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Well it’s been a tumultuous year with many peaks and valleys but here we are again at another “Holiday” season. Note that I prefer “Christmas” to “Holiday” since that’s what started the celebrating although I don’t follow any religion.  But it’s a time when we put any animosities behind us, any differences are not important – what’s important is that we are all special and deserve happiness despite any problems we might have.   Everyone is unique yet everyone, underneath, is the same – we are all deserving of tolerance and understanding and it’s good that there is at least one time of the year when most of us feel goodwill to everyone else.  As you can see, Christmas time is also a time to be philosophical – for me at least.

ReindeerBut let’s look at where we’ve been over the past year.  A year ago, no-one was vaccinated and now over 80% have had two shots.  The Americans got rid of their obnoxious President; we had a Santa Parade; we all got familiar with Zoom meetings; house prices continued to increase; most businesses managed to continue – I’m sure you can think of more positive things.

If you want an update on the latest Covid-19 news – at any time, including over Christmas and New Year – the special Covid-19 page is updated most days. Go to this page.

It will be a while before we get back to the old “normal” – masks and vaccine shots will no doubt be a part of the new “normal”. For Cobourg News Blog, gathering news is now a lot more dependent on announcements and the Internet and less on walking around.

The coming year will be interesting with two elections: Provincial in June and Municipal in October but right now with Covid cases spiking up, Cobourg has shut down most entertainment until early January and the Province seems to tighten more every day.

Despite all this, Christmas for most people is a time of good cheer with family gatherings.

First, I must thank my subscribers and those who read the posts without subscribing.  Without this community, the Cobourg News Blog would be pointless.  Thank you.

And I’ll repeat what I said in 2018:

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year – there’s an old cliché that says something like “May your Christmas and New Year be the best you’ve ever had” – but as you learn to mellow (or chill) out and stop worrying, this can actually happen.

Merry Christmas

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Wally Keeler
2 years ago

Corte Bella is a neighbourhood in Arizona that goes over the top with Christmas lights. This is drone footage of the spectacle:

Cobourg has a drone of its own. Cobourg Tourism would have done well to have a few fly-overs of our Christmas Magic spectacle in Victoria Park, especially during the evening of the Santa Parade. A quick fly-over from very high, and then a shallow flyover, then a fly down two blocks of McGill St. and given skill, maneuver it thru the tree stems. A flight down King St from Spring St to McGill Street to record the festive lights. Make the drone footage available to Cobourg’s video artists for imaginative work. This was a missed opportunity, perhaps next year.

This past summer the AGN organized Cobourg students to paint trash bins artistically. It was a wonderful idea. Regrettably, there were no pictures of the student artists standing beside their art. The AGN neglected to provide any pomp whatsoever, other than a meagre announcement on its Facebook page. The painted bins should have been displayed for a week in front of Victoria Hall where residents could have their pictures taken by a fav bin. Perhaps next year.

This fall was the fiasco of the Seven Virtues painted on a crosswalk a small block away from the liquor store. This profound cultural art lasted for hours until dirty tires smeared the dignity out of it. For projects such as this, the AGN should have been consulted beforehand. The AGN is well paid for their expertise in artistic/cultural matters. If the politicians/admins want to repeat this project in the new year, they should seek the advice of the AGN.

I propose that the Seven Feathers project was the greatest botched job of the year.

Old Sailor
2 years ago


You should be appointed a lifetime Cobourg Councillor At Large. No one knows the pulse of the electorate better than you. Keep up the good work.

2 years ago

Well said, John. Thank you for all the work, research and reporting that you do. It is greatly appreciated and I read it all.

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and stress-free New Year.

2 years ago

Although I have never met you, I thank you for your efforts & dedication to keeping us all informed. Hope you and family stay healthy. Merry Christmas.

Art Seymour
2 years ago

My sincere thanks John, for your excellent reporting over the past year. You sure do a lot to keep us informed on local concerns and issues.

2 years ago

Merry Christmas, John, to you and yours. And many thank for all you do for the rest of us.

Laurie Vandewater
2 years ago

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for your very informative posts about our community.

Steve Wilkes
2 years ago

Merry Christmas John, Wishing you continued success and good health in the future.

2 years ago

Sorry to see your comment on the obnoxious US president being gone…we must all thank him for the covid19 vaccine speed of development…also look at the mess the US and now Canada is in since the new guy took office. High fuel costs, high inflation, tons more drugs entering North America, a mess in the pull out in middle east, and the backing of Fauci who was instrumental in the creation of covid 19 with indirect subsidies to the chinese lab. Not to mention his rudeness in front of Prince Charles wife. Other than this, Thanks John for all your very dedicated work during the year and let us all hope 2022 brings us all a better & safer life.

Reply to  cornbread
2 years ago

… how fake news gets perpetuated: Trump had nothing to do with the fast development of the first vaccine (Pfizer), which originated in a lab (BioNTech) in Mainz (Germany).
You also forgot to blame the “new guy” for world wide weather mayhem.

Reply to  cornbread
2 years ago

The obnoxious former US president would have us all drinking Drano if he was still in office. I pity the US and the rest of the world if he ever gets back in. Happy Holidays to everyone.

Reply to  Tucker
2 years ago

You forgot to blame him for your attitude and lack of facts but merry Christmas to you anyway

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Tucker
2 years ago

So many Canadians are obsessed with Trump who isn’t even in power while here very little comment on the train wreck that this government continues to carry on daily …even as a minority !
Speaks volumes.

Keith Oliver
Reply to  cornbread
2 years ago


As per John’s comments we should all be respectful of each other’s opinions. This blog is not the occasion to get into a debate over Trump.

Let me add my thanks John, to the time, effort and quality of all that you make so readily available to we the Public.

2 years ago

Thank you for the season message John,
& thank you for this blog.

Wishing you and yours an excellent 2022.

Barb Swallow
2 years ago

Such wisdom and hope in your words John.
Merry Christmas to you and Alma.

Jennifer Darrell
2 years ago

Beautifully expressed sentiments John. Merry Christmas to you and Alma and any other loved ones. Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

2 years ago

As always John, you teach. Thank you for these cautions and simultaneous best wishes. Its been a pleasure to be able to participate in this terrific blog. Have yourself (and family) a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Jackie Tinson
2 years ago

Happy Christmas, John.

Wally Keeler
2 years ago

Christmas celebrates the birth of a belief that each individual is worthy of being a child of God.