Starbucks coming to Cobourg

The famous coffee shop originally planned to come here in 2008 but the financial crisis caused them to put that on hold.  But now they plan to go into the new plaza at the Mall that is currently being constructed.  Lydia Smith raised the subject with Council and Councillor Nicole Beatty who is the Coordinator for Planning said that “it’s been publicly presented that a Starbucks is proposed as a potential business to occupy one of the storefronts being constructed as part of the new exterior building at Northumberland Mall.”  She also provided the plan showing the location – see image below.  Over the past few months, there has been a lot of work at the Mall – a rework… Read complete articleStarbucks coming to Cobourg

Heritage Group Contributes to Vic Hall Maintenance

Until today, I had not heard of the  “Victoria Hall Heritage Maintenance Trust Fund”.  That’s not the Architectural Conservancy group nor the Victoria Hall Volunteers.  It’s a trust fund dedicated to preserving Victoria Hall and today they donated $10,000 to the Town to “aid in the restoration and refurbishment of the parapet and front pillars at the King St. entrance”. If you have ventured Downtown recently, you might have seen work being done at the front entrance of Victoria Hall.  In 2017 they paid $5000 towards the work done to spell out what needed to be done – see Links below for Restoration requirements drawings. In June this year, Council approved a tender for the work from Colonial Building Restoration… Read complete articleHeritage Group Contributes to Vic Hall Maintenance

Masks to be Mandatory in Commercial Establishments

The HKPR District Health Unit has issued an order effective July 13, that all “Operator(s) of an enclosed Public Space will have a policy to ensure that no member of the public is permitted to enter or remain in the public areas of the enclosed public space unless they are wearing a mask in a manner that covers their nose, mouth and chin.”  Affected establishments include stores, malls/plazas, restaurants, personal service settings,  gas stations, indoor farmers’ markets –  any areas open to the public.  Outdoor patios are excepted.  Enforcement will be primarily aimed at the “operators” with the intent being to educate individuals.  Medical Officer for Health Dr. Lynn Noseworthy said: “Wearing a mask is about protecting other people, and… Read complete articleMasks to be Mandatory in Commercial Establishments

DBIA proposes trial closure of King Street

On four weekends in the summer, the DBIA proposes a trial closure of King Street so that it becomes pedestrian friendly. The idea is that Restaurants, Bars and Coffee shops can have Patios or extend their existing ones.  Although it might inhibit curb-side pickup to non-food places, these stores have agreed to a trial – for one time anyway.  The initiative was proposed by the DBIA to Council at their Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday June 22.  Although Council agreed, it will have to be ratified at their Regular Council meeting on June 29.  King Street will be closed from Spring to McGill but Division will remain open.  Closures will start on Fridays at 9:00 am and continue… Read complete articleDBIA proposes trial closure of King Street

Farmers’ Market now operating normally

On June 13, at the fourth market for 2020, there were 20 vendors and at least two of them were non-food vendors. They all seemed to be accepting onsite orders as well as online orders (see link below for first attempt at opening).  The weather was perfect and although not crowded, a good number came out.  The area was “roped off” with Police tape and admission was managed.   I suppose we can say that the Farmers’ Market is back to normal. All we need now is a return to the ideal space grouped around the fountain (or oval as some call it).  People seemed to be keeping their social distances – I guess this is about as normal as it’s… Read complete articleFarmers’ Market now operating normally

Town is Helping Restaurants Set Up Patios

The Town of Cobourg today hosted a virtual seminar for Restaurant owners to discuss the newly allowed Patios.  Starting June 12, although dining in is not allowed, restaurants will be allowed to serve meals and drinks to patios – in some cases patios will be new and for others they will be existing or an expansion.  In all cases, social distancing will be required with rules on table spacing.  All relevant departments were on the Zoom call:  Planning, Building, Fire, Works and Clerks departments as well as representatives from AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission) and HKPR DHU (Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit). I counted about 6 businesses although Town Clerk Brent Larmer said that there had already been… Read complete articleTown is Helping Restaurants Set Up Patios

FSD Pharma scales down Cannabis cultivation

As announced in April, FSD Pharma is selling their Cobourg building and Bloomberg reports that that part of the business (cannabis cultivation) has been scaled down to a bare minimum. Instead, the company will “double down on our biosciences and specialty R&D pharmaceutical efforts”.  In line with this, on June 3 they announced that they had received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to design a proof-of-concept study for a potential Covid-19 treatment.  But this drug does not involve any sort of cannabis-derived compound which implies that growing marijuana plants is no longer where they see their future.  It looks like Cobourg’s hope that they would provide large employment opportunities has gone.  Perhaps a new owner of the building will… Read complete articleFSD Pharma scales down Cannabis cultivation

Major Projects Continue During Covid-19 Crisis

One department at the Town that is keeping busy is planning – there are about two dozen projects being reviewed – some major like the Golden Plough Lodge rebuild and some smaller like the new Coast Guard building on the East Pier.  There are also some that have left planning but are under construction like the Legion Condos on Hibernia which should be finished later this year.  Also on their plate are a review of Zoning ByLaws and hopefully some action on the Tannery property although that has had no action since 2018. Construction is now allowed subject to Social Distancing so these projects could well go ahead.  Some have stopped – there’s been no action on the Holiday Inn,… Read complete articleMajor Projects Continue During Covid-19 Crisis