Lions not funding 2019 Santa Parade

According to Andrew Hall who is on Cobourg’s Santa Parade organizing committee, he is not aware of any funding from the Lions club for this year’s Santa Parade.  This is a change from previous years and is why the committee is asking for a $10,000 community grant.  Andrew explained this in a presentation to Council at Monday’s meeting.  The organizing committee consists of all volunteers and gets a regular contribution of $3500 from the DBIA but with no contribution from Lions and only a few hundred dollars from sponsors, they will not be able to cover their usual costs of $9 to $10K.  The budget for 2019 with the grant and DBIA’s $3500 would be higher than previous years but… Read complete articleLions not funding 2019 Santa Parade

Can the Town of Cobourg Communicate better?

Currently the Town communicates to citizens using the remaining newspaper, the Town website, social media (including You-Tube) and email – and communications manager Ashley Purdy wants to know how it can be done better.  A new survey with 10 questions is now available until Friday, March 29, 2019 (see link below).  Questions start by asking how you currently get news and go on to ask for suggestions on what can be done to do better.  The focus is on what the Town does: Planning, Town managed events and Venture 13 but there is no suggestion that the Town should provide information on what other organizations are doing even though the Town promotes Tourism and visitors are interested in events managed… Read complete articleCan the Town of Cobourg Communicate better?

Willow Beach Field Naturalists Lobby Council

There has been a lot of discussion about a possible boat travel lift for Cobourg boats.  Most of the discussion has been about the need for it for economic reasons versus who should pay (see links below).  There is also concern that it’s related to additional boat slips on the West side of the Centre Pier.  But in a letter to Councillors, the Willow Beach Field Naturalists (WBFN) raise another issue.  To gain entry to the harbour, a ramp is proposed west of the current boat launch which would reduce the size of the small beach there which the WBFN says is “the main gathering area for the impressive number and diversity of waterfowl and gulls for which our harbour… Read complete articleWillow Beach Field Naturalists Lobby Council

County Wants Public Input for Strategic Plan

The County is asking the public to complete a survey to provide public input for their strategic plan for the years 2019 – 2023.  This is quite different to the process used by Cobourg Council – although it was open to the public, no advance input was solicited for the Cobourg version.  Instead, a draft plan will be available online at some point for comment (but not yet).  One immediate problem is that many people are not clear on all the responsibilities of the County.  Apart from pickup garbage, what do they actually do?  The survey asks what you like about Northumberland; what programs and services do you feel should be priority areas for focus, and why; what should be… Read complete articleCounty Wants Public Input for Strategic Plan

CIP Update and Plan for 2019

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday 11 March, staff will report on the results of the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for 2018 and the planned process for 2019.  As mentioned in the report, the CIP has been implemented since 2016 in response to a 2013 survey where Cobourg residents expressed concern about the “poor appearance of building exteriors, back lanes and parking lots”.  The Downtown Cobourg Vitalization CIP is a collection of 8 incentive programs providing grants or loans for some of the cost of improvements.  The cost to the Town consists of grant dollars, plus loan admin and interest costs, and when compared to the applicants’ contribution, this produces leverage ratios which were 3:1 in 2016,… Read complete articleCIP Update and Plan for 2019

Green Party Nominates Jeff Wheeldon

Jeff was the Green Party Candidate for the recent Provincial election and will now represent the party in the October Federal Election. Giving an example of being efficient, the Party held two AGMs and nominated their candidate all in one meeting – held at the Cobourg Community Centre.  First was the Provincial AGM with Patricia Sinnott being re-elected as President by the approx. 25 people in attendance.  Jeff  reported on the election results and blamed the relatively low vote on people who did not vote their heart but were intent on stopping either the Liberals or Doug Ford.  The meeting also elected three other executive members.  The second meeting was for the Federal Riding association who elected a new four… Read complete articleGreen Party Nominates Jeff Wheeldon

Cobourg District Sports Hall of Fame First inductees

The startup of the Cobourg’s Sports Hall of Fame was held Sunday afternoon at the Cobourg Community Centre.   Joel Scott was the MC but the spotlight was on the organizing board, the display cabinets and the first eight inductees.   Ross Quigley introduced and spoke for the Board who presented certificates of appreciation to supporters and donors.  One supporter was the Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame who had provided a lot of help and took the opportunity to present a cheque for $2000 – see the list of all major supporters below.  When the Town of Cobourg was recognized, Mayor John Henderson acknowledged that Council support had happened when Gil Brocanier was Mayor so he shared the recognition.  The first eight… Read complete articleCobourg District Sports Hall of Fame First inductees

Conservatives choose Candidate for October election

An estimated 600 people showed up for the Conservative Nomination meeting held at St. Mary’s school today to hear speeches by each of the 5 candidates.  More than 50% of party members in the riding voted – some voted without hearing the candidates’ final speeches probably because they couldn’t get there in time since the parking lot was full to overflowing.  The school auditorium was also overflowing and the voting took close to the full two hours allocated.  The voting used ranked ballots which allowed voters to indicate their second, third and even fourth choices.  The vote was very close for all candidates but in the end Philip Lawrence was declared the winner after four rounds of vote counting (more… Read complete articleConservatives choose Candidate for October election