Update on Major Projects – Feb 2020

Cobourg’s planning department is involved in a number of projects – some move through quickly but sometimes developers are slow to act so projects take many years.   In any event, planning does a good job of putting details and status on the Town’s web site so the public can know what’s happening.  Details are brought to council at various stages – some require re-zoning and can be controversial and others get a lot of attention because they respond to a cause like a shortage of low-cost housing. The Town site has a lot of detail (see link below) and includes details on projects such as the Tannery project, the new strip plaza on Mall property, the new Coastguard building and 17 other projects.  Five of them are on the Agenda of the Committee of the Whole Council Meeting on 18 February (noted with asterisk *).


Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendments, Plans of Subdivisions/Condominiums

Strip Plaza on Elgin in Mall property * 
Details: This was the subject of an article on Cobourg news Blog here.
Status: Rezoning was passed 10 December 2019; a complete application has been received for Site plan approval and Council will be notified on 18 February.
Comment: This project is moving ahead quickly

DePalma Developments
Details: A Holiday Inn Express Hotel is planned near Home Depot.  See Article here.
Status: The required rezoning was passed 12 November 2019.  No updates since then.

900 Division Street
Details:  A new building on property at South East Corner of Elgin and Division.  The building would be used for a Medical Clinic.
Status: The required zoning by-law amendment was passed 9 September 2019. No updates since then.

425 King Street East *
Details:  Mason Homes plans a residential development of 27 Townhouses.  Described in article here.
Status: On 21 October 2019, Council approved the Draft Plan of Subdivision.  No updates since then.

East Village Phase 5
Details: A major development on King Street East near Brook Road with 333 housing units.  This was the subject of several articles, most recently 12 July 2019
Status: On 9 September 2019, re-zoning and a Draft Plan of Subdivision were approved. No updates since then.

French Language School in New Amherst
Details: This was controversial and the subject of a couple of articles with the most recent one here
Status:  The required re-zoning By-Law was passed on 30 April 2018.  No updates since then.

D’Arcy Street, north of Nickerson Drive *
Details: Leblanc Enterprises proposed 23 bungalows – There was a public meeting and some controversy which was covered in this article 
Status: The draft Plan of Subdivision was approved 26 November 2018. No updates since then.

25 James and 321 John St
Details: 27 Unit rental extension to existing building by Trinity Housing for affordable housing.  Article here.
Status: Re-zoning passed 29 April 2019.  No updates since then.

Also approved: Cedar Shores Estates 18 July 2016; major Rondeau development northeast corner of Brook and Elgin, 23 July 2018

On Hold: Sobeys expansion at Foodland (original info from March 2018)

Site Plan Applications

415 King Street West – Cobourg Creek Lofts *
Details: Redevelopment of property at corner of King West and Tremaine Street (old Cobourg Star building). Two storeys and 26 units.
Status: An application has been made for Site Plan approval; no public meeting is currently planned.

New Amherst 6-plex *
Details: A three storey building with 6 units is proposed for the SE Corner of New Amherst Blvd. & Charles Wilson Parkway.
Status: An application for Site Plan Approval has been received;  no public meeting is currently planned.

114 Division Street – Coast Guard Search and Rescue
Details: The proposal is to demolish the current buildings and build a new, Canadian Coast Guard Marine Search and Rescue Station building in their place. The new building will accommodate Coast Guard activities including offices, a garage, workshop and a two-storey residential module. More in post here.
Status: Under review by the planning department.

311-325 University Ave W and 387 William Street
Details: Balder corporation is planning affordable rental units in a new building of 71 apartments.  Details here.
Status: Conditionally approved

545 King Street East
Details: A revised site plan has been submitted for a supermarket, drive through restaurant and other commercial buildings on the southeast corner of Willmott and King Street East.
Status: In 2007, the owner obtained Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments.  Currently a revised Site Plan application is under review by the planning department.

Other Site Plan Applications received: Golden Plough; Dodge Street, Loadstar Trailers; Habitat for Humanity Northumberland for 22-24 University Avenue West (under construction); 671 Division, Buchanan Storage (under construction).

Tannery Project

Under the heading “Special Projects”, the Tannery project has been happening in one form or another since 2009. Originally the property that is up near the rail line was the Crossen rail coach factory, it became a Tannery factory for a while (hence the name) but this eventually closed leaving behind some polluted ground.  After some years, the Town took over the property and accepted the idea of making the land available for the development of a model sustainable community.  So far, no developer has stepped up to that despite several calls for proposals.  More recently, a Community Improvement Plan and Secondary plan have been created for the area – including extending the boundaries beyond the original property.  This article discussed the proposal. There is a hope and talk that the project will be given more attention (and progress?) this year (2020).

Additional Link

Planning Applications – page on Town’s web site with documents and status of projects

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