The Town and Others Add More Restrictions

The Province recently mandated additional restrictions because of the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 Virus but the Town, the Capitol Theatre and the Loft have gone further.  The Town has asked most of their workforce to go back to working from home and has shut Town buildings – except the CCC – effective Monday December 20.  They also cancelled the New Year’s celebrations and the Levee.  The Capitol has cancelled all remaining performances in 2021 and the Loft has imposed a 50% capacity restriction.  None of these restrictions were mandated by the Province [Update – maybe they were but initially missed] but I sense that people are getting nervous.  You can get details on all these changes in my web… Read complete articleThe Town and Others Add More Restrictions

Update on Covid-19 – 15 December 2021

The Medical Officer of Health for our region (HKPR  DHU) Dr. Natalie Bocking, today provided a comprehensive update on what’s happening locally with the pandemic – and there is a lot happening. It looks like we got our first case of the Omicron variant although that still needs to be confirmed – this variant is expected to be dominant before too long. The bad news is that cases are increasing with the cases per 100,000 population at around 36 compared to around 5 a few weeks ago. The good news is that we are not nearly as bad as other regions – for example Kingston is around 300 per 100,000 population. A lot of the cases are younger people with… Read complete articleUpdate on Covid-19 – 15 December 2021

Once Again CCC to Host Vaccination Clinic

At Monday’s regular Council meeting, Council agreed to allow the Cobourg Community Centre (CCC) to be used as a vaccination clinic from November 5 to March 31, 2022. The HKPR District Health Unit expects that in the next week or so, two groups will be authorized for Vaccination: 1) third (booster) shots for those over 70 and Health Care workers and 2) young children.  For Northumberland alone, there are 11,000 in the first group and 5,000 in the second.  It’s hoped that these would be vaccinated before the end of the year – people in the first group already double vaccinated would be eligible 6 months after their second shot.  Vaccinations would be by appointments managed by the Provincial portal… Read complete articleOnce Again CCC to Host Vaccination Clinic

Details of Town of Cobourg’s Vaccination Mandate

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on October 4, a motion was passed establishing a policy that “Town employees, volunteers, consultants and Members of Council (must) be fully Vaccinated in the workplace” by November 29, 2021.  A previous post mentioned this briefly but the policy is quite detailed and the details are important. The first step is that individuals must disclose their vaccination status by October 22 using the Ontario Government receipt.  If they are not fully vaccinated nor have a valid exemption they will be subject to regular testing.  If testing gives a result showing infection, they “shall not be permitted to work or enter the workplace and will be required to utilize their banked time to make their pay… Read complete articleDetails of Town of Cobourg’s Vaccination Mandate

Next Step of Re-opening will be Earlier

The Province originally said that Ontario would move into Step 3 of re-opening once 70 to 80% of adults had received one dose of vaccine and 25% had received two.  Now that 77% of people 12 and over have received one dose and 50% have received two doses – that threshold has been met already.  Also required were a lower ICU occupancy rate and generally a low new case rate and these have also happened. The numbers for our region (HKPR) are not quite that good but may well be soon.  Given the good results, the Province has announced that we will move into Step 3 five days earlier on July 16 (at 12:01 am) and has released detailed regulations… Read complete articleNext Step of Re-opening will be Earlier

Beach Now Open – Report on Second Day

Victoria Beach opened on May 31 and on June 1, it could be called an early  summer day with bright sunshine and temperatures around 20 C.  When I visited at around 3:00 pm, there were about 50 people on the beach – nowhere near the 1200 capacity.  I could not spot any enforcement people but then none were needed.  As a result, there were no staff or Police at the entrance or exits. Presumably they would be there if there were crowds and when the Beach is closed.  I didn’t see anyone swimming and everyone was keeping separated.  But it was a good day to just relax and enjoy the beach.  Signage was good (see photos) – they warned of… Read complete articleBeach Now Open – Report on Second Day

Rotary Wants to Promote Vaccinations

Cobourg’s Rotary Club has been providing volunteers to the Vaccination Clinic at the Cobourg Community Centre but they are also keen on encouraging people to get their shots.  Their idea is that everyone who has had a shot should advertise this fact with a lawn sign and simultaneously thank the volunteers who have been helping.  They don’t spell it out but there are a number of covidiots people who don’t want to be vaccinated either because they don’t understand the benefit or have unfathomable reasons and perhaps the signs will be moral persuasion for them to get with the program.  Rotary says it more diplomatically:  that the signs will “create heightened awareness for the need to get vaccinated and foster… Read complete articleRotary Wants to Promote Vaccinations

Beach to be Closed on Weekends and Holidays

At a special Emergency meeting tonight, Council voted six to one to allow Victoria beach to be open only on weekdays but with capacity limited to 1200. This is effective May 31.  Councillors Burchat and Beatty would have preferred it to be open all days and Councillor Darling wanted an opening delayed until June 14.  Councillor Chorley explained that the public survey indicated a partial opening was preferred and Health advice is to avoid crowds which are more likely on weekends.  The decision taken was essentially the second of three options proposed by staff.  Option one was to keep the Beach closed and Option three was to open it with no restrictions.  The Staff report (see links below) included the… Read complete articleBeach to be Closed on Weekends and Holidays

Cobourg Ponders Revised Covid rules

Late Saturday, May 22, the Town of Cobourg issued a Press Release “asking for the community’s patience and understanding as the Town takes some time to assess the implications of the most recent public health measures as announced on May 20th by the Province of Ontario.” Because of the recent announcement by the Province of its Roadmap to Reopen plan, some rules have now changed and others may change after June 2 and again possibly after June 14. The Town is saying that they “need time to assess the new guidelines, regulations and implications to municipal programs and services, and the logistics involved with our required response”;.  They then spell out some of the immediate changes and announce that once again,… Read complete articleCobourg Ponders Revised Covid rules

Council Closes Beach until 7 June

A special Council meeting was called today to decide what to do about people staying on Victoria Beach during the Stay at Home Order.  The  Emergency Control Group (ECG) recommended that it be closed until Council makes a final decision on the status of the Beach at the Monday June 7, 2021 Regular Council Meeting. This plan of action was not specifically directed by the HKPR Health Unit but they did support the ECG decision.  Council discussed the issue at length with questions about signage, enforceability and more. Police Chief Paul Vandgraaf said that today there were 100 people on the beach and many were “congregating” contrary to the rules of the “Stay at Home Order”.  The Chief estimated that… Read complete articleCouncil Closes Beach until 7 June