Dog Park Lease comes up for Renewal

In 2014, the Town of Cobourg agreed to create a dog park.  This was an area for dog owners to allow their pets to exercise off-leash and was at least partly motivated by the fact that many dog owners were using James Cockburn Park and that this was against GRCA rules and also unwelcome by other Park users.  A policy was developed to define what was wanted and then a search was made to find a suitable location.  In the end, although “many areas were considered, finding a suitable area that met the criteria proved difficult. 777 Ontario Street is centrally located in Cobourg and, with the addition of a parking lot and a small amount of fencing, meets the parameters outlined in the development criteria for a dog park.”

Dog Park
Dog Park

The location chosen on Ontario Street belonged at the time to a company called 520 William who owned all of the property that had been used for the Kraft factory. The land is now owned by FV Pharma and they now own the lease.  The original lease was for $18,000 per year for 5 years to 14 April 2019 with a right to renew for an additional 5 years.  Either party can terminate with 6 months’ notice.

$50,000 was in the 2014 capital budget to set up fencing, parking etc.

Now, staff are recommending renewal for an additional 5 years at the same price and on the same terms.  Council will be asked to approve this at their Committee of the Whole meeting coming up on April 1st.


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About time the dog park users started paying a user fee each time they use the park..put up a Loonie Gate to get in. Why should resident tax payers without dogs subsidize dog park users?

Wally Keeler

I don’t have a dog. I’ve never had a dog. I always wanted one, but my lifestyle precluded that. There was a dog park in my Toronto hood, and I enjoyed the walk to the site, buy a Timmy Ho, sit on a bench to enjoy watching assorted breeds mixing it up in full frolic. Healthy beasts. So I really don’t mind the meager contribution on my part. I’m free to enter the dog park and enjoy the day out watching dogs frolic. I’m not so socially selfish to begrudge contributing a penny or two to the dog-loving community.


I guess your operative word is “meager”. Says it all.

Wally Keeler

Socially selfish, sez it all.

Helen Lackey

Cornbread needs a dog! Everyone pays for schools whether or not they have kids or grandkids. We subsidize the TTC but do we ever use it?


Schools are supposed to produce educated youths and thus a better life for everyone. Dogs merely increase society’s carbon footprint.


I don’t have children, but my taxes go to providing and maintaining playgrounds for children and I don’t mind that. It is called being a community.

John Hill

The Cobourg Dog Park is one park in town seeing large and consistent usage. However, Cobourg continues to pay the upkeep of the James Cockburn park. Seldom does that area see any use. If annual cost is a concern, why don’t we revisit a suggestion made by former councillor Donna Todd and give the James Cockburn park back to the conservation authority?


I don’t understand the giant field aspect of James Cockburn Park. It is a conservation area after all, let it be one. A grass field doesn’t do much good for the environment. Let it grow into a meadow, mow a couple walking paths. It would be beautiful, less maintenance and better for the environment.


I actually forgot they’re building a soccer pitch on a portion of that open field. Not sure why they decided to build a soccer field in a conservation area but then again what do I know? I’m sure all the vegetation and wildlife will love it…

manfred s

why is “frequency of use” a key measure of having? What about insurance, fuses, spare tires, guest rooms, and so on. In many cases, frequency of use in such examples could deem their upkeep rather pointless as well. (I get the safety argument but the point remains the same)


Wonder what the cost of this land would be for the town and the GRCA. It seems like a natural extension to the conservation area. A pedestrian bridge over midtown creek, connecting the two, would be wonderful.




So in five years time we will have paid more than twice the asking price for the land – some prudence!!!!!!

Wally Keeler

Has FV Pharma put the land up for sale??