Float your Fanny 2019

It was a sunny Spring day and the crowd was big – no exact estimate but I’d say bigger than last year.  The Float your Fanny down the Ganny event was as entertaining as ever and by my count, more spills for canoes than previously and additional drama from the several paddle boards.  I had a good spot for taking videos up until most of the crazy craft came down – my 15 minute video is below.  Although there were lots of spills, the Port Hope Fire department had three pairs of officers who helped many – some needing help but others seemed OK just floating down the Ganny without their canoe or paddle (around 8:10 on the video).  The other difference is that “Fannyville” is getting bigger each  year – more is happening on the banks of the River.

Float your Fanny Down the Ganny
Float your Fanny Down the Ganny

People always like to try new things (at least I think they’re new). This year there were a couple of “catamaran” canoes: two canoes tied together.  They seemed to be quite stable.

The first crazy craft to finish was the Vikings (in the video as the first crazy craft) but it’s the time they take that counts and they had that too so they won for crazy craft. Full result are available on the official site here. But here are some numbers: 75 Canoes and Kayaks started and 70 finished; 62 Crazy craft started and 53 finished.

Some participants bring their novice girlfriend or even their very young child as a passenger.  One father had to act fast to rescue his child (maybe 5 years old?) when their canoe tipped.  The little one was wearing a life jacket but it looked dramatic – on the video at around 9:30.

Here’s the video – be sure to expand to full screen for best effect.

You can probably get more pictures of the 2019 event on Pete Fisher’s site here or SnapD’s Facebook page here or at Northumberland News (they were certainly at the event) or others although maybe not immediately.

Or you can see Videos of Float your Fanny in 2016, 2017 and 2018 at this list of Videos/photos here.  At the same link there are also photos of the 2009, 2014 and 2015 events.

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Wally Keeler
4 years ago

Already, YouTube is uploading fanny ganny vids of 2019, joining hundreds of others. Port Hope doesnlt need a tourism video because thousands of social media videos spread the word. And the background now displays Mique Michelle’s colourful mural of wild salmon migration on the west Ganaraska River wall at Cavan Street. Port |Hope brands itself very successfully.

Meanwhile back to Cobourg, where residents wait with bated breath for the annual distribution of trash bins throughout the Park system.
Will they be pretty?
Will they be plain?
This was said to me
Que sira sira

Reply to  Wally Keeler
4 years ago

Wally, what is the real reason you continue to be a resident of Cobourg? Perhaps you could find greener pastures in Port Hope.

Wally Keeler
Reply to  cornbread
4 years ago

I was born and raised here. Nuff said.

Doug Weldon
4 years ago

Thanks John. Great news/entertainment coverage!