Police Busy over Holiday Period

We talk about many homeless people having mental health problems, but when you read Police reports about who they have arrested, you have to wonder if many “criminals” are also mentally sick.  Often they break probation conditions, drive without a licence or car insurance and flee from police.  They are often caught in routine traffic stops – presumably because of suspicious behaviour – then found in possession of drugs or prohibited weapons even while on probation.  Why would anyone in their right mind do that?  But over the last several days, Cobourg police have been busy catching – then mostly releasing – many of these unfortunate souls.  Below is a summary of announcements since Christmas day.  We know that police… Read complete articlePolice Busy over Holiday Period

Warning by Cobourg Police

This message needs to be circulated: The Cobourg Police Service (CPS) is alerting the public after receiving reports of distraction thefts in Cobourg and neighbouring communities. In one instance reported to police, a man approached a woman in a parking lot of a north-end business and asked her for directions. While the woman assisted the man, another person entered her vehicle and stole her bank and credit cards from her purse. In another instance, two men approached a woman loading her vehicle. One man told the woman he thought something might be wrong with her tire, while the other man entered the car and removed a wallet from a purse on the passenger seat. Distraction theft is when someone steals… Read complete articleWarning by Cobourg Police

Police Update – October 2022

Cobourg Police are continually improving their reporting but you have to look for it.  Apart from their annual report, they have also recently published their budget before it’s approved and now they have added reports that give detailed Statistics of their activities more regularly. (See Resources below for links to articles about what they did previously).  Currently, Communications Coordinator Lisa Munday issues a limited bi-weekly report (that’s every second week, not twice a week) but if you look at Police Board meeting Agendas on escribe, you can find detailed reports that cover recent months.  My review below of the “August 2022- CPS Monthly Operational Report” as available in the Agenda for October 18 will give you some idea of the… Read complete articlePolice Update – October 2022

Police Budget for 2023

Setting of the Cobourg Police budget is not interrupted by the Council election so their timetable means that their 2023 budget will be ready for approval in November 2022. On Monday, the Police released a draft budget for public feedback – “draft” because it’s not yet approved. I don’t recall this being done in previous years. It’s only the operating budget but in recent years Capital items have been funded from their Business services. The key thing to note is that “Funding from the Town of Cobourg Tax Levy is currently estimated at $6,913,302, a 3.89% increase from the contributions for 2022.” Most of the Police cost is salaries and that has increased because of “contractual requirements”. It’s an easy… Read complete articlePolice Budget for 2023

Council Policy on Body Worn Cameras

Over the past year, Cobourg Police have implemented a program for Police Officers to wear Body Worn Cameras (BWCs).  The Town separately employs By-Law enforcement officers and the Police agreed to provide 3 BWCs to the town for use by these officers.  The cost to the Town will be $3,907 per year.  These cameras are intended to protect both the Public and Officers when there is public interaction and they are not turned on 100% of the time.  In fact officers must advise the public when they are operating.  The Police have a web page that explains Police usage and at the next Committee of the Whole Meeting on 15 August, Council will be asked to approve a comprehensive 11… Read complete articleCouncil Policy on Body Worn Cameras

Shooting in Cobourg

At about 10:06 this morning (June 27, 2022), police were called to a shooting at the Jamaican Patty Shop at 12 King Street East.  Shortly after the gunshots, two suspects were seen fleeing in a black Lexus and drove quickly up Division Street.  Police soon arrived along with paramedics who were seen to be applying CPR to a male on a stretcher.  He was transported to Northumberland Hills Hospital but “succumbed to his injuries”.  The victim was later described as a “business owner or partner” but has not yet been identified pending notification of next of kin. The last shooting reported to Cobourg Police was in March 2020 and before that at the Hospital in 2017 (see links below) but… Read complete articleShooting in Cobourg

Police get Provincial Funding

Cobourg Police recently released their updated Strategic Plan – and it includes a fresh summary of major public concerns:  1. Drugs (prevention, support, enforcement) 2. Mental Health 3. Community Involvement 4. Homelessness 5. Traffic Enforcement.  It’s significant that Mental Health is now near the top of the list for concerns and Homelessness is on the list.  Many calls to Police are really calls for help for people with these issues and not crimes so Police are changing what they do.  Yesterday, MPP David Piccini announced that the Province is providing $860K in funding over 3 years to help Cobourg Police with programs aimed at Mental Health and Homelessness.  Now supported are the Homelessness Addictions Response Project (HARP – $410K), a… Read complete articlePolice get Provincial Funding

Police Report for 2021

For the last couple of years, Cobourg Police have provided glossy reports with information about their performance.  The report for 2021 was released yesterday and the numbers look good.  Major achievements reported for the year are the hiring of a chief Financial Officer and a Deputy Chief plus the decision to implement body-worn cameras.  Mixed in with all the “feel-good” talk and photos, some key statistics are provided.  There are now 35 uniform members (same as last year), 26 special constables (up from 20 last year) and 11 Auxiliary (volunteers – down from 18 last year).  Calls for service dropped to 10,782 from 10,994 and 11,391 in 2019. The total operating budget of $8.8M was up 9% from 2020 but… Read complete articlePolice Report for 2021

Cobourg Police Hire Deputy Chief

In November 2014, Cobourg Police hired Paul VandeGraaf as Deputy Chief from Belleville to replace Terry Demill, who retired after 33 years with Cobourg Police. Then in July 2019, Police Chief Kai Liu retired from Cobourg Police and joined Treaty Three Police Service based in Kenora.  At that time Paul was named Chief and a search was started to find a Deputy.  On Wednesday, September 22, Dean Pepper, chair of the Cobourg Police Services Board, announced that Jeffrey Haskins, currently an Inspector with Durham Police, will take on the role of Deputy Chief of Cobourg Police.  He has an impressive resume (see full announcement below) and is sure to make major contributions to Cobourg.  He starts work in his new… Read complete articleCobourg Police Hire Deputy Chief

Town of Cobourg Employee Arrested

In the early morning of Saturday, September 11, 2021 Cobourg Police started an investigation into a Town of Cobourg Employee because of a complaint by a resident. Initially, the name of the man charged “was not released to protect the integrity of the investigation and ensure the victim’s privacy”. But today, Police announced that 27-year-old, Michael Dale Orleck of Hamilton Township has been arrested and charged with sexual assault, mischief to property under $5000 and criminal harassment.  This is because the investigation suggested there may be other victims so “the name and photo of the suspect are being released”. Police say that Orleck worked at the Cobourg Community Centre but is “currently prohibited from attending there until the conclusion of the… Read complete articleTown of Cobourg Employee Arrested