Capitol Theatre Expands

In keeping with their intention to improve the theatre’s service to the community, the Capitol has announced an expansion.  Both the ground floor and the second floor will be expanded into the space currently used as a patio adjacent to the lobby.  On the ground floor, the lobby will be expanded, and there will be additional storage space, expanded women’s washroom facilities and improved catering facilities.  On the second floor, a new rehearsal space will be provided which will free up the Sculthorpe theatre for community use 12 months of the year instead of the current 4 months. 

With a theatre capacity of 390, the lobby currently struggles to cope with the intermission crowd but the additional 900 sq. ft. of space will allow patrons, including those with limited mobility, more space in which to congregate, access concessions, mingle prior to performances and during intermissions, and enter and exit the facility without undue crowding. The expanded space also becomes usable for receptions, small trade shows, and a variety of other community use.

Capitol - 2006 VFF event
Capitol – 2006 VFF event

A rehearsal facility will be added above the ground floor expansion so that the Sculthorpe theatre will be more available for renters and for performances. Broadening the time available in the Sculthorpe theatre will also make a material difference in revenue. The Sculthorpe theatre is a flexible, multipurpose space with capacity ranging from 80 to over 100 people.

The press release about the upgrade said:

In announcing the Project, Olga Cwiek, President of the Board of Directors, stated “the Board of Directors is delighted to be announcing this Expansion, following extensive professional consultation for both the construction of the new areas and the economic opportunity presented by increased use and a better patron experience. We are excited to be increasing the Capitol Theatre’s service to the community and the region, and to continuing to be an important part of the cultural landscape locally, regionally, and nationally.”

The project, with a budget of $1.75 million, has already garnered considerable private support, and is scheduled to begin in early fall of 2019.

Managing Director Mike Forrester provided some additional details on this project.


In the interests of coming closer to an entertainment calendar that includes all events of interest, the Cobourg Entertainment Calendar now includes Capitol Theatre Events.

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8 April 2019 8:20 am

Somebody start a discussion…What a money-pit…just like restoring an old car…you spend a fortune and still wind up with an old outdated car…brilliant. How many millions has the Capitol cost so far?? How much more??

Dianna Reid
Reply to  cornbread
8 April 2019 10:26 am

I am hoping this comment is simply meant to encourage discussion about this great news! I should hope most educated and intelligent people would appreciate how fortunate this town is, to have such a wonderful, cultural venue. I wonder how many realize, just how many people actually drive in from out of town….Whitby, Oshawa etc. to enjoy the wonderful productions presented here. This brings money to Port Hope. if you have ever been to the theatre, you know the added space is definitely needed.

Reply to  cornbread
8 April 2019 9:01 pm

How very rude

Reply to  Elaine
9 April 2019 9:46 am

That was for Cornbread’s comment. He/She obviously knows nothing about The Capitol Theatre!

manfred s
Reply to  Elaine
9 April 2019 8:27 pm

it was just another comment, for gawd’s sake, Elaine! Do you expect everyone to see it your way… some kind of sanitized blog to please your sense of propriety or something? A full spectrum of opinions makes for far more enlightenment than a lame cheer fest.

Reply to  Elaine
11 April 2019 8:42 am

I am very surprised that only 2 people had an opinion after I put a shot across the bow of the Capitol.
Perhaps with all the money spent you could have had a beautiful new building/centre with tons of parking etc.
Think “New Ryman” in Nashville.