Work Plan for Town Staff to 2022

At the beginning of their term, Council produced a Strategic Plan which outlined their goals for their term. It was finally approved at a Council meeting on 29 April 2019; the copy on the Town’s web site is an earlier draft – see the link below for the final version.  When the plan was approved, council asked that the CAO report on “work, costs, timelines and Division/ Department resources” to implement the plan.  At the Council meeting on 12 August, that report will be provided although there is minimal cost information.  However, it is a useful roadmap of what Town staff see as the work that Council has asked of them over the next few years.  The original document uses a super small micro-font (Arial 6) so although it’s linked below, you might find the version below easier to read.

Stephen Peacock
Stephen Peacock

The Strategic Plan divides Objectives into five Pillars:

  • People – The Town supports and cares for the social and physical well-being of its citizens
  • Places – The Town protects, preserves and promotes its natural assets, heritage, arts, culture and tourism
  • Programs – The Town provides efficient and effective corporate, community and business and recreational services for its residents, businesses and visitors
  • Partnerships – The Town engages in strong, sustainable public-private partnerships to improve the quality of life for everyone
  • Prosperity – The Town Plans for, markets and develops assets for economic growth and financial security

Each Pillar has a number of “Strategic Actions” and Stephen has listed the work required for each of these actions.  Each action has a targeted completion date and in the original document, a few had budgeted amounts and most had the initials of the assigned Department Director.  But budgets would need to be approved at some point and initials can change – for example Stephen Peacock has already gone on medical leave – so these details are not included below (that also helps with space!).

The list is long so I have used bold to highlight items that I think are of most interest.  Here is a list of those highlights:

Work Completion Comments
Execute Town wide CIP Mar 2020 Would allow subsidies anywhere in Town – not just downtown.
Create a Youth Advisory Committee Jan 2020 That seems to be a new idea.
Encourage healthy lifestyles
Create Healthy Life Style Strategy
End 2019
Dec 2021
These would mean that the Municipality would be involved in health which would not appear to be a Municipal responsibility.
Hire a short term Contract Accessibility Coordinator Jan 2020 More attention to accessibility.
Heritage Conservation District Study 2020 Possible additional Heritage District.
Create climate action plan Sept 2020 Why not?
Consider creation of Town arts, culture and tourism division Late 2019 That would split “Community Services” also called “Recreation and Culture
Repair and rejuvenate the east pier 2020 – 2021 This is a year later than previously thought.
Initiate Town Wide Sustainability Plan Dec 2021 More attention to sustainability.
Create fundings opportunities officer /coordinate with the County Sept 2019 Another way to describe a grants application person?
Review the mandate of Town economic development department TBA Manager Wendy Gibson retired early 2019.

Many citizens will have other ideas of what should be prioritized and there’s no guarantee that Council will agree to this work plan.  But it’s certainly good to see it laid out.  See the full list below.

Work Plan to implement Cobourg’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan
Omits budget and allocation of staff but otherwise verbatim except for correction of typos.

PILLAR – People: The Town supports and cares for the social and physical well-being of its citizens

Action Work Timing
1 Create a housing strategy that is in alignment with Northumberland’s housing strategy Report to Council on options for developer assistance Complete
Obtain legal opinion on options Complete
Framework on Affordable Housing Dec 2019
Execute Town wide CIP Mar 2020
Amend Parkland Dedication by-law TBA
Prepare standard agreements in consultation with County Nov 2019
Evaluate requests and provide recommendations to Council On-going
Town of Cobourg Official Plan Update 2022 Dec 2022
2 Implement a youth program Involve youth in Town Council/Outreach to Local Schools On-going
Provide strategy to promote youth programming at CCC and V13 Dec 2019
Ensure inclusion in Cultural Masterplan Nov 2019
Create a Youth Advisory Committee Jan 2020
Incorporate the Youth into Local Government Week/ Cobourg Day Jan 2020
3 Encourage healthy lifestyles across all age groups by promoting and raising awareness about public health and active transportation Ensure inclusion in Cultural Masterplan End 2019
Develop a public health and active transportation PR Strategy Dec 2020
Create Healthy Life Style Strategy for the Town of Cobourg Dec 2021
4 Continue to pursue Age-Friendly Communities designation Pursue designation while following program requirements 2020-2021
5 Invest in programs, services and infrastructure to make Cobourg more accessible Update plan in consultation with Accessibility Committee on Accessible Audit End 2019
Develop and Implement a continuation of the Multi-Year Accessibility On-going
Hire a short term Contract Accessibility Coordinator for Corporate wide Accessibility initiatives for 2025 Jan 2020

PILLAR – Places: The Town protects, preserves and promotes its natural assets, heritage, arts, culture and tourism

1 Investigate the creation of additional heritage conservation districts as outlined in the heritage masterplan Heritage Conservation District Study TBA (2020?)
Report to Council on Heritage Study Options Nov 2019
Initiate and Carry out studies – RFP July 2020
Council Approval Nov 2020
2 Create a climate action plan Form sustainability and climate action plan committee Complete
Hire a Climate Change/ Environment Consultant 2020
Create climate action plan and  provide input for 2021 budget Sept 2020
Execute climate action plan actions End 2019 ?
3 Upon completion of cultural masterplan, consider creation of Town arts, culture and tourism division Corporate Wide Service Delivery Review – Building Efficiencies Fund and Implement Organizational adjustment as needed on Delivery Late 2019
4 Continue implementation of Downtown Vitalization plan Develop implementation plan going forward
Implement the Plan as ongoing reports to Council
Downtown Master Plan – Implementation Plan with Coalition Report
End of 2019
5 Review and improve the financial performance of Town operated facilities Complete building asset management plan July 2020
Future use of facilities – Memorial Arena End 2019
Regular Review of Fee Schedule On-going
6 Repair and rejuvenate the east pier Create public engagement plan Nov 2019
Carry out public engagement July 2020
Prepare engineering plans and tenders July 2020
Obtain all necessary permits May 2021
Execute work End 2021
7 No expansion of boat slips at the Cobourg marina will be considered during this term of Council and the natural environment of the West Harbour will be safeguarded and protected Policy item for Council’s action  

PILLAR – Programs: The Town provides efficient and effective corporate, community and business and recreational services for its residents, businesses and visitors

1 Develop an information technology strategic plan Tender work Nov 2019
Complete plan Aug 2020
Execute plan TBD
2 Develop an integrated records management system Complete record management inventory Dec 2019
Create record management plan Apr 2020
Execute record management plan/Electronic Records Dec 2020
Open governance records model system Dec 2023
3 Implement a comprehensive management plan for all town assets Create AMP policy (provincial requirement) July 2019
Complete buildings portion AMP Dec 2020
Complete parks and recreation and all other portions AMP Jan 2024
4 Explore enhanced sidewalk snow clearing including the clearing of arterial bike lanes and multi-use paths Complete study regarding additional snow clearing with costs July /Aug 2020
5 Review and assess appropriateness of agreements with third party contracts Develop list of agreements to review End 2019
Review and provide recommendations to Council TBD
6 Continue to explore communications priorities including social media and public engagement tools Onboard Bang the Table June 2019
Update communication strategic plan in house End 2019
Execute updated strategic plan TBD

PILLAR – Partnerships: The Town engages in strong, sustainable public-private partnerships to improve the quality of life for everyone

1 Explore feasibility of partnerships to develop a social services community hub for community health priorities such as food security, mental health, drug addiction and homelessness Work with partners to form plan Sept 2020
Community Safety Plan 18 months
2 Explore future partnerships with Venture 13 to promote innovation, education and entrepreneurial opportunities Complete V13 strategic plan Sept 2019
Execute Plan Oct 2019
3 Continue to work with Sustainable Cobourg and other stakeholders on greening Cobourg initiatives Work with Committee and Stake Holders to Plan Programs July 2020
Initiate Town Wide Sustainability Plan Dec 2021
Initiate Climate Change Plan Dec 2021
Complete Plans Aug 2022
Execute Plans and On-going Projects Ongoing
4 Work with transit authorities in the area to integrate transit services, including accessible and active transportation services Convene stakeholders meetings Ongoing
Prepare west Northumberland integrated transit study RFP Oct 2019
Tender west Northumberland integrated transit study RFP Dec 2019
Execute west Northumberland integrated transit study June 2020
Execute Study recommendations TBD
5 Facilitate meaningful collaboration with Cobourg citizens Corporate Communication Initiatives Ongoing
    Use and Engagement with Bang the Table Ongoing

PILLAR – Prosperity: The Town Plans for, markets and develops assets for economic growth and financial security

1 Develop a policy for establishing shovel ready development lands Develop policy Aug 2019
Provide work plan to Council TBA
Execute plan TBA
2 Coordinate funding opportunities to optimize community development capital and special project funding opportunities Create fundings opportunities officer /coordinate with the County Sept 2019
Execute plan TBA
3 Review feasibility of expanding Northam industrial park Future Utilization Plan of the Northam Park July 2020
4 Explore innovative solutions to improve connectivity between beach/waterfront and downtown Cobourg Victoria Square Connection
Special Event Integration
DBIA Collaboration
Integrate/incorporate the Use of all Master Plans
5 Develop resources to support small businesses coming to Cobourg Complete gap analysis to identify supports not in place Dec 2019
Develop required supports TBD
6 Review the mandate of Town economic development department Service Delivery Review – Building Efficiencies Funding TBA


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Would just like to chime in and mention that the amount of climate change deniers responding to this topic is downright embarrassing, if not scary. Look at all you arm chair experts going against actual experts the world over sounding the alarms bells. Give your heads a shake, your paper tiger arguments have been refuted over and over again, there are too many stupidity ladened posts to even respond to here.

In any case if you think it’s all a grand conspiracy, embarrassing to even write that, what are the negatives to building towards a more sustainable carbon free future? Ask yourself that. We leave ourselves with a cleaner planet eitherway.

manfred s

..and one more time…I don’t see anybody categorically DENYING that we have active and ongoing climate change, but we do have a broad spectrum of opinions on the impact it is and going to have in the future. From doomers to dismissers, everybody has a rationale for what they believe but little acceptance that there are some reasonable opinions other than their own. That might be acceptable IF science were absolute in its hypothesies yet we know that never has been, isn’t today and likely never will be. For some to try to keep making it about denial is only an indication that they themselves have little else to offer in a very wide ranging discussion…in my opinion.


The evidence is pretty clear that there is man-made climate change happening.

In any case, why don’t we just take the side of caution here? What are the negatives? All I can see is we end up with a cleaner less polluted planet that is less reliant on fossil fuels. Less pollution, less waste, cleaner air, cleaner water, healthier ecosystems, on and on and on. What is the end game from skeptics and deniers? Keep on trashing the planet because climate change is all a hoax? I don’t get the sense in it.

Wally Keeler

Get some nuclear energy sense and apply it.

Wally Keeler

I believe that industrialization has had a significant effect on the climate. Yes, yes, carbon emissions reduction, solar panels, yes, windmills, carbon tax, blahblahblah. I am seriously skeptical that any of this is a solution, regardless of how many self-righteous utilize the scaremongering “climate deniers” smear.. A greater solution is expensive, but it is emissions-free, reliable and safer than other renewable energy sources: NUCLEAR ENERGY.

Wally Keeler

What are the climate activist plans to restrain China; which is opening 700 new coal furnaces for generating electricity?

manfred s

they could start the attack by refusing to buy Made in China goods. As an export economy, China depends on consumption beyond its borders. Cripple consumption .. cripple the economy and their need to expand polluters.


Unfortunately North America has largely moved its manufacturing capability to China so refusing to buy from China is mostly impossible. Much of our food now comes from China too.


China is among the world leaders in most kinds of renewable energy as well. Canada squeaks into the top 5 for hydro power, and that’s it. China is the number 1 country for hydro and wind, number 3 for biomass and number 4 for solar. It’s actually doing much better than we are.

Per Capita carbon emissions, Canada is the 16th worst country in the world at 15.2 metric tons per capita per year, China is 42nd at 7.5 metric tons per capita per year. A given Canadian generates -double- the CO2 in a year. And yes, there are way more people in China so the -total- emissions from China are higher, but again, per person, we’re twice as bad, and China, investing in coal is also the world leader in MULTIPLE kinds of renewable energy.

Ken Strauss

I just returned from a few weeks in England. While I was there their usage of renewable wind power resulted in two significant outages to their nation power grid. The railways stopped due to lack of power to signals and over a million homes without power. Their plan appears to be to spend at least £275 million to build more non-renewable generation due to the unreliability of renewable power. Regardless of what some believe relying on renewable power is not a solution.

Cobourg Person

Because our infrastructure is 100% reliable and we currently have no outages in Ontario?

Wally Keeler

100% reliability is a ludicrous concept. Ontario’s energy has been reliable in the high 90% over my lifetime. Wind and solar are no where near that — hence, unreliable.

Ken Strauss

Cobourg Person, you forgot the requisite joke warning; some might actually believe you!


Conversely I have a friend who works in power generation/distribution in Texas, where their wind power generates so much power at night that the cost to use power sometimes goes into the negatives, you get -paid- to consume power occasionally because the power being generated is more than the grid can handle, if nobody is using it.

I’d also like you to consider the phrase “relying on renewable power is not a solution” because the implication is that the solution is relying on -nonrenewable- power and intrinsic to the name is that nonrenewable power can run out, and then what exactly becomes the solution?

Wally Keeler

Conversely I have a friend who works in power generation/distribution in Ontario, namely Pickering Nuclear Station, which has been generating power night after night, day after day, windy days or not, for decades, and done so safely.

you get -paid- to consume power occasionally because the power being generated is more than the grid can handle, if nobody is using it.

Wow! It’s like free money. All that wonderfulness wasted because energy storage remains dismal. Who are the lucky people who have to pay the consumers to consume?


Pickering is one of the oldest nuclear plants on the continent. It has design flaws that would make it un-buildable by present standards, the kind of flaws that lead to cascade failures like Fukushima. The flaws it has make it especially dangerous if it should suffer a loss of coolant accident, which has already happened twice, the first of which cost 1 billion dollars to deal with.

It is the most expensive to operate plant in North America, and if it were to suffer a serious accident, the consequences would be catastrophic. More people live right near it than any plant on the continent, it’s directly beside a lake from which we get a lot of drinking water, and the area that would become radiologically unsafe for 30-100 years includes chunks of our two biggest economic arteries. In losses just for residences in the event of a major accident, estimates run over 100 billion dollars.

Half the power it produces is sold out of province, often at a loss. Who are the lucky people whose government sells half the production at a loss? How do you think those losses get made up?

Ken Strauss

My understanding is that the most expensive power generation in Ontario is produced by diesel generators to allow northern First Nations to enjoy their traditional lifestyle. It is even more expensive than solar!

Let me guess who are the lucky people: Perhaps the poorly informed renewable promoters who elect a government that pays $0.80/kWh for unreliable solar power and essentially gives away hydro power to out-of-province consumers? Oh, maybe I got that backwards…

For an eye opening introduction to reality look at


“diesel generators to allow northern First Nations to enjoy their traditional lifestyle” I’ll ask you to clarify your intentions behind this comment, because on the face of it, this feels incredibly racist and gross.

Ken Strauss

My intent was to inform. How do you suggest that the reported fact be phrased? Or do you dispute the fact?


So it’s so casual you don’t even realize how loaded that statement was. That’s sad. I’m sad that you can be so casual with that.

And it’s a complete red herring. I said the Pickering plant was the most expensive nuclear plant to operate, and you came back with diesel engines that probably account for so little actual cost in dollars that they’re a rounding error compared to the operating costs in Pickering.

Ken Strauss

You didn’t mention “nuclear” when you wrote “It is the most expensive to operate plant in North America”.
If you are interested in the costs of diesel generation rather than merely being sad, see


The whole post was about nuclear plants, in direct response to your post about nuclear plants. How are you that dense and also think you are that smart? But then, you’re saying racist things and don’t even seem to realize it, so clearly I’m expecting too much from you. I keep trying to just stop engaging with the couple of you who insist on acting this way, but it’s just too damaging and too harmful to leave you unchecked.

Ken Strauss

Dan, I appreciate your concern but I haven’t mentioned nuclear plants in this thread. Perhaps your anti-nuclear comments should be directed to Wally?


It has to be a lie to be slander. Also it would be libel, since it’s in writing. Do what you want man, it’s your blog. And you’re allowing his statement to stand and threatening me for calling it out, so you’re lending it tacit support here as well.

And yes Ken, you and Wally’s positions are so often interchangeable and you so often team up to attack my positions that I managed to conflate your posts together. Mea Culpa.


I didn’t say he was a racist. I said the thing he said was racist. I didn’t say he threatened me, I said -you- threatened me with deletion of my post for calling out that the thing he said was racist. Defamation requires the statement uttered or written to be false.

Wally Keeler

Dan cast a disgusting aspersion towards Ken Strauss. Totally uncalled for and indicative of shallow thinking. The race card — what a cheap play. Maybe the next thing is suggesting I am a racist for criticizing Chinese government policies.


That’s not even what the race card is.

Wally Keeler

Nuclear energy, a far better choice to power our megalopolis’ than the unreliable wind and solar that you espouse to the detriment of humankind. Get sensible Dan.

Wally Keeler

And yes Ken, you and Wally’s positions are so often interchangeable and you so often team up...”

Ken has not addressed nuclear energy at all. I am the only one who extols nuclear energy as a safer, more reliable, with zero-carbon emissions; so much better than other sources of energy, and does not contribute a carbon footprint like 700 new coal plants will. There remains 1 billion on Earth without electricity. I’d like them to have it with nuclear energy rather than with filthy coal plants, cluttering the blandscape with bird-killing blades.

Take note of this Dan; Ken and I do NOT team up. So no need to cry for that.


Wally, step away from the bong.
7 rambling, incoherent posts in 40 minutes.

…filthy coal plants, cluttering the blandscape with bird-killing blades.

Wally Keeler

Sheesh, Frenchy, you continually attempt to smear me with false assertions and lies. Take note of this truth: I’ve never had a bong in my life.


Just a figure of speech. I didn’t think John would let me say “step away from the wacky weed”.
But, you were rambling a bit and you did see those bird killing blades on those filthy coal plants though, right?

Wally Keeler

“But then, you’re saying racist things …”

So now it is plural. Please educate us with the other “racist” things that you claim that Ken made? Or are you just gratuitously smearing your neighbor?

Wally Keeler

Your groundless smear is gross and disgusting.

Wally Keeler

The flaws it has make it especially dangerous if it should suffer a loss of coolant accident, which has already happened twice, the first of which cost 1 billion dollars to deal with.”

How many people died from radiation poisoning? How many suffered radiation poisoning? How much radiation leaked into Lake Ontario? How many days/weeks/months of power outages?

Twice eh? Damn good system with redundancies built in to avoid catastrophe. Like I said, nuclear energy is safe and reliable.

Wally Keeler

China, investing in coal is also the world leader in MULTIPLE kinds of renewable energy.”

What a con job. The totalitarian dictatorshit pumps out numbers and the West swallows it. Lots of solar panels manufactured there. But what is the quality of those panels? How long do they last? And how do the various toxic metals used in them get removed for recycling? Largely a waste of money in the long run for unreliable energy.

Windmills are also unreliable, a danger to migrating birds, and incapable to satisfying the industrial needs of megalopolises.

Nuclear is emissions-free and RELIABLE.

Instead of extolling a totalitarian dictatorshit, I prefer the best energy producer of nuclear energy.


Can’t call it a totalitarian dictatorship and also call them communists. Try again.

I’m not even going to bother addressing the nonsense of your implication that because nuclear power has no -emissions- that it is -clean-

Try telling Port Hope you want to have a backyard vegetable garden and tell me how clean nuclear power is.

Wally Keeler

China is a totalitarian dictatorshit. The government of China was never elected into power. It is in the flavour of communism. I know about this combo very very well from experience. Your historical knowledge is abysmal.

You can’t even address the issue of China’s 700 new coal plants, preferring to extol the government that is going to despoil the environment with the most egregious carbon violator. What a hypocrite!

I extol nuclear energy because it is carbon free emissions and unlike solar and wind, it is reliable and safer. Port Hope does not have a nuclear power station — another red herring of yours.

I think your extoling wind and solar is a wet dream gone dry. If the climate powers claim we have only 12 years left, the Dirty Dozen, will not be solved with the foolish policies of wind/solar. Wind and solar is not up to satisfying the needs of megalopolis’ in 12 years. Nuclear is preferable because it is safe and reliable and carbon-free. This is a better and more realistic solution to climate change.

Wally Keeler

With all your facts and figures extolling China, you ignore the 700 coal plants being built in China. Not 5 plants. Not 10 plants, Not 100 plants, but 700. Coal is the dirtiest energy. Yet environmentalists have no policy to address this massive carbon pollution of 700 coal plants? They collude with communists of China when they avoid calling out that massive assault on the environment, preferring to ignore it, just as Dan has done here.


If only you had the whole story, some of which was actually IN the article you linked earlier.

China is adding 500M tonnes of coal capacity using brand new, advanced techniques that generate around 60% less pollution and waste, while at the same time REMOVING 800M tonnes of coal capacity that was less efficient and more polluting. The estimates from the International Energy Agency suggest China will have reduced reliance on coal from 84% in 2014, down to about 54% by 2040

So yes, they’re using coal, they’re just also world leaders in growth of renewables, reducing their use of coal hugely, and replacing old, outdated coal production with newer, cleaner and more efficient coal production.

Is that as ideal as just cutting coal entirely? No. Is -reducing- their coal production and -reducing- their coal pollution “an assault on the environment”? Pretty sure that’s not how that works.

Nice move sneaking that “THE COMMIES!” bit in there just to really rile up the other boomers.


Dan, Wally (and Walter) rarely get past the first paragraph of any article that, on the outset, appears to support their view, argument or agenda.

Wally Keeler

Frenchy is not telling the truth again. I always get past the first paragraph, so don’t believe Frenchy’s lie about me.

Wally Keeler

I’ve had a lot of experience with COMMIES; obviously you have not.

“The estimates from the International Energy Agency suggest China will have reduced reliance on coal from 84% in 2014, down to about 54% by 2040”

Estimates…suggest … by 2040. Far too late, given the 12 year window of opportunity that “experts” assert we have to turn things around. Because it is totalitarian dictatorshit facts and figures are highly suspect. What free press exists in China to question the totalitarian authorities. Totalitarian dictatorshits are far more likely to lie and mislead than democracies. I’m surprised that you are so gullible for a dictatorshit.

What dismal wages are paid to the minions laboring to build all the solar panels? Many materials go into solar panels, including toxic materials. What misery do Chinese workers endure to obtain those materials. Somebody has to kiss Chinese totalitarian dictatorshit and you give them good voice.


I hope you realize that using phrases like ‘dictatorshits’ for ‘dictatorships’ make you look like a 12-year old. I mean, young-at-heart is always good for people of a certain age, but not when they want to appear to be in any way intellectual or well-reasoned in their statements.

Ken Strauss

Dan, it is interesting that you mention clean coal technology as being a good thing. As an avowed climate changer I assumed that you only opposed carbon dioxide production, something not ameliorated by the technology, rather than true pollutants such as sulfur dioxide which are reduced.


I mean…I said that moving from 800M tonnes capacity of old, high-pollution low-efficiency coal to 500M tonnes capacity of new low-pollution, high-efficiency coal was progress, and not “an assault on the the environment” as had been claimed by somebody who didn’t research past the headline, since it is extremely clearly -better- in the latter case and not worse, even though it’s not as good as we would like.

G. Ludorf-Weaver

With regards to the Town of Cobourg’s Climate Action Plan , with Judy Smith Torrie as Sustainable Cobourg’s former Eco-Action Chair, Judy started on this plan last summer with the help of our Intern Josh. After she was hired as Northumberland’s Environmental Officer with duties to create a Climate Action Plan for Cobourg, Sustainable Cobourg was able to hire the same intern as last year to assist in completing the plan. So Sustainable Cobourg, driven by our mission and vision to actively promote change toward sustainability, in order to enhance the environmental, physical, economic and social health of Cobourg residents, has funded the development of this plan for the last 2 summers by providing the funding needed to hire Judy’s intern, thanks to a Federal Grant from Summer Works.

Ken Strauss

What was the source of the funding provided by Sustainable Cobourg?

Walter Luedtke

Last Thursday, the Feds and the Province made the following announcement in Woodstock:
“More people will now have a place to call home in Oxford County. The federal and provincial governments are investing over $7.8 million to create 130 affordable housing units through the Canada-Ontario Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) agreement.”
Last May, the Feds announced $5.1 million in funding for a Seniors Home in Newcastle, Durham County under a separate initiative aimed at Seniors.
How much is Northumberland getting?


If you are truly interested in the answer, a good place to start would be to ask our provincial and federal representatives directly. If you want to do your own research, start with local media outlets like (try this story and expand from there.
If you are just trying to cast aspersions on one level of government or another, you’re already off to a good start.

Walter Luedtke

As always, thank you for your help, Miss.
The article you refer to mentions $1.8 million from the Province. “Of the $1.8 million that was announced, $32,100 through the Investment in Affordable Housing in Ontario program and $1,054,654 through the Community Homelessness Prevention initiative is funding the county already receives.”
There is no mention of any money coming here from the Canada-Ontario Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) agreement as In Oxford County nor from the National Housing Co-Investment Fund (NHCF) as in Durham County.


Unless I read the article wrong, the $32,100 was from IAH. As for the Feds or the rest of the dough, you really should ask your representatives if you truly want the answer.

And Walter, you don’t need to address me as Miss. I’m trying to become as neutral as possible so as not to offend anyone. Gender neutral, marital status neutral, status (in general) neutral, so Frenchy is just fine. If you feel the need to give me a title, just M would be preferred. Maybe even lower case (m).

Paul Pagnuelo

I don’t recall this ever coming up at a council meeting so it can’t be the result of a Council decision. Perhaps Director Hustwick can provide an answer.

Miriam Mutton

Paul, by ‘this’ do you mean the work plan above for Council’s strategic plan? Listed under ‘Unfinished Business’ on Council meeting agenda. A document typically prepared by the CAO in response to Council’s directive via the strategic plan. It gives insight into how staff see Council’s vision unfold. I would like to see the Community Sustainability Plan move up in priority, especially if regulation like the Ontario Building Code for new homes is not keeping pace with other levels of regulation … note the Federal government requirement for the residence of the new Coast Guard Station in Cobourg to be Net Zero Carbon Neutral.

Paul Pagnuelo

I was replying to Don Lett’s posting.


Where did the SWEETWATER CONCERTS in VICTORIA HALL go and the various local musicians who gave us seniors much pleasure ??? Who was responsible for this gross mistake ??? so we can vote them out come the next election…

Mrs. Anonymous

The town needs to discontinue the use altogether of subsidies via CIP programs, not increase them.

Stick to the municipally mandated responsibilities. Using property taxes to subsidize private businesses and social causes outside of the town mandate is a recipe for escalating taxes without any long term accountability.


“Create a housing strategy that is in alignment with Northumberland’s housing strategy”

So in other words after an intensive election campaign in which the topic if homelessness and affordable housing was the #1 issue we are going to hive it off to the County. Where is the ‘made in Cobourg’ plan that candidates pledged to?

It is interesting that this subject made it to the top position in the strategic plan and the answer is to let somebody else do it!

BTW if there is going to be a Cobourg solution when are we going to get started?


As was well said by Mrs. Anonymous, adding non-essential services to what the town provides is a recipe for higher taxes and lack of accountability. We should applaud rather than criticize any initiatives to curtail the expansion of our services!

Doug Weldon

Are you suggesting that if we perceive a problem in our community that is based on a need of some of our citizens BUT it is something new, not previously encountered or dealt with by our community, then we should simply ignore it so we don’t raise our taxes?
Sort of like saying Global Warming is a myth and so we stick our head in the sand.
Warning: You won’t be able to breath for too long if you stick your head in the sand.


Perhaps it is rather like saying that “if there is a service that is wanted by SOME of the residents then they should fund it rather than raising taxes for everyone”.

A few decades ago “global cooling” was a problem that threatened the future of humankind. A few years ago “global warming” threatened the future of humankind. Now we just have “climate change” so cooler or warmer or a change to an unchanging climate meets the predictions.


Anybody in this day and age who suggests that climate change is not a problem, or is just some made up bogeyman is absolutely endangering the future of their children and grandchildren.

You’re not so much sticking your head in the sand, as throwing sand in the faces of everybody around you.

manfred s

maybe I could accept that climate change is a product of human actions if you can tell me about some of the times that there was no climate change, from the creation of the earth to today.


That’s a bad-faith formulation and I suspect you know that. The idea that climate has never changed until now is nonsense and you should know better than to present it like it’s a cogent counterargument.

But lets pretend this is a game you actually intend to consider losing. Here’s an image showing CO2 concentrations going back 800,000 years from the Vostock Ice Core. The carbon level goes up, it goes down, it peaks at 300ppm and troughs at about 175ppm. The gap between the highest and lowest readings in the last 800,000 years is 125ppm, and it takes about 100,000 years for that 125ppm rise or drop

At the far right of the graph you can look closely and see the extremely sudden spike upwards to a reading of 415.26ppm. That is almost as far above the -highest reading in 800,000 years- as that reading was from the -lowest- reading in 800,000 years. So from peak to trough across 100,000 years, we’ve DOUBLED the largest peak ever reached in 800,000 years in about 70.
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I mean…or you could listen to basically every single qualified scientist on Earth in any of the related fields. That would work too.


Bad-faith? At least Manfred makes an argument! You have reported on an observation without attribution and possibly reflecting reality with absolutely no support for your implication that climate change (whatever that means) is caused by CO2 concentration or even that there is now climate change that differs from climate change in past millennia. An assertion that cannot be proved or disproved is a waste of everyone’s time.


“Cannot be proved or disproved” Are you kidding me? If you want me to teach a lesson on remedial climate science, we can discuss my hourly rates. You can take five seconds and google to find literal mountains of data about human-caused climate change. Suggesting I haven’t proven anything because I made the fatal error of assuming you had the mental wherewithal to do the literal bare minimum intellectually is one of the funniest things I’ve seen all day.

The only thing Dubious about you is your ability to participate at all in a discussion that isn’t aimed at small children.

And downvote and warn me for personal attacks all you want guys, this sort of nonsense where just the most basic information about multiple contemporary subjects is ignored, ignorantly questioned, or rudely dismissed because people can’t be arsed to spend 5 whole seconds learning before they open their mouths is singlehandedly demonstrating the cause of most of the problems facing our civilization.

Wally Keeler

I recommend spending five seconds with this individual:


I’m familiar with him and his work. He’s a quack. “After the publication of The Skeptical Environmentalist, Lomborg was formally accused of scientific dishonesty by a group of environmental scientists, who brought a total of three complaints against him to the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD), a body under Denmark’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MSTI). Lomborg was asked whether he regarded the book as a “debate” publication, and thereby not under the purview of the DCSD, or as a scientific work; he chose the latter, clearing the way for the inquiry that followed. The charges claimed that The Skeptical Environmentalist contained deliberately misleading data and flawed conclusions. Due to the similarity of the complaints, the DCSD decided to proceed on the three cases under one investigation. In January 2003, the DCSD released a ruling that sent a mixed message, finding the book to be scientifically dishonest through misrepresentation of scientific facts, but Lomborg himself not guilty due to his lack of expertise in the fields in question” So his work was found to be misrepresentative and dishonest, but that he was himself too uneducated and unqualified in the field to actually be held responsible for producing such… Read more »

Wally Keeler

“The original DCSD decision about Lomborg provoked a petition signed by 287 Danish academics, primarily social scientists, who criticised the DCSD for evaluating the book as a work of science, whereas the petitioners considered it clearly an opinion piece by a non-scientist.[42][43] The Danish Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation then asked the Danish Research Agency (DRA) to form an independent working group to review DCSD practices.[44] In response to this, another group of Danish scientists collected over 600 signatures, primarily from the medical and natural sciences community, to support the continued existence of the DCSD and presented their petition to the DRA.”

If Bjorn is “unqualified in the field” then so are his accusers; social scientists.


Um…did you actually read the thing you quoted? He insisted his work was hard science and not an opinion piece. Actual scientists (Your apparent disdain for social sciences is telling in a number of ways) petitioned for his work to be called an opinion piece. In response, the validity of the system that ruled Lomborg was a bad scientist and too dumb to realize it was called into question, and -another bunch of actual scientists- said that the system which determined Lomborg was a non-science quack was good and should remain. The accusation from the group of academics was towards the DCSD saying “You never should have let him call this science in the first place” They didn’t levy any accusation at Lomborg that wasn’t already leveled by the DCSD to begin with. So we have Lomborg saying “This is Science” You have the DCSD saying “If this is science, it’s horrible science and you’re an unqualified idiot” You have a group of academics saying “It’s not just horrible science, it’s not science at all, the DCSD shouldn’t have treated this as science.” You have a group of scientists saying “The DCSD, which said he was an unqualified idiot, is… Read more »

Wally Keeler

You’re unqualified in the field also.

You have the DCSD saying “If this is science, it’s horrible science and you’re an unqualified idiot”

Really?! That’s how the esteemed scientists spoke? “…you’re an unqualified idiot?

Btw, what are the names of the multiple Nobel recipients that have superior minds that you reply on?


It is a travesty to use “social” and “scientist” together!


Science advances by comparing predictions of a hypothesis with reproducible experimental results. A pity that Dan’s five second Google didn’t convince him that insults and nebulous predictions like “climate change” are irrelevant to real science.

manfred s

to Dan, " If you want me to teach a lesson on remedial climate science, we can discuss my hourly rates." Intellectual ‘snobery’ may be commonplace in scientific circles where you appear to circulate but is quite out of place in every day discussions and opinion blogs like this one, in my opinion anyway. There, I’ve said it, in response to your “And downvote and warn me for personal attacks all you want guys, this sort of nonsense where just the most basic information about multiple contemporary subjects is ignored, ignorantly questioned, or rudely dismissed because people can’t be arsed to spend 5 whole seconds learning before they open their mouths is singlehandedly demonstrating the cause of most of the problems facing our civilization.” Your criticisms are rather rich considering what you yourself are berating and your language in doing so. Many new scientific discoveries have their roots in ‘opinion’ rather than ‘evidence’ or ‘facts’ as they manifest at the time. To dismiss opinions as non-evidence, as you do, shows evidence of a closed mind that perhaps fears that existing ‘evidence’ may also be, to some extent, circumstantial. Relying strictly on ‘evidence’ closes the mind, and by extension, potential new discovery,… Read more »


Just admit that you honestly don’t care what state the world will be in after you die. It will make your life so much simpler and people won’t waste time assuming you might actually see reason.

I hope you know that “Climate change isn’t real” is viewed in the same category as “The Earth is Flat” and “Vaccines Cause Autism”

This is like talking to creationists.

manfred s

That’s a bad-faith formulation of your own creation, Dan. In case you’re not aware of it, you’re putting whole sentences into the mouths of those who dare to challenge your convictions. Not a convincing way to support your version of ‘reality’.
I’d say that the idea of climate change is not so much the question as is its impact on the longer term prospects for the earth. If you choose to focus on a teenie tiny sliver of that longer view, go ahead, but be prepared to find that not everyone shares your fatalistic prognosis. If you take a moment and reflect on past predictions of doom you’re also likely to see that such predictions are not as reliable as you seem to think them to be.


Yes, Dan, currently “climate change is caused by man” is viewed in the same category as “Earth is the centre of the universe” was a thousand years ago. And more recently “the atom is indivisible”. To follow the herd will make your life so much simpler and people won’t waste time assuming you might actually see reason.

Cobourg Person
Wally Keeler

Canadian climate activists are mostly scold and little substance. They are big on scolding others, as exampled by Dan, but they offer insignificant solutions that have little effect. Stopping the construction of 700 new coal plants would be significant. Invoke children and grandchildren and answer this question Dan;

What are the climate activist plans to restrain China; which is opening 700 new coal furnaces for generating electricity?

Nicole Beatty

Ben, thank you for your comment. The housing strategy will indeed be led by the Town. As we are the lower-tiered government it is essential that we coordinate and align our housing strategy with the recommendation’s encouraged by the County’s plan, which was published earlier this year. Caring for our people is a partnership between all levels of government. I assure you that this Council has not lost sight of that. We’ve committed $250,000 of the 2019 to housing projects. Two exciting and much needed developments have already been passed through Council too. Both projects are shovel-ready and should commence soon. Finally, the closing date for bids on the Affordable Housing CIP is August 13th. This information and next steps will be coming back to Council in September. I welcome any additional comments, questions or input by email:
Councillor Beatty