Cobourg’s Treasurer – Ian Davey – Retiring

After more than 20 years with the Town of Cobourg as Director of Corporate Services and Treasurer, Ian Davey will be retiring effective 27 October.  Recruitment is under way for his replacement and Ian is hoping for a month before that for the new person to absorb Ian’s 20 years of knowledge about Cobourg specific things.  Ian was born and raised in Cobourg (well actually Hamilton) and still lives there.  I was hoping that there would be a public announcement of the change but all we get is a notice of recruitment for his replacement.  I’m not an accountant but I know that Ian has worked hard at his job and is well liked.  The only information I can offer is based on the job description.

Job Description Summary

  • Key member of the Senior Leadership Team and responsible for managing all financial affairs of the Town including budgeting, property tax, accounting, asset management, payroll, and procurement.
  • Provides professional guidance to Council and staff on all financial matters, ensuring fiscal accountability, sustainability and security
  • Provide leadership, supervision and mentoring to staff within the Corporate Services Department to ensure excellent customer service both internally and externally
  • Reporting to Ian are Finance, Building Maintenance, Information Technologies Departments but this may be changed for a new candidate.
  • Responsible for Cobourg Northam Industrial Park
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively in a team environment and to exhibit courtesy, tact and diplomacy in dealing with the public, department officials and other members of staff.

Separately, I see that after 3 years as Deputy Clerk, Krystal Christopher has resigned and is now working for the City of Oshawa.  Recruitment for her replacement is also under way.


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Addendum – 18 July 2023

Tracey has been out of the office for a while but has now responded to my request for an announcement.

Statement/Announcement by CAO Tracey Vaughan

It is with mixed emotions that I announced the upcoming retirement of Director, Ian Davey to our staff and Members of Council. Ian has been with the Town of Cobourg since 2002 and has served the Town since then with dedication for both staff and the community.  Ian started his career with the Town of Cobourg as Manager of Finance in 2002, in 2006 he was appointed as Treasurer and in 2007 he moved into the position of Director of Corporate Services. Ian was an integral part of the Town’s movement through the COVID-19 pandemic when he took on the position of Interim CAO and brought the staff together in a time of disruption and uncertainty.

As Director of Corporate Services, Ian has led the Finance, Information Technology, and Building Maintenance departments and has managed the Northam Industrial Park portfolio which has been an exceptional addition to the Town’s assets and has provided a non tax based revenue source which has helped to advance projects and offset tax increases and debt. Ian has worked closely with several terms of Council and Community Groups. He has earned the respect of our residents and has been a trusted advisor for both staff and Council.

Ian’s expertise, dedication, and love for this community will be greatly missed at the Town of Cobourg. Ian has been instrumental in ensuring that the history of the corporation is acknowledged and understood to inform current and future planning. As Treasurer, he has committed himself to the responsible management of the corporation’s budget, ensuring the impact on our community and the citizens we serve is top of mind for every recommendation made to Council. His attention to detail and strong work ethic has made him a valuable member of the senior leadership team and his contributions will be missed. 

Please join us in extending our sincere gratitude to Ian for his continued hard work and dedication to the Town of Cobourg. We wish him all the best in his retirement and know that he will enjoy his time with his family in both Ontario and Florida!  Congratulations Ian!

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7 months ago

Perhaps Ian, after such a productive job for Cobourg will have a hand in selecting the new hire to replace him. I agree with Old Sailor’s last sentence too.

Old Sailor
7 months ago

A tip of the hat to Ian for the role he has played advising the various Staff, Mayor’s and Council members over the last 20 years. The transition period for Ian’s successor is short. The Treasurer is a critical management position. Let’s pick the best candidate based only on their academic qualifications and experience – whomever that may be. And skip all the DEI malarky for this posting.

Merle Gingrich
7 months ago

Congratulations to Ian, he was a very approachable man. A number of years ago I had a property tax issue and when I approached Ian he worked out a solution that we both agreed on, thanks again Ian.

Merle Gingrich
Reply to  Merle Gingrich
7 months ago

PS: enjoy your retirement.

Leona Woods
7 months ago

I am concerned that there was no public announcement first, as Ian has interacted with many community members over his 20 years on the job and these people and groups will continue to interact with his replacement. There were several retirements of long term staff over the 2 1/2 years that the town was “closed” due to covid and these retirements were not announced either. To the best of my knowledge, the town does not hold a reception for the retirees once a year. Surely this would improve worker moral, and send a message that long time work and service are valued. It would not have to be expensive and could still be classy.

Ross Dudley
Reply to  Leona Woods
7 months ago

There was an annual dinner for employees and retirees that had 25 years plus service. It was discontinued. I inquired why during the election and the incumbent that I asked gave her best political answer. It was to expensive to feed us but she indicated they would look at other ways to honour our past service. Ya Right.

Leona Woods
Reply to  Ross Dudley
7 months ago

That is not a good enough response. Even appetizers, some speeches, hand shake, certificates would be enough….. it is the thought and the acknowledgement that is important. In fact you could probably get industries in town to rotate footing the bill…..

Reply to  Ross Dudley
7 months ago

Also just a coincidence that 25 year dinner was canned when a new CAO came in with no skin in the game for Cobourg. Good luck with employee retention when you do not show any appreciation for long service. I hear that HR issues in the Town are terrible and this is another symptom of a larger problem.

Pete M
Reply to  Kyle
7 months ago

As Ben said another one of the old ones gone.
I wonder if the rumoured HR issues is that too many of the old ones are gone and by that I mean the ones who have grown up and gone to school and know the Town and its culture and residents so well. Lot of new leadership at Town Hall and associated Depts and most from outside. Conflicting ideas on how to get the agenda done???

7 months ago

Another one of the “oldies” gone. He will be missed for his quiet way of doing great things. Thank you Ian and ignore the snide remarks from your detractors. Wishing you well in the future – you deserved it.

I concur with you John very bad taste to advertise the job before an official announcement. But that’s the ‘new’ way of the world. I guess few people subscribe to our “outmoded form of politeness!”

Last edited 7 months ago by ben
Cobourg taxpayer
7 months ago

Well he may have been a great guy but I remember a couple years ago when all staff were working from home and he was asked for financial information for the town of Cobourg and he failed to produce. Also several years ago he and I discussed expansion of west harbour in the context of making money and he laughed and said well the municipality can raise taxes for any money lost. I feel he’s better gone.

Sam Westcott
7 months ago

Ian is a great guy and he will be missed.
Enjoy your well earned retirement Ian.