Cobourg Police Hire Deputy Chief

In November 2014, Cobourg Police hired Paul VandeGraaf as Deputy Chief from Belleville to replace Terry Demill, who retired after 33 years with Cobourg Police. Then in July 2019, Police Chief Kai Liu retired from Cobourg Police and joined Treaty Three Police Service based in Kenora.  At that time Paul was named Chief and a search was started to find a Deputy.  On Wednesday, September 22, Dean Pepper, chair of the Cobourg Police Services Board, announced that Jeffrey Haskins, currently an Inspector with Durham Police, will take on the role of Deputy Chief of Cobourg Police.  He has an impressive resume (see full announcement below) and is sure to make major contributions to Cobourg.  He starts work in his new… Read complete articleCobourg Police Hire Deputy Chief

Town of Cobourg Employee Arrested

In the early morning of Saturday, September 11, 2021 Cobourg Police started an investigation into a Town of Cobourg Employee because of a complaint by a resident. Initially, the name of the man charged “was not released to protect the integrity of the investigation and ensure the victim’s privacy”. But today, Police announced that 27-year-old, Michael Dale Orleck of Hamilton Township has been arrested and charged with sexual assault, mischief to property under $5000 and criminal harassment.  This is because the investigation suggested there may be other victims so “the name and photo of the suspect are being released”. Police say that Orleck worked at the Cobourg Community Centre but is “currently prohibited from attending there until the conclusion of the… Read complete articleTown of Cobourg Employee Arrested

Cobourg Police Launch Survey

As part of their Strategic Planning Process, Cobourg Police are asking Cobourg Citizens to complete a comprehensive survey – see link below.  It’s being done by an outside company (Lansdowne Consulting Group) and you could win a $150 gift card for one of our local Cobourg restaurants.  I have already completed the survey myself and it’s quite long. The questions basically ask what you think of their capabilities, attitudes and performance. As their email launching the survey puts it: “The purpose of this consultation is to gather feedback on the delivery of services provided by the Cobourg Police Service and to help us set priorities for the next three years.”  You can find the link on their web site and… Read complete articleCobourg Police Launch Survey

Police Chief Dumbfounded

In a tweet late this afternoon, Cobourg Police Chief Paul Vandgraaf said  “So he is on house arrest type conditions for a multiple violent robberies … comes 2 hours to Cobourg to deal drugs, is arrested, lies to the police and is released at bail? Dumbfounded is all I can say!”  The story started yesterday when Police “commenced a drug investigation into activity at 351 John Street” and “arrested an adult male. At the time of arrest, the man was on release for numerous outstanding robbery charges stemming from a Greater Toronto Area investigation. He was also failing to abide by his condition of house arrest at the time of this interdiction.”  Not especially unusual.  They seized a quantity of… Read complete articlePolice Chief Dumbfounded

Cobourg Police Annual Report

A special Council meeting was held Monday May 3rd to receive the Annual Police Report. Presentations by Chair Dean Pepper and Chief Paul Vandegraaf summarized the glossy 44 page report (see link below). The report mostly covers achievements and partners but does include some of the closely watched numbers. Because of the pandemic, some numbers were down and others increased – the virus did not stop criminals. Councillor comments after the presentations praised Police performance, the use of tiered Policing and asked about body-worn cameras and what was being done about graffiti – more on this below. The force – sorry, “Service” – consists of 18 Auxiliary Police (volunteers), 20 Special Constables as well as 35 “sworn” or regular constables…. Read complete articleCobourg Police Annual Report

Police Responding to Public Concerns about Demonstrators

Cobourg Police seem to now be responding to complaints from the Public about demonstrators not following the same rules as everyone else.  At a Press conference today (see video below), Chief Paul VandeGraaf, Police Board Chair and Mayor John Henderson re-iterated that they are now enforcing the rules.  Last Saturday, seven offenders got tickets and two got Court summons for obstructing Police.  When asked why now and not earlier, Chief VandeGraaf said that it was his decision. Police attempts to educate were being ignored and people were refusing to comply.  He said their behaviour was bordering on criminal. Mayor Henderson commented that he had received a large number of calls wanting enforcement and he communicated that to the Chief.  It… Read complete articlePolice Responding to Public Concerns about Demonstrators

Update on Cobourg Police

In the midst of the pandemic, criminals continue to do their stuff and Police continue to catch them.  I don’t have statistics on comparative crime rates between 2019 and 2020 but based on what I’ve heard, they seem to be about the same.  Some Police reports say that a wanted person was observed and arrested and one wonders if the observed criminal was wearing a mask since that would make them more difficult to identify – but they perhaps are amongst those who object to wearing a mask!  There’s a wide range of criminals but most crimes are relatively minor – see a sample from the past week below. To see the full range, you can also see the Crime… Read complete articleUpdate on Cobourg Police

Provincial Grant supports Police CCTV expansion

D’Arcy street was closed around noon on Friday while an announcement was made outside the Venture 13 facility.  The Provincial Government announced a grant of $200,000 to Cobourg Police to implement CCTV for their “Next Generation Community Safety Strategy”.  The grant covers 50% of the cost of the project which will integrate CCTV cameras installed by the Town and private businesses plus some new ones.  The location of some of the new ones will not be disclosed.  The idea is to improve public safety since if criminals know they will be caught, they are less likely to offend.  The announcement was made by Solicitor General Sylvia Jones with supporting remarks by Mayor John Henderson, MPP David Piccini, Police Services Board… Read complete articleProvincial Grant supports Police CCTV expansion

Cobourg Police busy despite Covid-19

You have to wonder about the intelligence of criminals – if you look at crime statistics, many don’t keep probation or other promises so they end up back in jail, they repeatedly offend so get known to Police and some don’t show for Court appearances. Why do they push their luck?  And why does the virus not seem to keep them inactive? Below is a summary of crimes reported by the Cobourg Police over the last 10 days or so – if you look at them together, you start to see a few things: Many offenders are repeat as shown by their failure to comply with probation requirements. Police seem to be good at noticing them on their patrols, there… Read complete articleCobourg Police busy despite Covid-19

Police Launch Online Reporting System

On the 4th of March, Cobourg Police Chief Paul VandeGraaf had an open house where he answered citizens’ questions (see link below) and in response to a request for “e-reporting”, the Cobourg Police web site now has an Online Reporting Portal.  Intended for non-urgent minor crimes, it allows citizens to report crimes like bullying, damage to property, lost property, thefts from vehicles, theft of gas, theft under $5000 and traffic complaints – there’s more detail below.  If it’s an emergency, call 911; or if you witnessed who did the crime (you know who the “suspect” is), then call the Police directly at 905-372-6821.  Motor vehicle accidents are not included – they should continue to be reported to the Collision Reporting… Read complete articlePolice Launch Online Reporting System