Rally to Protest Violence against Women

Most rallies or citizen demonstrations are related to Government – e.g. Police racism, mandatory use of masks, union demand for more money, school curriculum etc., see links below – so it’s good to see an event protesting violence against women in a specific horrific case with a local connection.  Kimberley Black was viciously attacked and left for dead a week ago in Whitby so her sister in law Catherine Dunphy and her husband George Tardik are organizing a Yoga event in Victoria Park on August 22 followed by a silent vigil and walk to the Police Services Building on King Street. The event will start at 10:00 am in Victoria Park and the walk will start at 11:30. Because of the current Covid-19 situation, social distancing protocols will be in place plus all participants are asked to wear masks.  Catherine is suggesting that anyone wishing to make a donation to support Kimberley, may do so – details below.

Cobourg already has an organization (Cornerstone) that provides a refuge for women subject to domestic violence but there is little defence against a vicious attack.  As Catherine puts it:

Women are all too familiar with the sense of being chased by an omnipresent but invisible threat. Yet we do our best to go about our days: find joy, accomplish goals, raise children and even like Kim, go back to school.

Every so often one of us is swept up in a collision of events, where she is reduced to a means – robbed of her personhood at the hands of a predator, and we are all left reeling.

Catherine  and Kimberley
Catherine and Kimberley

Photo at right – Catherine on left and Kimberley on right.

My dear, sweet, kind and loving sister-in-law was an innocent victim.  Just trying to clear her head as she worked to complete her goal of defending her Masters’ thesis, when this person forced his way into her narrative.

His grubby and violent hands had no right to touch her, no right to rob her of her dreams, to impede her progress, to quell her happiness.

Kimberly is a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, a student, a teacher – she matters, and she is loved. 

Catherine also says:

Kimberley was out for a walk in the early evening in her neighborhood when she was attacked, brutally beaten, and left for dead. She sustained multiple life-threatening injuries that will require medical procedures, treatments and therapy to assist with her long recovery. We are asking anyone who wishes to help Kimberley to please come out to the fundraiser and show her our love and support.

If you care to donate, the Kimberley Trust Fund has been setup at the CIBC Bank – details in facebook page (link below) or email [email protected]

Catherine has “one final thing” to say – and I agree:

Violence against women must end!

No more lives lost, no more physical abuse and sexual exploitation – it is on us to change how we raise our children, to amend legislation, to create systems that protect the public and to ensure mandatory sentencing for all sexual and violent offenders. So let’s do it.

There’s more detail in the links below.  Council is having a special meeting this afternoon (Monday 10 Aug) to approve this event (and 2 others) in Victoria park. [Update: Council did approve the event and also allowed staff to approve future events per pre-Covid-19 protocol].


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15 August 2020

Police have arrested a suspect in this case.  21-year-old Anthony Doiron-Francis, of Whitby has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and aggravated sexual assault. Police say that the suspect was not known to the victim and this was a random assault,

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3 years ago

Certainly a terrible crime. Too bad that raising money for ??? Obscures the reasons to have a march/vigil.

Reply to  Kyle
3 years ago


3 years ago

A tragic event for Kimberly. An appropriate gentle event to silently speak out against violence against women.