Provincial Grants Help Local Non-Profits

The pandemic is hurting businesses and individual workers and to date Governments have to some degree provided relief for them. Now, the Province has announced significant help for local non-profit organizations that are hurting. MPP David Piccini announced that six local non-profit organizations will receive a total of $555K. They include four Arts organizations, one sports club in Oshawa and Cornerstone which provides shelter to women suffering domestic violence. The amounts are significant and are welcomed by the affected groups. In making the announcement MPP Piccini said “Non-profit organizations are a crucial and valued part of any community. These organizations enrich the lives of people in our communities, while playing an important role in building a strong and prosperous Ontario economy.” These grants are part of the first round of funding through the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s new $83-million Resilient Communities Fund.

Summary of Grants

Organization Project Allocation
Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre Renovating the communal kitchen space and adding three additional bathrooms to provide clients with additional space. $147,600
Capitol Theatre Heritage Foundation Developing a five-year Strategic Plan, purchasing safety and cleaning materials/equipment to help with physical distancing for staff and performers. $150,000
Art Gallery of Northumberland Reviewing how programs can be delivered online, developing online fundraising strategies and delivering Education Art Boxes to homes. $44,300
Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG) Building on virtual practices and performances, increasing connectivity, skills and well-being for more children and youth in Northumberland County, as we continue to recover from the impacts of COVID-19. $73,400
Les AMIS Purchasing new technological equipment that will expand both online performances and fundraising capabilities. $9,000
Oshawa Ski Club (Brimacombe) Renovating indoor spaces to improve ventilation, expanding outdoor spaces including purchasing additional outdoor seating and heating, as well as investing in new cleaning/sanitizing equipment to enhance our ability to safely deliver services to the community. $130,800

Selected Quotes (edited)

“The OTF grant will be used to renovate the residential shelter by building 3 additional bathrooms, and reconstructing the kitchen to enhance Cornerstone’s infection prevention measures within the residential shelter program.” Nancy Johnston, Executive Director, Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre

Port Hope’s Capitol Theatre
“Our deep gratitude to the Ontario Government, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Mr. Piccini for the invaluable support at such a critical time. This recognition that the Arts is both a social and economic asset of the community is accentuated by the immense need for hope and reaffirmation while we all contend with the effects of this pandemic.” Olga Cwiek, President and Board Chair, Capitol Theatre

Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG)
“Sounds of the Next Generation (SONG) is a fun, free, open-access social development and leadership program that teaches life-long [music] skills to kids in Northumberland County and engages 1000s of community members. Thanks to the support of the Government of Ontario ….. we will expand our programming by 20% and engage youth with our new SONGtech program online – teaching tech skills, music-making and composition, and as always, connecting and empowering young people in ways that matter more than ever in today’s world.” Trish Dryden, President and Board Chair, Sounds of the Next Generation

Art Gallery of Northumberland
“Arts and Culture make considerable and necessary contributions to the well-being of our communities and regional galleries like the AGN provide transformative experiences – they start conversations, spark passions, provide inspiring and creative exhibitions. This opportunity assists the AGN in the development of digital content and programing to be enjoyed by our community and beyond.” Olinda Casimiro, Executive Director, Art Gallery of Northumberland

“Les AMIS is excited and looking forward to expanding its audience base by presenting the professional chamber music performances beyond the confines of its concert venue. The recording and video equipment, which the Ontario Government, …. [is] generously supporting, will enable Les AMIS to share its musical artistry with countless music lovers, who will be able to join us from the comfort of their living rooms. While this is particularly important at this critical moment for performing artists, reaching out to a worldwide audience through online platforms will be increasingly invaluable and advantageous in the future.” Michael Pepa, Founding Artistic Director of Les AMIS Concerts

Two of these groups also received money from the Town of Cobourg’s Community grants (Les AMIS and SONG) plus the AGN is primarily funded by the Town.


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3 years ago

I’m sorry I took the time to answer Jim but I did in case he was actually serious which seemed hard to believe. The cause for which the money was given was a very good cause and the the lack of mental institutions is a serious one.

I see nothing to poke fun at. It could very well come to that stage when the money runs out as the vaccines have.

3 years ago

COVID 19 and all its grimness. At least we are not at a “meat and potatoes” level and can still offer this much needed help.

I wish though the Provincial government perhaps in combination with municipalities could re-open mental health hospitals offering out patient and in patient services. The heck with the Human Rights Act. Ability to offer an order of committal should be strengthend. Too many severely unbalanced people running around free in society many with major mental illness. I can think of many such cases in recent years since the closure of the hospitals it is much more common.

Reply to  Liz
3 years ago

OK, so how will we know when we do arrive at a “meat and potatoes” level?
I don’t get the reference.
“Meat and potatoes”?

Last edited 3 years ago by JimT
Reply to  JimT
3 years ago

Jim T – I find it difficult to believe that you have never heard the term “Meat and Potatoes” when planning budgets. It is so commonly used. I provided a link for you for further explanation of economic practice – hope this assists you.

Deborah OConnor
Reply to  Liz
3 years ago

Any gravy for those potatoes?