Shooting in Cobourg

At about 10:06 this morning (June 27, 2022), police were called to a shooting at the Jamaican Patty Shop at 12 King Street East.  Shortly after the gunshots, two suspects were seen fleeing in a black Lexus and drove quickly up Division Street.  Police soon arrived along with paramedics who were seen to be applying CPR to a male on a stretcher.  He was transported to Northumberland Hills Hospital but “succumbed to his injuries”.  The victim was later described as a “business owner or partner” but has not yet been identified pending notification of next of kin. The last shooting reported to Cobourg Police was in March 2020 and before that at the Hospital in 2017 (see links below) but it’s safe to say that shootings and murder are very rare in Cobourg.

Jamaican Patty shop
Jamaican Patty shop

There were plenty of witnesses including one who was across the road at the TD bank at the time but the Police have no suspects in custody.

The OPP are managing the investigation with the cooperation of the Cobourg Police.

Police blocked off King Street from Division to McGill and warned people via Twitter to keep clear of the area although they were clear that it was not an “active shooter” situation.

Witnesses said that Police came quickly but the two suspects had already left.

At 2:00 pm, Police Chief Paul VanderGraaf held a press conference – see the video of this below.

Paul said that it was an isolated incident. He also said that there would be an increased Police presence Downtown for the next few days.

Update 28 June

Pete Fisher reports that the name of the victim has been released: Rohan PYNE, age 37, from Scarborough. He was the owner of the store.

Pete has also released more information on the investigation here.

Update 29 June

OPP said today that the escape vehicle – a black Lexus SUV – has been found abandoned in Markham. It had been reported stolen and was found on Monday.


Pete Fisher’s original report

Earlier Posts on Cobourg News Blog

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28 June 2022 8:00 pm

Ok, I’m no cop but … even if they have to stop all of them, how any Black Lexus cars are there in the area, 401, main roads at 10:30 am? Hopefully hwy photos get them.

Pete M
Reply to  Kathleen
28 June 2022 8:21 pm

– downtown cameras will be reviewed

-area gas bars will be checked (you drive from Peel or Scarborough) you need to fill up when you get here in order to get back or in case you get in police chase

Reply to  Pete M
29 June 2022 7:51 am

Yes, I think the police will be reviewing any camera that may have captured anything. For all we know the getaway car could have been stolen or a rental. The shooter(s) may have switched to a different vehicle a few blocks away. Maybe the police have already cross checked the hand gun registry (assuming a hand gun was used) with owners of black Lexus cars. Unless the gun was legally owned by the owner of the car this would not likely help. I am not trained to do this type of investigation so there is nothing for me to do here. We all need to know what role we play in society and do what we can within that role. This investigation is for the police and I wish them all the best in finding the shooters.

Reply to  Pete M
30 June 2022 8:26 pm

You can easily drive to Person airport and back to Cobourg with a 1/2 tank of gas in a Lexus SUV , did that and more today in my Lexus

Pete M
Reply to  Mark
1 July 2022 9:55 am

Good for you Mark.
Turns out this vehicle was stolen.
In an investigation you have to check into everything.
They will follow up on the vehicle owner to ensure that vehicle was legitimately stolen and not a false report. Criminals believe it or not do lie to the police.
They will check all sources of video. You be surprised how cocky criminals are thinking they wont get caught, yet stopping off for gas and snack before a crime has lead to the capture of those supposed smart cocky criminals.

Pete M
28 June 2022 6:48 pm

We can speculate on the reasons why– owed money to unsavory people, involved in various illegal activities, showed disrespect to the wrong person or group. Whatever it was, people within his inner circle know the why and may even know the who.
The question is will they come forward to the police or will they deal with it themselves or will they just say so sad, too bad for him and just move on with their lives?

28 June 2022 12:44 pm

Why has all mention of MPP David Piccini witnessing this murder disappeared from this report and Pete Fisher’s report and why has the video of Piccini’s witness account been taken down from YouTube? Let the cover up begin!

Reply to  Torbot
28 June 2022 1:50 pm

Cover up? Or maybe it was just irresponsible and poor journalism for Fisher to name a public figure as a witness….his safety could potentially be in jeopardy…

Reply to  CHMC
28 June 2022 3:41 pm

Must be the only time he refused a photo op!

28 June 2022 9:44 am

The effects of stripping police of the ability to proactively investigate suspicious vehicles has allowed armed criminals to move around freely. Better get used to it as it will only get worse.

Reply to  Kyle
28 June 2022 10:19 am

What would have been suspicious about a black Lexus in downtown Cobourg?

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 12:04 pm

I would expect police to have information of known gang members and their vehicles.

Reply to  Kyle
28 June 2022 12:32 pm

Was this murder gang related?

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 5:41 pm

Really!…it certainly was not random. By “gang”. I am referring to organized crime. I.e. street gang, biker gang, etc etc

Reply to  Kyle
28 June 2022 12:08 pm

I’m curious…how have police been stripped of the ability to proactively investigate suspicious vehicles?

Reply to  Matt
29 June 2022 8:37 pm

The so called “carding” ban.

John L. Hill
28 June 2022 8:38 am

While we ponder the whodunit, let’s not overlook that 4 hours into the investigation Cobourg’s Police Chief gave a full and honest summary of known facts. It was a more fulsome briefing than any of the ones we have seen recently concerning shootings in the US. We are often quick to criticize our public officials but let us also congratulate them we they do a superb job.

Reply to  John L. Hill
2 July 2022 8:57 am

I agree and police can’t release a lot of information that is needed in an investigation. I’d think pertinent information can be withheld on purpose to protect an investigation plus the fact that the OPP are now handling it in conjunction with the local police. The vehicle was stolen per their report so chances of finding the culprits gets even less likely unless they can find footage of the theft or witnesses to the theft. It does sound pretty preplanned. Sad part is a family is shattered, a person lost their life and chances are slimmer of catching the culprits. We can only hope they find or get some more information on the two people in the vehicle. You just never know with dashcams and camera’s throughout the town. Fingers crossed they get them. Maddening when officials are criticized so quickly. We don’t know what’s going on in the background that they need to withhold to protect the investigation. We only needed to know that the community was safe which they released right away that there was no active shooter remaining in the area. It’s a sad world we live in these days.

Lemon Cake
28 June 2022 8:31 am

I walked by on Saturday morning and police were there interviewing someone – maybe it was part of something ongoing. This is really sad – that poor man and his family.

28 June 2022 8:24 am

Its become very obvious there are a lot more
street people here in Cobourg with less than friendly attitudes
Our area has been plagued with car break ins and petty thefts
as of late . Most taking place after 1 AM
Community Policing may be the answer .

Lemon Cake
Reply to  Sandpiper
28 June 2022 8:33 am

I suspect this was more than petty theft – it seems targeted and done by people who knew what they were doing 🙁

Reply to  Lemon Cake
28 June 2022 8:54 am

CPS have essentially said as much – no active shooter, no further threat to the public, etc…this would leave us to believe this was a targeted crime against an individual, family or business. I will say this, I didn’t see the DBIA, Chamber or Commerce or neighbouring businesses pause for a moment on their social media accounts to acknowledge the seriousness of this tragic event and impact on the downtown and/or the community. Within one hour the Market and S’mor had posted a video about the markets delicious products without a mention of what happened. Is this odd or an I missing something? We had a murder in broad daylight on our main street?

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 9:09 am

It was an ongoing police investigation with very few publicly-known details. Neighbouring businesses mouthing off about it on their social media is about the last thing that was needed.

Reply to  Matt
28 June 2022 10:14 am

Mouthing off? Why does it have to be mouthing off Matt?!

How about ….

“We are saddened and shocked by the events that took place in our community this morning. We appreciate this is an ongoing and active investigation but as always, we are open and here to serve you. Violence has no place in Cobourg.”

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 9:09 am

Rob , maybe the stores and staff were directed not to say or post something? I certainly wouldn’t hold them out as uncaring or not interested. The down town core had enough to deal with no ?

Reply to  Jade
28 June 2022 10:15 am

see above.

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 11:13 am

The store, All Creatures Great and Small did, in fact, post a message of support yesterday to The Jamaica Patty House family.

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 11:52 am

Shame on you. The market is extremely busy at all times and it is not their place to comment on a crime.

Reply to  Curious
28 June 2022 12:07 pm

there is always time for empathy and community…shame on you.

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 12:50 pm

Not one hour after a shooting and no one knows what is going on. Really, why would you write your comment calling out Smor. Lots of shops in the area and no one knew what was happening. You have made a personal attack. Shame on you.

Reply to  Rob
28 June 2022 2:19 pm

Not to mention self-congratulatory virtue-signalling!

Reply to  Sandpiper
28 June 2022 10:11 am

They were driving a black Lexus at ten in the morning.

SW Buyer
28 June 2022 1:10 pm


And your point is….??
Why is it noteworthy that someone was driving a black Lexus at 10am?

Reply to  Sandpiper
28 June 2022 1:22 pm

I fail to see the correlation in this instance.

Reply to  Sandpiper
28 June 2022 10:21 pm

I work downtown, and if you took a single moment to speak/ get to know the people who hang around downtown you would know they are lovely people living in difficult circumstances. Realize your privilege before pointing fingers at people who are completely unrelated.

Reply to  Liv
29 June 2022 7:04 am

Some are and some aren’t. It’s probably a mistake to paint everyone with the same brush–be it positively or negatively.

You’re correct though, there’s nothing to indicate any relation to what happened on Monday.

Wally Keeler
27 June 2022 10:04 pm

Someone didn’t pay their debts on time.

27 June 2022 7:18 pm

What a sad commentary. Shows you Cobourg is not immune to big city crime.

Reply to  Conor
27 June 2022 8:51 pm

A reason to discourage visitors from the big city?

Reply to  Dubious
28 June 2022 7:42 am

Build a big wall Eh Dubious, Oh I forgot you did that by lobbying for higher parking fees to keep out the visitors.