Police Budget – 2020

The good news is that the Police budget request is $6.27M for an increase of 1.09%.  The bad news is that the Town is legally only allowed to take it or leave it with no line by line veto allowed.  That also means that the submitted budget will stand unlike the other departments whose budgets will be scrutinized closely and chopped to get the overall total down to the 1.9% target.  But there’s more good news: the Business Services department is doing well and is not only self-sustaining but contributes to reserves used for Police Capital purchases, $2.9M expected in 2020.  Chief Paul Vandegraaf also spoke about his “pivot” to evidence based policing: that is, measuring results and directing effort… Read complete articlePolice Budget – 2020

Neighbours Unhappy with Transition House Usage

Alyson King and Grace Lovekin made an emotional plea to Cobourg Council on Monday 25 November to do something about the problems that have happened Downtown and around the Transition House location at 10 Chapel Street since it reopened.  Instead of being a true transition house for people temporarily without a place to stay, when it re-opened in October 2018 it became a “low-barrier emergency shelter”. Alyson said that “since it has reopened, the neighbourhood has experienced increased and recurring problems with public drug use, people sleeping outdoors, verbal abuse and intimidation, disruptions day and night including physical altercations, theft, and break-ins. While Transition House may not be the “cause” of these problems, it is clearly associated with them as… Read complete articleNeighbours Unhappy with Transition House Usage

Update on Police Activity

Over the past few weeks, Cobourg Police seem to be arresting more bad guys – or maybe they are just reporting more despite having recently lost their communications person.  There’s talk that since Peterborough ejected the “tent city” people, some have come to Cobourg but if that’s true, it doesn’t explain most of those arrested.  Police are transparent about what they do and issue Press Releases regularly so I’ve summarized 19 of their emails to get an overall picture.  One of these is a “weekly summary” from a week ago which lists calls received and more details of a few of them. As of August 23, the Cobourg Police Service had 35 sworn officers, 20 Special Constables and 14 Volunteer… Read complete articleUpdate on Police Activity

New Police Officer and Weekly Report

Last week was eventful for Cobourg’s Police Service.  They now officially have a new Chief (Paul VandeGraaf) and on 19 August Abigail Amos was sworn in as a regular Constable; she had been a Special Constable since 2017. Her swearing in took place at the Ontario Court of Justice – see photo below.  Chief VandeGraaf said “We pride ourselves on hiring the right people for the right job and it was clear that Constable Amos was perfect for the job and we’re proud to have her as a member of our complement.”  On August 1st, Abigail completed a grueling 13-week program at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer along with 444 others.  On a side note, you may be interested… Read complete articleNew Police Officer and Weekly Report

Police Join Forces to Nab Vehicle Offenders

On July 29, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Cobourg Police teamed up with the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Environment and the OPP to do a blitz in accordance with the July S.T.E.P program.  For the month of July,  S.T.E.P. (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) focused on unsafe loads, commercial motor vehicles, unsafe motor vehicles, modified motor vehicles and loud mufflers (unnecessary noise violations).  The blitz resulted in 22 charges for violations – details are below.  A temporary inspection site was set up in the parking lot of the Fellowship Baptist Church on Elgin near the corner of William/Burnham. Below are some photos of the event (supplied by the Police) plus I have added some highlights of Cobourg Police… Read complete articlePolice Join Forces to Nab Vehicle Offenders

Multiple arrests for drug offences

Maybe it’s Spring that brings them out but lately Cobourg police have arrested several people for drug offences. It also seems that Police foot patrols in the downtown core have helped with this. One of those arrested, 43 year old Eric Bremner, seems to not know how to stay out of trouble – not only was he arrested for possessing fentanyl and carrying a “concealed weapon”, a knife, but he was also charged with “failing to appear in court” and violating probation. In February, he was charged with stealing credit cards then buying stuff with them. This time, instead of the common Police practice of releasing from custody with a promise to appear, he was held for a bail hearing…. Read complete articleMultiple arrests for drug offences

Cobourg Police now have Forensic Investigation Officer

A year ago, a safe was stolen from a residence in Cobourg and on the same day a vehicle was stolen.  Unfortunately for the criminal involved, he had been in trouble before (and was on Probation) so his DNA was in the DNA Databank.  Samples from both crime scenes were sent to the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto to be processed with the result that recently 27 year old, Baltimore resident, Andrew Christian Drysdale was charged with both crimes.  “Processing the crime scene” is done by a Forensics Identification Officer (FIO) – just like on the TV shows, they dust for fingerprints, take photographs, collect swabs, and maintain a secure scene.  But in this case and going forward, the… Read complete articleCobourg Police now have Forensic Investigation Officer

Police Upgrade Communication with Public

Cobourg Police are continuing to improve their transparency and efficiency and for those reasons recently hired Laurie Debattista as their Corporate Communications Coordinator.  As well as freeing up officers from this work, Laurie is also upgrading the process.  As well as being sent out by email, information on activities is now also sent out via Twitter and added to the police web site.  The web site is also being re-vamped with a new version scheduled for this summer. Cobourg News blog does not report on every incident – for that you should follow the Police Twitter account or maybe go to Pete Fisher’s Today’s Northumberland – but sometimes I do report to give an overview on how well our police… Read complete articlePolice Upgrade Communication with Public