Virtual Concert at the Cobourg Loft

You’ve heard of virtual concerts and seminars (webinars) where you watch at home on whatever screen size you have.  But you are missing out on the group experience where you are with others. In the Covid-19 era, you have to be socially separated but cinemas have been operating successfully in this fashion for a month or so. Michael Pepa moved to Cobourg from Toronto a few years back and brought with him his Les AMIS classical Concerts with world class performers. He was initially planning concerts in St. Peters but was stymied by their roof problem so he moved to the Cobourg Loft. A full program of concerts there was interrupted by the pandemic but he has found an innovative way to resume.

Erika Crino
Erika Crino

On October 11, a video featuring Erika Crinó will be screened at the Loft and simultaneously in Budapest, Hungary; Belgrade, Serbia; Zagreb, Croatia; Trieste, Italy and Chisinau, Moldova – albeit at different times because of time zone differences. It’s similar in a way to the Metropolitan Opera at the Capitol which screens broadcasts from New York but the big difference is that it’s happening – the Met Opera is not operating this season.

Bottom line – you can see a top quality concert on a big screen and great sound with a limited number of others (18 max).

Maybe this will be an inspiration to others like the Capitol and Victoria Hall to do the same thing.  However, they can’t get full houses and maybe that’s a problem – although there’s nothing stopping multiple screenings.

You can get details of the Concert at the Les AMIS web site here.

Details on Covid-19 precautions at The Cobourg Loft here.

Tickets are $10.


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