Nicole Beatty Seeks Provincial Liberal Nomination

Cobourg Councillor Nicole Beatty today announced that she will seek the nomination of the Liberal party as its candidate for Northumberland Peterborough South in the June 2022 Provincial election. The MPP currently in the riding is Conservative David Piccini – at the last election he was opposed by Liberal candidate Loui Rinaldi who had held the seat off and on since 2007 and I’d guess he won’t want to run again. In the last Municipal election, Nicole received the most votes and has been quite active in her role as Councillor so looks like a strong candidate. The next Council election will be October 2022 so if she wins the nomination and wins the Provincial vote, she would be leaving Council a few months before the end of her term. It’s not clear whether she can simultaneously campaign for a seat as an MPP while remaining a Councillor – but first she needs to win the nomination as Liberal Candidate.

Nicole Beatty
Nicole Beatty

Her announcement provided some indication of why she could win both the nomination and the Riding.


Nicole was born and raised in Cobourg and as well as being active as a Councillor, she is also the CEO of her own community development and project management company (see links below for more).

Her announcement says that she:

Has been an advocate for positive change and collaboration through her work on the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority board, as Co-Founder of Cultivate Festival, as the volunteer Executive Director of Local Food for Local Good and in her company.

She says:

“I’m proud to call the Northumberland-Peterborough South riding my home. I believe my community work, business experience and leadership roles make me a strong candidate to represent my family, friends and neighbours, championing issues that affect their quality of life.”


“My decision to run in provincial politics is the best way for me to give back to a community that raised me and to help contribute to its future and the people that live here.”

She has provided an idea of what she stands for in her campaign.

Key pillars:

  • Enhancing supports for frontline and essential workers
  • Attracting new industries that provide a living wage job
  • Investing in our youth
  • Facilitating partnerships to build mixed use housing and inclusive communities
  • Protecting our agricultural land and supporting our farmers
  • Reforming policy that puts small businesses at the forefront of our communities
  • Strengthening our broadband infrastructure and transit networks
  • Advocating for environmental sustainability and conservation
  • Building capacity for education and mental health resources
  • Remodeling long term and at-home care so our seniors can live with dignity and in comfort

Her next step will be to campaign inside the local Liberal Party to win the nomination. If you want to help with that, then go here. (It means you’ll be joining the party).

Both the Provincial and Municipal elections are not that far away – and there’s a lot of current talk about a Federal election. We can therefore expect more announcements before too long from other Candidates. The last Provincial election included other candidates who may well run again. Notably Jana Papuckoski (NDP) and Jeff Wheeldon (Green).


Nicole’s Web site links

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27 April 2021 8:00 am

Recently I contacted NB and a second councillor to get information about local resources. I am interested in starting a business that could provide jobs for people just entering the job market. This fits with “investing in our youth” both for the jobs and the services offered. NB was friendly and helpful so I give her credit for that. I also spoke about a different issue on behalf of a neighbour. Neither councillor seemed to care about the issues raised not the costs to tax payers. We have a very serious debt problem. If our politicians do not deal with it the quality of life we enjoy now will decline significantly.

25 April 2021 6:55 pm

I am disappointed Nicole Beatty has decided to run for the Liberal Party. She did get one housing project for Affordabale Housing in the works, a platford she ran on – still under construction. I found in speaking with her she was pleasant. However the Provincial Liberal Party has sunk this province into vast debt. The Federal prorposed budget which still has to go through loops to be approved has promised further vast debt offering bribes as usual in advantages that will see people’s grandchildren paying this debt off for years to come. I thought as a person her decision to seek nomination for the Liberals displayed personal ethics – to be elected for the good of the Province or to eat at the trough of policies that will only harm this province for years to come. That is the question and no I will not vote for her. Hope everyone thinks of these ehical challenges of what is good for the Province and will follow suite in rejecting such bribe oriented policies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Liz
Reply to  Liz
25 April 2021 7:17 pm

Also let us not forget the WE scandal which enriched the Prime Minister’s family – wife, mother and self along with Maggie’s promotion of the “Canadian Beaver” leading to her divorce from PET.

A corrupt party displaying no ethics at all.

Last edited 1 year ago by Liz
Elizabeth Greaves
Reply to  Liz
26 April 2021 8:13 pm

But let us not forget this post from John Draper was regarding provincial politics. Can we avoid shotgum blasts, and stay with the topic?

Reply to  Liz
6 May 2021 7:29 am

I like this response , Nichols so called Affordable housing project has yet to materialize .
Was giving up Taxes , fees and development charges over a long term to attract this builder a good thing we may find out when the real rent numbers surface some time in the future .

Cobourg taxpayer
25 April 2021 12:40 pm

You’d have to be a real optimist to run for a party that does not have official status due to results from the 2018 election. Past performance from Provincial liberals and current performance from the federal Liberals will drive the province and country further and further into debt. Nicole Beatty’s performance as councillor has not impressed me. I don’t read anything in her bio or pillars that make me want to support her.

ben burd
Reply to  Cobourg taxpayer
26 April 2021 2:16 pm

Well real optimist or not, a party with a leader not sitting in the house, and one who is hardly known outside of his Union, happens to breathing down FordNation’s neck. Would be interesting if a real Liberal leader was in charge but at the moment it seems as though the “none of the above” and the “anybody but Ford” parties are doing the best in the polls.

Barb rusk
24 April 2021 11:59 am

Disregard my note please, just been advised it isn’t right

24 April 2021 10:19 am

Boy this must be a Liberal Page
Just show me what she has actually accomplished here on Council Certainly not affordable housing or an identified product / need for the demographic
If all it takes to get your vote is to not spend a few Bucks on side walks and
If the popular vote had been for side walks she would have swung the other way
Have a deal for you on the Brooklin Bridge .

We need real hard core experience

Barb rusk
24 April 2021 9:02 am

She certainly will get my vote as she voted against sidewalks on Abbott Blvd where I reside and also am against for many reasons as stated earlier.

Barb rusk
Reply to  Barb rusk
27 April 2021 9:25 am

Was notified she voted for sidewalks

24 April 2021 8:32 am

I like the list of pillars of Ms. Beatty’s platform and it would be good to see someone from Cobourg in Queens Park. Our Riding is absolutely dependent on the Provincial Gov’t in almost every respect. Rightly or wrongly, 8 of our top 10 employers are gov’t or government agencies; we lead the Province in Social Service claims etc.
By any measure, the PC’s took over a budget deficit that had accumulated over 12 years–and rightly or wrongly-(C19 etc) they have managed to double it in 3 short years. They’ve confused a rising real estate bubble with growth & Ontario now runs debt larger than it’s economic production in good times.(see link) So–the challenge for our next MPP will be to see that Northumberland continues to attract provincial money and avoid austerity cuts….and…wouldn’t it be nice if we could elect an MPP that actually can attract some new private industry-with living wages to the Riding?

Reply to  Dunkirk
24 April 2021 9:17 am

AND GOVID hasn’t put the Conservatives behind the 8 BALL?

Reply to  Dunkirk
24 April 2021 10:34 am

Perhaps the mayor and council should sell the town a lot more to industry rather than training on equity versus equality.

Bill Thompson
Reply to  Dunkirk
24 April 2021 10:57 am
Quite an achievement for a province without a serious world-wide health situation we have today and accumulated under 15 years of prior Liberal government rule.
Now with Canada’s debt at never before recorded level and still increasing with the new budget (after two years) and still climbing ,the sky’s the limit it appears in handing out more money even to other countries.