Cultural Master Plan – Public Meeting

The second public meeting for gathering input on the Cultural Master Plan was held at the CCC on Thursday – only 42 people showed up, mostly the same people as always come to these meetings.  Three Councillors were there (Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin, Councillors Adam Bureau and Nicole Beatty). A draft plan has been issued and it contains Six Strategic Directions which the Public was asked to comment on.  The common theme of the “Directions” is better promotion and communication.  It seems we are already doing well and have a good supply of culture – all we need to do is communicate and promote it better.  The Plan contains no blockbuster recommendations – some thought it might recommend establishing a… Read complete articleCultural Master Plan – Public Meeting

Process to replace Cobourg’s CAO

When CAO Stephen Peacock went on medical leave, Ian Davey was named as Interim CAO but only for 6 months.  Human resources was then asked to report on the options to hire a replacement and that report was provided at Tuesday’s C.O.W. Council meeting.  Although Stephen is on “medical leave”, any replacement would be on an “extended interim basis” for 24 months.  This implies that Stephen is not expected to return to work for at least 2 years.  The options are pretty much what you’d expect for any recruitment to a senior position – Council is expected to “provide direction” to staff on which option to use, presumably before the 6 month period is up.  When asked, HR Officer Melissa… Read complete articleProcess to replace Cobourg’s CAO

Adam Bureau acts on Opioid crisis

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday September 3, Councillor Adam Bureau made a “Notice of Motion” – this means the motion will be considered at the next Council meeting.  The motion asks permission from Council to form a partnership and invite the Cobourg Police Service, the Cobourg Fire Department, Northumberland EMS and representatives from the county, MPP David Piccini and MP Kim Rudd.  They would then hold a round table discussion to come up with suggestions to combat the opioid crisis.  The choice of people is because “this group of people deals with this issue on an almost daily basis and would have first-hand knowledge on recommendations on how to eliminate opioids and other harmful and fatal… Read complete articleAdam Bureau acts on Opioid crisis

A Bat in Council Chambers

There was some light relief in Council chambers tonight when a bat appeared towards the end of the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting. It proceeded to fly around and completely disrupted the meeting.  It first appeared when Nicole Beatty was making an amendment to a motion and when she saw the bat, she briefly screamed.  She later admitted she was afraid of flying things but while the drama played out, she kept low and sheltered.  Mayor John Henderson wisely recessed the meeting pending a resolution.  Men with jackets then used them to try and capture the bat plus a resourceful councillor found a blanket. Finally, they managed to shoo it into the committee room (see short Video below).  With… Read complete articleA Bat in Council Chambers

Complaints about Marina

In 2017, high water caused power to be cut off to boats moored at the Marina; this happened again in 2019.  And if we are to believe that it’s at least partly caused by the new IJC plan 2014, it’s quite possible, even likely, that there will be high water again.  Two delegations to Council at their Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday are asking for action on this – they point to a reduced number of boats coming to Cobourg and want the power situation to be fixed before the 2020 season.  John King who says he represents boaters and has interviewed 100 of them on the subject is also critical of other aspects of Marina management –… Read complete articleComplaints about Marina

Cobourg’s First Poutine Festival

Filling the gap left by the no longer operating Shelter Valley Folk Festival, Cobourg’s first Poutine Festival is happening this weekend – Thursday to Sunday in Victoria Park. It was not well advertised so attendance was a little below expectations when I visited on Friday at around noon.  There was also no beer tent and the only “entertainment” that I saw was recorded music and a bean bag toss game.  But those who were there seemed to be enjoying their icecreams and other food – presumably including Poutine.  I spoke with one of the vendors who was involved in organizing the event and he said that they were working with the Town and the Lions club and assuming traffic picked… Read complete articleCobourg’s First Poutine Festival

Lakefront Utilities Helps Out in Florida

With Hurricane Dorian expected to land on Florida’s east coast on Monday, local electric utilities are expecting damage to their infrastructure with many people losing their electricity service.  When Canada has a problem – usually from an ice storm in winter – American Utility companies often help out so now it’s our turn.  This morning (Friday) Cobourg’s Lakefront Utilities sent an electric line crew to Florida – no doubt wise to get there before moving around is difficult or impossible.  They will miss out on any “planned Labour Day family time to assist in whatever way they can for restoration of power.”  Every county in Florida is under a state of emergency as the state prepares for what may be… Read complete articleLakefront Utilities Helps Out in Florida

Netflix Comes to Cobourg

From Monday 26th of August through Wednesday 28th of August, a film crew was in town shooting parts of a new Netflix series, Ginny & Georgia (more below).  Since the story was set in “the charming New England town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts” (which doesn’t exist), Cobourg had to look American with lots of American flags and even a US  Post mailbox.  The script required a drive through the Town and I learned how movie producers do this realistically – see photos below.  There was minimal disruption of downtown – mostly just some temporary loss of parking space – but “approx. 100 actors (I think they meant total number of people) and 40 trucks” were said to be in Town so… Read complete articleNetflix Comes to Cobourg