People’s Party Names Federal Election Candidate

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) was launched by Maxime Bernier on September 14, 2018 when he broke away from the Conservative Party. Elections Canada gave it official recognition on January 18, 2019. In November 2018, the PPC established an Electoral District Association (EDA) in Northumberland Peterborough-South (see report below).  At the time, Frank Vaughan, a farmer from Codrington, was appointed as Riding president and now he has announced he will be the local PPC Candidate in the Federal election in October.  Frank has issued a long rationale as to why he is running but it is clear that when he references previous government actions, he is unhappy with both Conservatives and Liberals.  The emergence of the PPC and the rising popularity of the Green Party tell me that there are an increasing number of people unhappy with all existing politicians.

Summary of Statement

Frank Vaughan
Frank Vaughan

This is a summary of Frank’s long statement on why he is running.  See Links and Video below for the full version.

  • I want to stand with people committed to doing it (politics) differently.
  • Mulroney gave us Agenda 21 in 1992, and accelerated the fire sale of the majority of Canada’s gold reserves while speeding the massive accumulation of national debt, both trends first created by Pierre Elliot Trudeau.
  • Chretien and Martin shifted into overdrive the carving up of this nation, selling it to China and other international interests without a care for its effect on future generations of Canadians.
  • Stephen Harper continued all those trends, from increasing our national debt to selling off ever more of the nation not just to China, but also to the House of Saud, and others.
  • Harper delivered us further to the UN by signing us onto Agenda 2030
  • Trudeau Jr. gave us M-103, C-48, C-71, C-75, C-69, the prosperity killing, redistributionist Paris Climate Treaty, the sovereignty killing Global Compact on Migration, and who sold us out at any price in pursuit of a United Nation’s Security Council Seat to name but a few of his legacies.
  • Andrew Scheer promises to meet those same commitments, and keep most of Trudeau’s policies intact, talking tough rhetoric, but promising on paper to change almost nothing substantive.
  • These men all have one thing in common: They have each weakened Canada by any definition one can choose.
  • There is no difference between the direction that all the mainstream parties wish to take us, from the Greens to the Liberals. 
  • (The) UN mandates socialism, while all I want a healthy draft of Canadian sovereignty, and a resurgence of national identity and pride.
  • I want to put Canada First for the first time in generations, and I will make no apologies for it.
  • Our country is superior to many, and I wish to be part of a movement that declares one of its primary goals to be maintaining that superiority for all of our people of every race, colour, and creed, even if that maintenance comes at the expense of our so-called global commitments.
  • The Western provinces are being ripped off through equalization, and only the PPC under Maxime Bernier’s leadership is courageous enough to talk about it.
  • (Maxime) is the only leader in Ottawa talking about ending all Foreign Aid, and prioritizing the needs of Canadians, over those of the world.
  • Maxime has a plan to honour the constitution.
  • The PPC is the only party listening to Canadians.
  • It is the right thing to do, and politics needs to be far more about right and wrong, and far less about right and left.

Here is a video of Frank giving more detailed reasons for running.


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4 years ago

Wow were did they dig up this guy? Sounds like a Alex Johns conspiracy theory wannabe. This party really must be scraping the bottom of the barrel just to ensure they have candidates in every riding.

Walter Luedtke
4 years ago

“The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) is losing members over allegations the federal party is harbouring racists, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists.” Global News

4 years ago

Be careful of this one people! Very very careful. His bafflegab sounds too Trumplike for comfort.

4 years ago

This is the rise of right-wing populist fascism and I don’t care who wants to vote this down for saying so. “Canada First” and unashamed, we’re superior, cut off foreign aid, a nationalist. This is dangerous. The only good that comes from the PPC is that it will vote split with the Conservatives.

Reply to  Dan
4 years ago

Some of their platform planks:
1. More oil and pipelines
2. Describes respecting trans people as “an assault on conscience”
3. Prioritize relations with Trump and the USA over any other nation
4. Withdraw from the Paris Accords
5. Abolish subsidies for green energy
6. Cancel the carbon tax, which has nobel prize winning research showing it is the best way to reduce carbon emissions

This would be an unmitigated disaster.

Reply to  Dan
4 years ago

We need oil and pipelines…that’s why Trudeau bought one…now he has to get it going. All people should be equal, but no one group is special. What’s wrong with a North American market, we have to compete with the ECM and others. The Paris Accords are a bit of a farce…how many countries can meet/or want to meet the objectives. Let’s establish the “true cost” of green energy…it’s about $179.00 per mega watt hour when all is said and done. Green Energy can’t compete without large taxpayer susidies. Green Energy is not reliable…what will you do with all the used batteries? Let’s have a good honest debate with no political/government influence, and include all the scientists on both sides of this issue…Will reducing carbon dioxide levels have a significant impact on (perhaps) global warming?

Reply to  cornbread
4 years ago

“Will reducing carbon dioxide levels have a significant impact on (perhaps) global warming?”

From context that perhaps appears to be casting doubt on the idea of the reality of climate change?

Canuck Patriot
4 years ago

I don’t recall hearing about a Riding Association vote to choose the local candidate. Was there a vote to select the candidate or did Frank just declare himself to be the candidate?

Canadian Girl
Reply to  Canuck Patriot
4 years ago

Perhaps there was no one else running in that riding, so he was acclaimed. Elections Canada has pretty strict rules, so it would have to have been done by the book.