Cobourg Commercial Properties for Sale – August 2019

There is quite a lot of commercial real-estate activity in Cobourg – some for sale and some for lease. I find the more interesting category is sale (rather than lease) since that means the owner wants out. It’s also interesting to note which properties are no longer on sale – for example the Park Theatre and the “Quigley” lot on Second Street. Based on public information (MLS and others), I have prepared a list with some properties new and some which have been up for sale for a year or more.  The list is not complete since not all sales are on MLS – a notable group of properties in this category are those on King West originally owned by John Lee. Note that this list is not a list of closed stores.

Cobourg Commercial Properties for Sale

Business/Name Address Ask price Date Listed Comments
Woodlawn Inn 420 Division Street $2.55M Oct 12, 2018 Business and building – it was known to be for sale prior to March 2018.
Harbourlight Delights Ice Cream 164 Division Street $2,500,000 Before July 2018 Business plus luxury house
Meet at 66 King, Dairy Dream and Antique Market 66 King Street East $1,550,000 Before Nov 2018 Available with tenants or vacant
Millstone Bakery 53-55 Albert Street $1,250,000  16 Jan 2019  
Harden & Huyse building 201 Division Street $1,150,000 Before July 2018 Home of The Loft and Craft Food House – building only for sale
Dutch Oven 7 & 9 King St West $975,000  28 June 2019 Building with bakery, restaurant and 2 apartments
Rooming or Boarding House 21 & 23 King Street, East $849,000 Jan 23, 2019 Home to 11 tenants and owner
Buy and Sell 47 King St. West $599,000 Jan 30, 2019 Building only – Owned by Midtown Restaurant owner, Mr. Fung Louie
Closed store 41 King St West $499,000 Jan 30, 2019 Owned by Mr. Fung Louie
Stores 9, 9A & 11 King Street East Was asking $389,000 Before 2016 Current ask not available.
448 D’Arcy Street 448 D’Arcy Street Not available Before Aug 2018 Restaurant (closed) and 6 apartments
Commercial Condo 1 Queen Street #101 $269,900 Oct 30, 2018 Classical FM 103.1 Office
Frank’s Pasta and Grill 426 King St. East $229,000 Sep 21, 2018 or $125,000 without the building – Business now closed
Matterhorn 95 King St West $149,900 Jul 12, 2019 (est) Restaurant business only
Royal Spa 89 King Street West #8 $69,000
(or for lease)
Jul 10, 2019 (est) Spa business only
92 King West 92 King West $49,900 May 07, 2019 Restaurant business only

Note that although the Cat and Fiddle Pub is now closed, there is no word yet on whether it is for sale or not.

Recently Sold

Oasis Restaurant, 31 King Street East, ask price $845,000. Includes restaurant and apartments.

No longer listed

Either sold or withdrawn

  • Park Theatre – 60 King Street East –latest status is unknown but it’s gradually deteriorating.  It will likely soon be good only for demolition.
  • 202 Second St.  Quigley Lot. Includes approved Site Plan for Condo units with ground floor commercial.  Ask price was $2.8M.  Current Status is unknown.
  • Village Square  2-12 King Street East (For lease).  No change in many years.
  • Division and Albert S.W. Corner – known as 9 Albert Street and 173 and 185 Division Street.  The asking price was $1.3M – a sign at 9 Albert now says that storage units are coming soon.

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Joe Public
4 years ago

Pretty sure the 9/9A/11 King East building was sold a year or two ago. I spoke to the realtor who had it listed and he told me he had sold it.

4 years ago

Storage units at Division and Albert? Really? Why allow this sort of ugly at this prime location? There are storage units outside of town on Hwy 2. Sounds like somebody is not thinking clearly.

Reply to  abby
4 years ago

Would this even be allowed? Wouldn’t they have to get some kind of site plan approval for storage units?

Fact Checker
Reply to  abby
4 years ago

“this sort of ugly”??
Have you seen the developers plans? How do you know it will be ugly?
The location sign says INDOOR storage. This building will likely look somewhat like an office building. The storage units are only accessible from the inside. This facility could be quite useful to nearby condo/apartment dwellers as well as downtown merchants