The Town and Others Add More Restrictions

The Province recently mandated additional restrictions because of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 Virus but the Town, the Capitol Theatre and the Loft have gone further.  The Town has asked most of their workforce to go back to working from home and has shut Town buildings – except the CCC – effective Monday December 20.  They also cancelled the New Year’s celebrations and the Levee.  The Capitol has cancelled all remaining performances in 2021 and the Loft has imposed a 50% capacity restriction.  None of these restrictions were mandated by the Province [Update – maybe they were but initially missed] but I sense that people are getting nervous.  You can get details on all these changes in my web sites Cobourg Calendar and the Covid-19 page on this site – see links below.

The Town says that:

Residents can still access Town services via telephone, on-line, or by booking an appointment to meet with staff as needed. These measures are being taken as part of an effort to combat the rapidly spreading COVID-19 Omicron variant. [Availability will no doubt be subject to previously announced Holiday closures – see link below.]

The announcement comes as Ontario’s COVID-19 science table called for immediate and stringent public health measures to combat a growing surge of the Omicron variant that it said could see ICU admissions reach “unsustainable levels” early next year.

The Cobourg Community Centre will remain open for scheduled programming and will no longer be allowing food or drink into the establishment. Patrons are advised that the community centre could encounter more programming and event cancellations in adherence to further provincial and local health unit recommendations.

Residents in need of washroom facilities can access the public washrooms located within the lobby of the Cobourg Police Service at 107 King Street West, open daily from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.

The following Town events will also be cancelled:

  • Mayor’s Skate at the Cobourg Community Centre (scheduled for December 28, 2021)
  • Mayor’s New Year’s Levee (scheduled for January 1, 2021)
  • First Night New Year’s Celebrations (scheduled for December 31, 2021)

Residents are directed to contact the department with which they need to do business by telephone or email as many services can be handled remotely. The telephone numbers and emails for all Town of Cobourg departments can be found on the Town’s website at

Or try Cobourg Internet here. (direct link to staff contact info)

Update – 20 December

Ken Prue, the owner of the Loft, has now shut down until January 7  “in the interest of Public Safety”.


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Beach walker
2 years ago

Thank goodness we have the beautiful lights in Victoria Park and the waterfront. It may be the only bit of Christmas cheer available. Merry Christmas Cobourg.

2 years ago

Anyone who is “scared” by this virus would be well-advised to make sure their nutrition is adequate for this oppressive time of year – especially things like vitamin D, which tends to become depleted this long after the sunny days of summer.

Lots of credible information on line about the value of a proper diet in keeping one’s immune system in best shape to ward off infections.

Lots of nonsense, too, of course.

Last edited 2 years ago by JimT
2 years ago

But what about the beach?!!! Sorry – couldn’t resist – obviously it’s the right decision to close things down again – “hopefully” the danger will pass quickly. It’s a real shame that it’s right before Christmas. You’re right – people are nervous – I’d say scared is more like it — and we should be. Even being triple vacced like may of us are, the danger is still there and with the exponentially increasing infection numbers we’re seeing daily, we ALL must be very careful — at least until it’s known just how serious Omicron actually is. All that being said, however, I wish us all a peaceful and joyful Christmas with our loved ones, even if much of the celebration can’t be face to face.

2 years ago

As upsetting as this news is I applaud the Town for being prepared to act on new Government regulations and in a timley manner.

Reply to  Informed
2 years ago

Until we’re all vaccinated I don’t see things improving. I’m becoming so anxious about remaining well. My booster is scheduled for January but my masks aren’t snug so I’m living anxiously. I miss having usual complaints – like the beach, ha! – but it just goes on. And on. I’m scared because I have colitis so my immune system is already weakened. I’m doing my very best but it’s endless. I am glad the authorities do what they can to keep us safe but until we all individually think of others and not just what we want, I think this will go on forever. Please get vaccinated.

Reply to  JenT
2 years ago

You cant always control what others do or dont do. Treat yourself well and avoid all the negative news. Tell yourself things will get better….because they will Jen. No pandaemic has lasted for ever.Make it your mission to become optimistic and small things will start to look better.

Reply to  Informed
2 years ago

Thank you.