Fundraising launched for new Northumberland Hospice

In May 2017, Northumberland Community Care announced that a new Facility would be built locally to care for those needing “End of Life Care” (see link below).  The timing was because the Provincial Government announced that they would pay $315,000 annually towards operating costs – enough for 3 of the 6 beds planned. On 22 September 2017, it was announced that Ontario Street in Hamilton Township had been selected as the site and on November 29, the fundraising was officially launched.  The $7 million to be raised will cover the cost of building plus the remainder of operating costs not covered by M.O.H. for the first three years.  At the fundraising launch, campaign co-chairs Gord and Patti Ley said that… Read complete articleFundraising launched for new Northumberland Hospice

Cobourg Budget Performance to End of Q3

At the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, Treasurer Ian Davey will present a report on spending in the first three quarters of 2017 compared to budget.  Council directed in a motion on May 29 that these reports be posted on the Town’s web site but they can only be found in the Town’s Portal, not the main web site.  Details on both the Operating Budget and the Capital Budget are provided – the operating budget is looking OK but very little of the Capital budget has been spent so far this year.  Below are highlights of both – note that the “Revenue” reported is not tax revenue but could be called “other revenue”. Operating Budget Summary –… Read complete articleCobourg Budget Performance to End of Q3

Northam Industrial Park Mortgage Almost Paid Off

In December, 2002 the Town purchased Northam industrial park for $13.7M, took out a 15year $14M mortgage and took possession in March, 2003. The site is 121 acres and has 17 industrial buildings which cover more than 836,000 sq. ft.  Since then, although over $13M has been spent on Capital improvements, the mortgage has been paid down and $5M has been paid to the town by way of dividends.  The good news is that in March 2018 the mortgage will be fully paid up and the annual dividend from the park will increase by about $1.25M per year ($940K in 2017).  Over the 14 years, the annual dividend has paid for a variety of things – including long term debt,… Read complete articleNortham Industrial Park Mortgage Almost Paid Off

Venture 13 Tenders come in Lower than Estimate

The Venture 13 project to house several entities in Cobourg was approved by Council in May 2017 and a progress report was presented on 20 November 2017 (details at links below).  Tenders were issued for the work on October 24 with a closing date of November 16 – later extended to November 29.  The construction costs for part 1 and 2 of the project were estimated at $1,263,534 for part 1 and $657,635 for part 2 for a total of $1,921,169.  But the lowest cost tender from Dalren Ltd. was $1,520,000 for both part 1 and part 2 – this tender was “found to be complete and the contractor is known to the Town as a contractor that carries out good… Read complete articleVenture 13 Tenders come in Lower than Estimate

Updated Rules for Events in Parks

At a meeting on Tuesday Nov 28, the Town announced revised rules for applications to hold outdoor events – e.g. the Rib Fest, Wine and Ale in the Park, etc.  Fire safety rules were enhanced and existing rules will be more strictly enforced.  Deputy Chief Paul Vandegraaf said that they will deploy more officers to enforce rules such as liquor infractions but that Special Constables will be mostly used for this purpose. There are currently 12 Special Constables but this number will increase to 15 shortly. Bylaw enforcement officers and Fire Department Officers will also be deployed. It seems that some requirements that have been in place for some time have not been enforced but they now will be. For… Read complete articleUpdated Rules for Events in Parks

Patrick Brown Starts Election Campaign in Port Hope

A few days ago, Patrick Brown, the leader of the Provincial Conservatives, released his election platform and his first stop on his campaign tour was on Monday night in Port Hope.  Organized by the Progressive Conservative candidate, David Piccini, the Town Hall meeting was short, open to everyone and NOT a fundraiser.  The meeting was in the gym at the Port Hope High School and was well organized with a full house of about 150 people. Patrick spoke about his “People’s Guarantee” and kept the tone constructive with little of the negativity we associate with politicians.  His platform has five points and after explaining those in some detail, he opened up the floor for questions. Most of the questions were… Read complete articlePatrick Brown Starts Election Campaign in Port Hope