Two Contentious Waterfront Decisions

Currently, each summer, Green Canoe Outfitters (GCO) rent out Kayaks and Paddleboards from the beach in front of the Breakers Motel but Bart Spiewak of GCO asked Council at Monday’s Committee of the Whole for permission to move west and position themselves on Victoria Park Beach.  They would want a kiosk not unlike the new lifeguard stations so that they could house their equipment.  They would cover all costs and offered a 10% revenue share.  Given the contentious rejection of the Water Park just 2 months ago, approval seemed unlikely.  But Councillor Chorley suggested a trial this year followed by a full, open procurement process in 2020 and said that the situation is different.  She moved a long detailed motion… Read complete articleTwo Contentious Waterfront Decisions

Council Proposes Salary Increase to Match Port Hope

When Council salaries were increased last year with effect at the start of this Council’s term, it was agreed that there would be a review “if and when the tax free allowance was removed”.  As expected, this did happen on January first.  Perhaps using this as a cue, the Cobourg Taxpayers Association in the person of Paul Pagnuelo, made a presentation to Council  last night suggesting that Councillors should be paid fairly so as to encourage talented individuals to run other than those independently wealthy and/or retired.  Paul pointed to the salary paid to Port Hope’s Mayor and said that Cobourg’s should be paid the same.  Paul also suggested that the Deputy Mayor should get 90% of this and Councillors… Read complete articleCouncil Proposes Salary Increase to Match Port Hope

Northumberland Classic Bicycle Race Returns

In 2018, Greg Rawson brought two major bicycle events to Cobourg and vicinity – the Criterium race in  August in Downtown Cobourg and the Northumberland Classic in May starting at Baltimore Arena.  This year, they will both be on the weekend of May 25, 26 with the grueling Northumberland Classic on Saturday once again in Baltimore and the Criterium race moving to Trenton on Sunday.  For the Classic, more than 300 participants are expected in 10 categories spread over 3 races.  The Elite category will complete 140Km but even the minimum category does 72 KM.  The course includes climbing hills – notably Northumberland Heights road – see map below.  The first race starts at 8:30 am and is expected to… Read complete articleNorthumberland Classic Bicycle Race Returns

Girls Night Out 2019

Billed as a chance for women to shop it was more of a party with balloons, goodies and a fashion show.   Organization of it was started by DBIA coordinator Jenna Leslie but she quit a few weeks ago to take a job in Kingston and her replacement, Aaron Wood, doesn’t start until Monday.  So Councillor Adam Bureau and Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin stepped in and with a number of volunteers, organized the fun event on Friday night.  There was a Jazz band on King Street and the old Sarby’s store was used to house some vendors and the Fashion show.  The original intent was for the fashion show to be outdoors in front of Victoria Hall but a threat of… Read complete articleGirls Night Out 2019

Major changes in Recycling and Garbage collection

This year, the County is making major changes in recycling and garbage collection.  For recycling, instead of using clear plastic bags, you will get a blue box and a grey box. And garbage will be changed too – you’ll get a green box for organic stuff that can be composted.  In addition, there will be more places to dispose of hazardous waste.  There will be an extensive education program which has already started – read the Waste and Recycling Collection calendar which every household should have received at the beginning of the year (via Northumberland News).  At Cobourg’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting on May 13, Adam McCue from the County will make a presentation on this subject.  Some… Read complete articleMajor changes in Recycling and Garbage collection

Cobourg Police now have Forensic Investigation Officer

A year ago, a safe was stolen from a residence in Cobourg and on the same day a vehicle was stolen.  Unfortunately for the criminal involved, he had been in trouble before (and was on Probation) so his DNA was in the DNA Databank.  Samples from both crime scenes were sent to the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto to be processed with the result that recently 27 year old, Baltimore resident, Andrew Christian Drysdale was charged with both crimes.  “Processing the crime scene” is done by a Forensics Identification Officer (FIO) – just like on the TV shows, they dust for fingerprints, take photographs, collect swabs, and maintain a secure scene.  But in this case and going forward, the… Read complete articleCobourg Police now have Forensic Investigation Officer

Northumberland Military Tattoo

Chris Barker has a long history with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets “Skeena” and with the ship that gave the cadets their name – HMCS Skeena.   The Canadian Navy destroyer was lost in a storm off Iceland during the Second World War (1944) with the loss of 15 crew members and 2019 is the 75th anniversary of this event. Chris and the other volunteers working with the cadets want to take 30 cadets to Iceland this Fall to participate in events that remember these Canadians who gave their lives.  Their fundraising activities included a “Military Tattoo” at the Baltimore Arena on Saturday, May 4.  A first of its kind in Northumberland (as far as I know), local Cadets and bands… Read complete articleNorthumberland Military Tattoo

CDCI West Playing Field being readied for Sale

When the CDCI West School was sold, the sale did not include the land behind the school used for sports.  In Cobourg, this is prime waterfront land and occupies (by my estimate) about 1.4 Hectares or 3.6 acres.  It fronts onto Durham Street.  For 15 years, the school board had a hand shake agreement with the Town allowing a boardwalk to be built across the unused part of the land near the West beach.  This easement was never formally/legally setup because the School Board said they had “no intention of developing the property in a manner inconsistent with the Town’s continued use of the easement”.  But now, the situation has changed and the School Board wants an official/legal easement but… Read complete articleCDCI West Playing Field being readied for Sale