Hospice Fundraising Campaign Receives One Million Dollars

A year ago, it was announced that a 6 Bed “in-patient” Hospice would be built in Cobourg.  Since then land has been procured on Ontario Street (just south of the Alliance Church) and a fundraising campaign has started (see Links below).  The Fundraising joint Chairs are Patti and Gord Ley and they were joined by Lynda Kay as Campaign Director.  They will be officially launching the campaign on June 5 but today, they announced a $1,000,000 leadership gift by the Read Elliott Family Foundation which was established by Kym and Brian Read.  In recognition of this substantial gift, the Hospice Care wing will be named the Read Elliott Family Foundation Hospice Care Wing. Kym and Brian are residents of Cobourg… Read complete articleHospice Fundraising Campaign Receives One Million Dollars

Cobourg’s Actions on Sustainability Criticized by Committee

In a report to go to council on May 14, the Planning & Sustainability Advisory Committee are criticizing the Town for failing to follow through or act upon several initiatives.  These include action on Climate Change, Corporate Energy Conservation and Community Energy Planning.  They point to a lack of reports as well as the resulting economic risk.  The report lists other municipalities that have been taking action on sustainability.  But like all good criticism, they also suggest solutions – that is, actions that could be taken.  As an advisory committee, all they can do is make recommendations to Council and in this case they want the C.A.O. to “consider and report back on the extension of staff resources to ensure… Read complete articleCobourg’s Actions on Sustainability Criticized by Committee

Opinion: An Idea for Cobourg

It was in my younger days, oh, in the late 1960s, when I first became acquainted with Cobourg’s harbour. Living in Mississauga, I was going through an adventuresome phase, owning a boat that variously took me around Lake Ontario, into the St. Lawrence river, the Thousand Islands and, heading back home on one occasion, an unscheduled stop in Cobourg’s harbour. Well, at least it was a place where one could tie-up alongside a dilapidated dock surrounded by messy piles of coal and garbage. Fast forward 50 years to the beautiful harbour of today with great facilities and its backdrop of the town of Cobourg, a welcoming sight for out-of-town boaters. Except – except one hopes the out-of-towners (and local boaters)… Read complete articleOpinion: An Idea for Cobourg

Town and Police Board to sign MOU

The Business Services Unit (BSU) of the Cobourg Police generates significant income that offsets costs to the Town and taxpayers but the Police board is concerned that this comes with a risk.  If Governments, Provincial or Federal, change the rules, the income could be lost.  Therefore the Town and the Police have prepared a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that spells out how this will be handled.  The intent is to keep the BSU separate from day to day Police operation and budget so that any drop in income will not impact taxpayers.  So far, profit from the BSU has been used for Capital items – most recently the cost of setting up the second floor of Venture 13 to house… Read complete articleTown and Police Board to sign MOU

Farmers’ Market in New Location

Today was the first Saturday in May so the Farmers’ Market was open but in a new location.  Operating since 1839 – mostly from the parking lot behind Victoria Hall – it is now located around the concrete pad that serves as a base for the rink in winter and a fountain in summer.  I counted 28 booths, mostly with tents although the weather was kind: sunny and cool.  Vendor trucks were parked in the adjacent lot so there was parking available for customers behind Victoria Hall.  The day opened with Mary Ito of the Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums providing a ceremonial “Piping in”; she led Mayor Gil Brocanier and Councillor Séguin around the central space.  Vince Ruttan provided… Read complete articleFarmers’ Market in New Location

Gun Amnesty Results

In April, the Cobourg Police Service, in collaboration with the Ontario Provincial Police, provided a gun amnesty program.  As a result, 19 firearms and a quantity of ammunition were turned in (see photo below).  The idea was to allow people who illegally have guns to get rid of them before they get caught and charged.  An exception is made to the amnesty if the guns  “were used in the commission of a crime” and ”no anonymous submissions were accepted.”  Specifically: “The Gun Amnesty applied to any documented or undocumented firearms, and other weapons and accessories” as well as ammunition.  If there are fewer guns out there, there are fewer that can be used to commit a crime. In their Press… Read complete articleGun Amnesty Results

Cobourg’s West Beach

When the report on the Waterfront eventually gets released, it will no doubt include something about Cobourg’s natural West Beach.  Let’s hope it recommends that it’s mostly left alone.  Popular with residents and little known by visitors, it has recently had three benches added to the boardwalk.  For several years, the Cobourg Beach Society was a volunteer organization that tried to get some action on extending the boardwalk the full length of the beach (all the way to Cobourg Creek) but two years ago it folded.  It did have some left-over funds and it worked with the Town to use those to pay for building the benches.  The Town used its own staff and wood salvaged from trees that had… Read complete articleCobourg’s West Beach