Affordable Housing on George Street

At the back of the house at 513 George Street (on the corner with Princess Street) is a garage that has been damaged by fire and now the owners are planning to rebuild it but with the addition of a small apartment on top. Nancy Lashley and Lawrence Foster have asked for a zoning variance to allow them to add this – it’s called a “Coach House”.  Note that because it’s so small it would have to be an affordable rental apartment.  Also, it was only in January 2017 that the Zoning By-law was amended to permit coach house dwellings (Bylaw number 013-2017 – see links below to download from Town web site).  At the Council meeting on September 10,… Read complete articleAffordable Housing on George Street

Shelter Valley donates to S.O.N.G.

In closing down the Shelter Valley Folk Festival organization, a home was needed for the $10,000 remaining cash of the registered charity. In an email today, the remaining organizers of the festival announced that this money would go to the Sounds of the Next Generation  (S.O.N.G.) organization whose “charitable objects are very much in line with the festival’s.”  The Festival started in 2004 and while it was operating, it was quite popular with fans coming from a distance.  The fifteen or so performers were generally very good but after a spat in 2015 with the Henkels who owned the land where the Festival was held, there was a lot of turmoil and eventually the Festival had to close down due… Read complete articleShelter Valley donates to S.O.N.G.

Visitor complains to Mayor about Parking Ticket

A recent visitor to Cobourg is unhappy that he received a parking ticket for overstaying at a meter on King Street.  He spent “over $100” at one of the two “nice men’s clothing stores” and admits staying about 10 minutes longer than he paid for but says that although Cobourg “depends on tourist dollars for a good part of their economy”, it’s not doing everything possible to encourage tourism.  He asks for 10 minutes grace.  He perhaps did not notice that meters on King Street already give 15 minutes more than the hour that a loonie pays for.  But when you think about it, that’s not a grace period – it’s just more time for your money.  A “grace period”… Read complete articleVisitor complains to Mayor about Parking Ticket

Location of Midway for Waterfront Festival

For several years, the Midway at the Waterfront Festival has been on the East Pier and Rotary liked that arrangement.  In a letter to Council Rotary President Rick Riley  said that “the Pier is the ideal location for the Midway” (more below). But based on comments by Director Dean Hustwick, it appears that the current Midway operator prefers the Victoria Park location although moved a little.  The letter was discussed at Council’s Committee of the Whole Meeting on Tuesday – Rotary wanted to know if they could have their preferred location in 2019 since “(the Midway’s) visibility on the Pier gives a focal point to our Show and to the downtown Festival activities generally, without imposing itself either visually or… Read complete articleLocation of Midway for Waterfront Festival

The Passing Scene: Remembering ‘Bert’

Recently, I was writing about Cobourg and the delights of small-town life, commenting on one of the town’s many low-key features; the spontaneous, out-of-left-field interactions between its citizens, aided by modern creations such as email. Last week was a prime example, producing a celebration of the life of long-time Cobourg resident, Alberta ‘Bert’ MacMillan. I wish I had known her. Like so many in our town, she was a force to be reckoned with, flying just below the community radar, a mover-and-a-shaker who, sadly, died on August 4 at Northumberland Hills Hospital. But, thanks to Cobourg resident Alma Draper and the many friends of Bert, the following is a short selection of the vast number of tributes and memories of… Read complete articleThe Passing Scene: Remembering ‘Bert’

New Web site Helps Fill News Gap

On March 20, a Town Hall meeting was held to get input on what should be done to meet the needs of people in Northumberland for Local News. (See links below for more on this meeting).  Led by John Miller with significant help from Rob Washburn, a small committee was formed to do something.  It adopted the name Local News Northumberland and decided that an online comprehensive daily guide to local news was needed.  At Cobourg Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting tonight, Rob explained how a “Hub” or “signpost” web site is being provided to point to where News stories can be found.  Fifteen news sources have been identified and each day the headlines and lead photo from new… Read complete articleNew Web site Helps Fill News Gap

Lots of Historical Entertainment

Starting September 21 and continuing to November 11, Cobourg will be treated to entertainment based on the anniversaries of two events: the end of World War 1 and the birth of Cobourg’s star comedienne Marie Dressler.  The events billed as Armistice 18 commemorate the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice and consist of a musical Gala, two plays, a play reading, three speakers and a special exhibit at the Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN).  Not all the original plans came to fruition but most have (see link below).  Around the same time, Marie Dressler Foundation is celebrating Marie’s 150th birthday with speakers, a gala dinner, a public birthday celebration and an exhibit at the Art Gallery.  Chair Rick Miller has… Read complete articleLots of Historical Entertainment

Federal Election Race has Started

Incumbent MP Kim Rudd yesterday announced that she is withdrawing her name from consideration as a Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources.  She wants to focus her energies on her riding and “on the important issues that matter to my constituents”.  The timing is interesting – it was on the day that the federal Appeal Court disallowed Justin Trudeau’s approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.  The ramifications of this would no doubt would have kept her very busy and away from the Riding.  But a Federal Election is just over a year away and the Conservatives are gearing up with three candidates indicating they are vying for the nomination.  One candidate is a lawyer from Orono and the… Read complete articleFederal Election Race has Started