A Virtual Remembrance Day

In previous years as many as 1000 people were at Cobourg’s Remembrance day ceremonies at the Cenotaph in Victoria Park but this year, they were asked to stay at home and watch the ceremony streamed on the Town’s You-Tube channel.  Despite this, at least 150 came anyway although they did stay well spaced.  The streaming was organized by local media entrepreneur Graham Beer and his video is now on the Town’s You-Tube channel – see below.  Also below is my summary video (4 minutes) which gives an idea of what it’s like.  Not everyone watched the live streaming (around 250) but a good number remembered in other ways – many stood outside their front doors at 11:00 am and observed 2 minutes of silence.  Others posted signs in their front yard (see sample below).

Canada’s Air Force, based in Trenton, were supposed to fly three Hercules aircraft over the Highway of Heroes at about 11:00 am – but this was revised to two aircraft around 1;15pm.

Remembrance Sign
Remembrance Sign

Jaye Bevan, Legion past President and Chairman, led the ceremony and commented that “the public were not supposed to be here but we understand” and “we appreciate it”.  The ceremony was very similar to previous years with a strong religious emphasis led by Rev. Art King.  As well as Christian Scripture readings and prayers, there was also a reading of “In Flanders Field”, Chris Devlin in Concert Band uniform played Last Post and Mary Ito of Legion Pipes and Drums played the Lament.

Then a group of dignitaries (VIPs) including Mayor John Henderson and Warden Bob Sanderson laid wreaths followed by Jaye reading out a long list of those who had bought wreaths but were not able to lay them personally as in previous years.  You can hear the full list on the complete event Video – starting at 45:58.

Summary of Event

Complete event

Video on Town of Cobourg You-Tube channel and produced by Graham Beer of Cobourg Media. Video below starts when event started.


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3 years ago

Even from a distance all I could muster were tears of joy and gratitude. As always – LEST WE FORGET.

Paul Pagnuelo
3 years ago

To all our veterans who served to protect our freedoms and to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, thank you.

What you did for your country and fellow Canadians will never be forgotten. Every day you are remembered as we go about our humble lives.

Denise Liboiron
3 years ago

Thanksful we were able to see some of the recognition for our veterans. Some of us did not know we were asked to stay away specifically. I was going to get my mom after work in the morning to attend the usual Cenotaph event ~ and heard they didn’t think they are doing one this year. I then heard of the fly-over from Trenton and the Highway of Heroes so decided to take my Mom to go by the cenotaph to pay respects and hopefully watch the Hercules fly overhead ~ which we heard about on fb.
Going by the Cenotaph was to be near the place we have always gone to honour our family members who served – such as my father who served in 4 theatres of war overseas in WW2 and always wss sure we all attended the Remembrance Day event in our family, and to remember for my grandfather who came from England and served in WW1 and my Mom’s brother who served in the Navy and for all the many who served and endured or didn’t make it. So my mom feels very seriously about this for her husband and father and brother. She was so please to be able to view the ceremony even from a distance and with it being hard to hear. This event is important to many of us obviously.
We went down to the Cenotaph and park area to observe in some way. We saw the ceremony happening so stopped to observe the silence. Not sure now everyone was informed to stay away? We didn’t get the memo lol and it was nice to be able to share the moment with others who obviously didn’t get the memo either. Thankful for our town’s heart and for the event that we have been able to attend for so many years to commemorate ~ Lest We Forget. 🌺

Reply to  Denise Liboiron
3 years ago

Hang on a minute, Denise. In John’s Blog dated Nov. 3rd details were given as to what would happen on Remembrance Day. John attended, I stayed home, first time in 18 years. The friends we know were well aware of the Town’s plan but were still inclined to go, keeping their distance. In the end I don’t think anyone went, but did what I did – stood outside our house to observe the two minute silence. I then returned to watch the event on Youtube. I thought the whole thing was very well done. Meanwhile I have received numerous emails from friends and family who live afar and most did much the same, stayed home and observed in their homes or on their doorsteps. Let’s hope it will be different next year.

Denise Liboiron
Reply to  What'sUpDoc
3 years ago

I do not happen to read this blog all the time ~ just when I can pop in and check on stuff ~ and it happened that I happened on it today. If someone really wants to make an edict or rule they have to probably do it by some other format ~ many seniors do not even check out blogs or town websites. I just Happened to see this and almost felt the need to explain due to the way the blog was worded about “the town told people not to come.”
I was not asked to not attend … nor was my mom – nor did we see anywhere that we should not?
The only thing I heard was they may not be having it this year ~ and we went down and happened upon it. Happy for us

Last edited 3 years ago by Denise Liboiron
Reply to  Denise Liboiron
3 years ago

Good for you Denise – Social distancing was observed, masks wore. There was no reason to not be present should one feel strongly about attending….

Last edited 3 years ago by Rob
Old Sailor
3 years ago

Thanks for the video John. 2020 is the first year my wife and I have not attended the full ceremony at the Cenotaph – due to Cobourg residents being told there would only be a private Remembrance Day ceremony at the Legion and no event at the Cenotaph. Then the Town, without notice to residents, holds the usual Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph hoping Cobourg residents don’t show up. There is something wrong with this picture. It seems to be a recurring event. The Town distancing itself from residents.