Major Projects Continue During Covid-19 Crisis

One department at the Town that is keeping busy is planning – there are about two dozen projects being reviewed – some major like the Golden Plough Lodge rebuild and some smaller like the new Coast Guard building on the East Pier.  There are also some that have left planning but are under construction like the Legion Condos on Hibernia which should be finished later this year.  Also on their plate are a review of Zoning ByLaws and hopefully some action on the Tannery property although that has had no action since 2018. Construction is now allowed subject to Social Distancing so these projects could well go ahead.  Some have stopped – there’s been no action on the Holiday Inn,… Read complete articleMajor Projects Continue During Covid-19 Crisis

Farmers’ Market Opens

The rules set by the province on what is allowed are changing week by week – but under the rules in place at the time, the Cobourg’s Farmers’ Market adopted a “pre-order – pickup” protocol.  The first day for that was today, May 23rd.  There were 10 vendors participating out of 23 possible (food vendors) and over 40 total (all products).  Judging by the parcels waiting for pickup, some had significantly more customers than others.  Auxiliary Police were on hand to help ensure social distancing and entry only for those making a pickup.  It was a glorious Spring day but few people came and there was plenty of parking on Albert and across the road.  Organizers were hopeful that future… Read complete articleFarmers’ Market Opens

Cobourg Commercial Properties – May 2020

Although houses and commercial properties are being  bought and sold, the number of buyers and sellers has dropped and certainly in the case of commercial Properties, the number of listings has dropped.  My source of information is MLS listings for Cobourg – previously there was also a listing by the Town’s Economic Development department but that is currently off-line.  Looking at the list below, there are few surprises.  The Woodlawn is still on the market, the Dutch Oven is still listed although if you ask Lauren she says it’s not for sale. New ones are Hannah’s at five corners (King and William), the A1 Taxi property on Densmore and Dimitri’s restaurant on William. And of course the Cannabis operation is… Read complete articleCobourg Commercial Properties – May 2020

Is Cannabis Factory leaving Cobourg?

In these days of factories shutting down, it’s hard to know if something is temporary or permanent – and it doesn’t help if contact people are unreachable or don’t have answers.  But we have two facts: 1) The operators of the Cannabis operation at 520 William street announced on March 23 that they are stopping production at their plant because of Covid-19 restrictions. Less noticed but more importantly, around the same time (the broker didn’t remember exactly when), 2) the entire plant was put up for sale for $19.9M.  If their plant is up for sale, then the idea that all their staff is “furloughed” is questionable.  How can they return to work if their building has been sold?  So… Read complete articleIs Cannabis Factory leaving Cobourg?

DBIA Members meet to Strategize

The Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) had a virtual meeting today to talk about how they could come together to get through the Covid-19 crisis.  Chaired by Adam Bureau, the meeting with as many as 33 participants lasted 75 minutes and covered a range of topics.  Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf reported that one officer was isolated at the Breakers  – perhaps that was what prompted the move to get the isolation trailers setup (see article – link below).  He also said that Police were patrolling downtown at night and noted that there had not been any increase in downtown break-ins.  Adam said that some stores were open for business – one example was Theresa Rickerby’s stores accepting phone, email, Facebook… Read complete articleDBIA Members meet to Strategize

Cobourg in Partial Lockdown

With most stores closed, all entertainment closed, most restaurants doing takeout only, many businesses sending their workers to work from home and others encouraged to stay at home, Cobourg is in virtual lockdown.  I ventured out today (it was a glorious day!) and looked at what’s happening Downtown, at the Mall and at No-Frills.  The first thing you notice is that there’s no problem getting parking anywhere – although it’s free on municipal meters and parking lots.  The next thing is that since stores and banks are limiting the number who can be inside at one time, there are orderly queues outside. One example was a bit strange: Staples looked closed but on closer inspection they had a sign that… Read complete articleCobourg in Partial Lockdown

A1 Taxi out of Business

On 21 February, the Town of Cobourg revoked the taxi licence for A1 Taxi because of undisclosed infractions against the Taxi bylaw No.014-2014. But the owner, Verander Gill, filed an appeal which was heard on Monday afternoon by the full council.  The appeal was chaired by Aaron Burchat in his role as Protection Services Coordinator but most of the meeting was conducted by Town Clerk Brent Larmer.  Although the appeal was not in a courtroom and there were no lawyers present, Brent used his legal knowledge (he’s a qualified para-legal) to present the documented evidence.  He started by quoting laws that gave the Town authority to govern Taxis and continued with documented evidence from Police and Bylaw officer reports showing multiple… Read complete articleA1 Taxi out of Business

New Management at Beach Canteen Planned

Over the last two years, the Victoria Park Beach Canteen has been operated by the owners of Market and Smor, the downtown boutique greengrocer, but for 2020, a new operator is being sought. As well as the canteen operation, there were four weekends in 2018 and two in 2019 when the nearby “courtyard” was used for licensed events with entertainment.  The Town deemed them a success and has seemingly prompted a suggestion that the new Canteen operator might also offer a licensed service (presumably beer and wine and in the Courtyard). The RFP issued by the Town on 21 February says that they “will consider alcohol as part of this RFP. The Town of Cobourg is open to all ideas for providing… Read complete articleNew Management at Beach Canteen Planned