publicly because their choice is not yours does not lend itself to a civil discourse and a meaningful debate of the issues facing our country.

manfred s

good on you George, for standing up for what you believe, regardless of what some will say about you and your convictions. Isn’t it laughable when the ‘enlightened’ look down on opinions that differ from their’s…it devalues the very thinking that they espouse.


Canada needs a business expert to lead the country with experienced ministers in every portfolio. What we currently have is an childish mr. dress up poor business man with some very inexperienced ministers. Look at our current export market to China…all screwed up because of who? We need a growing economy and Trudeau can’t deliver. Look at our oil exports…what a mess. Time for a change.

Walter Luedtke

Sort of like Trump and Ford?


You are correct Walter as both men and their cabinets thst you mention are far better than the ones they replaced…just wait until all the dust settles around Obama and his bunch…we already are aware of all the past liberal scandals and shortcomings.


TFW somebody says that Trump and his “Cabinet” (All those acting heads since dozens and dozens have quit or been fired) were better than ANYBODY, let alone Obama’s administration.


I’m surprised he wasn’t sucking back on his usual a carton of milk. This guy is paid off by the dairy industry. Great example of why I never vote Conservative is his issue with the Food Guide. The Liberals left it up to the experts, a science based approach, free of industry lobbyists. Scheer is funded by the dairy industry and wants to re-vist the Food Guide, wonder why? Dairy is going to be plastered all over the thing. And people find this party ethical? Come on. We don’t need science denying, lobbyist pandering people running this country. They haven’t even been elected and they’ve already shown their sleezy ways.


“lobbyist pandering people running this country”
Think SNC-Lavalin.


You can’t be very knowledgeable in science if you think that the experts’ approach is science based when it comes to the food guide. The so called “experts” are paid panderers to the food industry. When 800+ Canadian doctors sign a petition to make the food guide science based, and the government ignores them, that is a sign that all is not well in our government. Using the word “science denying” just highlights your biases. Science is never “settled”. Science progresses by questioning and challenging the status quo. Unfortunately there are too many people like you who don’t understand this.


Groper boy is funded by Soros, the Bronfman’s, SNC Lavalin ($100K) Bombardier execs and Aga Khan, Irving etc. So I guess it is ok that groper boy wield his big stick once again and shut down an investigation which would obviously shed more dirt on the SNC scandal. Maybe you missed the news last night where it showed the unethical LIEBERALS on the Lieberal dominated ethics committee vetoed a motion to have the ethics commissioner questioned. You are a typical Lieberal thou, you discredit others to cover up the inadequacy of your incompetent PM


Lieberal and groper boy? Grow up.

Merry Mary

What is it with all of the candidates through time who always have to have a photo of them with someone’s infant?!


Conservatives honest and ethical? Harper was Trump with transparency and the Press before Trump was a even ‘a thing’.

Canuck Patriot

Are you claiming all other parties in Canada have been honest and ethical? I fail to see the comparison between Harper and Trump.


“as Prime Minister, the very first piece of legislation would be a repeal of the carbon tax and replace it with a better plan”
Most CEOs think the carbon tax is the best way to go!
Actually cap and trade was best way , but Ford screwed that up

Deborah O'Connor

Good thing he didn’t knock on my door, he would have gotten an earful.

Canuck Patriot

It would be interesting to know what it is about Sheer or his party that you find so objectional. I for one, am interested foremost in a party that is honest, ethical and respects the law. The Trudeau Liberals have taken Canadians for granted and have broken a sacred trust which is hard to earn back once it’s been squandered. The refusal of the Liberal party to balance the budget and stop growing the debt will have a disastrous result on the future of every Canadian. There is something morally wrong with sticking future generations with the tab, all for the sake of buying votes today using borrowed money. Does nobody care about our future generations who will be left with fewer and fewer services as debt management eats up an increasing percentage of our program expenditures. And please to all the parties looking for votes, I personally would rather see improvements to our healthcare system across this great nation that will benefit patients and provinces from coast to coast to coast before embarking on new unaffordable programs like pharmacare. Let’s get rid of hallway hospital care and months, if not years, of waiting lists to see a specialist or… Read more »

Deborah O'Connor

Since you took the time to ask me what I found objectionable about Scheer I’ll try to explain. I am a lifelong socialist who wishes the NDP would return to its genuine socialist roots. I’m also no fan of any fundamentalist oriented social conservative who would impose 2nd class citizenship on me as a woman. Equality is my goal.

Canuck Patriot

Thank you for responding to my question. Although I do not share your political philosophy, I do respect the fact that you are commited to your beliefs and the party you feel best represents them.

Many voters have no idea of who or what they are voting for, often relying on MSM opinions and editorials or which leader or candidate has the best charisma.

It’s the civic duty of every voter to take the time to study each party’s platform and performance and come to their own informed decision before voting. It’s vital to maintaining a true democracy.


Me too!