Changes at Council Meetings

Prior to the next Council meeting on Tuesday October 10, there will be a special meeting to present to the public planned changes in Council Procedures.  Residents will be able to comment on the changes before the final bylaw is written then passed at a future Council meeting.  The proposed changes include moving the time of meetings from 7:00pm to 4:00pm, a provision for more closed door meetings, the definition of public meetings is simplified, a number of changes related to motions, changes to rules about delegations and more.  The changes would be effective January 1, 2018 and many are mandated by Provincial legislation.  Council was advised about the implications of the legislation in a memo on July 3rd and… Read complete articleChanges at Council Meetings

Further Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade

In August, a letter from Condo Corp #50 at 165 Division Street was presented to Council asking for action on a traffic problem on the Esplanade near the corner of Division as well as problems just north of there on Division.  The Council referred the letter and the problem to staff for a report and it remains on the Agenda of each meeting as unfinished business.  At the next council meeting, another letter on the subject will be presented to Council – this time from the condos at the other end of the Esplanade.   Linda Cardie, President of the board of Condo #58 says she agrees with Jon Tondeur from Condo #50 and supports their recommendations but also wants pedestrian… Read complete articleFurther Calls to Slow Traffic on the Esplanade

Six More Rental Units for Cobourg

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on October 2nd, Council approved a site plan application for the property at 16 Park Street. An existing four unit building in poor shape will be demolished and a new six unit building constructed in its place. There is no rezoning required and the existing building is not a heritage building although the main front door is considered “heritage”. Unfortunately it is in bad shape so cannot be preserved although the developer promises a new door that will have a heritage look. The existing units are 2,636 sq. ft. total (average 660 sq. ft.) and the new building will be 4,844 sq. ft. for an average 807 sq. ft. – so the units… Read complete articleSix More Rental Units for Cobourg

ACO looking at moving Certo Building

As reported on September 19, Council has been asked to approve demolition of the Certo building on the old Kraft property (see link below).  It is in bad shape and an engineer’s report said a rough estimate to bring it into shape would be $500,000.  The request is currently with staff for a report but at tonight’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting, Diane Chin, President of the Architectural Conservancy Ontario, Cobourg branch (ACO) asked that the permit be denied.  She said that there were only a few examples in Cobourg of heritage industrial buildings and this one should be preserved. One example of a preserved heritage industrial building is the Mill; another was the old matting factory on Tremaine… Read complete articleACO looking at moving Certo Building

Should Langevin Pier be renamed Susanna Moodie Pier?

In response to the call to rename the West Headland from its official name of Langevin pier to something else, Wally Keeler has written to Council suggesting that the area be known as Susanna Moodie Pier.  The idea has been received favourably by many residents and acknowledged by Deputy Mayor John Henderson.  Wally notes that “Susanna Moodie stepped off the boat onto Cobourg pier in 1832” and that she wrote about life in the Canadian Bush.  He suggests that “The foliage of the pier should replicate as best possible the foliage that flourished at the time of her arrival.” Judging from comments made during the current Waterfront study, a big majority of residents would agree to keeping the West Headland… Read complete articleShould Langevin Pier be renamed Susanna Moodie Pier?

Medical Assistance in Dying now available at NHH

Northumberland Hills Hospital (NHH) has now set up procedures so that they do not have to move out of the Hospital if they wish Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).  Although legally required, up till now, NHH has required people to leave the hospital if they wish to have this service. A medical advisory committee was set up to establish the process and their recommendations have now been accepted.  Given that the Supreme Court mandated that this be available and that the hospital has a Palliative care section, this only makes sense. In a press release on September 27, Hospital representative Jennifer Gillard said: MAiD describes a situation where a clinician provides or administers medication that intentionally brings about a patient’s… Read complete articleMedical Assistance in Dying now available at NHH