Google Features Marie Dressler

One of things that Google does is to occasionally modify the logo at the top of its search page with a “Doodle”.  Today, for all Canada, the Doodle is a celebration of Marie Dressler’s 152nd Birthday.  See it yourself by going to Google’s home page – click the Doodle and get the results of a Google search for Marie Dressler.  Cobourg Council recently declared today (November 9) as Marie Dressler Day – can we imagine that Google noticed?  Normally, the Marie Dressler Foundation would be holding a Birthday celebration event like they did in 2018 but this year the celebration is virtual. In addition to the Doodle, Google also has a page where they explain what the Doodle is about. … Read complete articleGoogle Features Marie Dressler

Entertainment Update – November 2020

The Concert Hall in Victoria Hall is still closed with no opening date; the Firehall Theatre is closed; there are no shows scheduled at the Best Western or United Church – basically all live shows are cancelled for now.  There is one exception – a live show at the Loft on November 22 will be held but it’s already sold out.  It’s a classical concert and the audience is limited because of spacing needs and the performers are not using wind instruments or singing which might cause a spread of the Virus.  (Details at Les AMIS Concerts or the Loft – links below).  Port Hope’s Capitol has cancelled all shows but is holding events like the Annual Christmas Tree display…. Read complete articleEntertainment Update – November 2020

County Safety and Well Being Survey

Northumberland County has a mandate for community services such as Affordable Housing, Paramedics, the Golden Plough and income support (welfare) as well as county roads, garbage and economic development. To better understand what residents see as priorities for a range of such services, a survey was conducted from 25 June to 31 July.  Public surveys usually get few participants and this was no exception with only 143 responses received. Of these, 61 were Cobourg residents. Of the 143, 46 were over 59 years of age, 60 were 39 to 58 and 29 were 18 to 38. The results are interesting and will guide the County’s “Community Safety and Well-being Plan”. Major categories were “Personal Safety”, “Feelings about Crime”, and “Environment and Culture” – details… Read complete articleCounty Safety and Well Being Survey

Fern Blodgett Sunde Statue unveiled

Fern Blodgett was raised in Cobourg and always dreamt of going to sea.  Early in World War 2, she decided to train to be a Radio Operator but the Canadian Navy and merchant navy would not hire a woman.  Not to be dissuaded, Fern found a Norwegian ship who would and did.  In July 23, 2018, Leona Woods presented to Council her idea of remembering Fern’s heroism and pioneering of women’s roles, by commissioning a statue to be put in Victoria Park.  Today that statue was unveiled before a large crowd of “dignitaries”.  Represented were the Canadian Navy, the Norwegian Ambassador to Canada, donors. and the committee who helped Leona reach her goal.  The day was chosen because 2020 is… Read complete articleFern Blodgett Sunde Statue unveiled

Review of Town Managed Events in 2020

At Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting belatedly held on Wednesday, Marketing and Events Manager Kara Euale reviewed the Town’s 2020 events both past and future.  Since the pandemic struck in April, events have been virtual but still involved outdoor activity.  Kara’s usual primary goal seems to be to attract Tourists but most participation this year was by locals.  The two major events of a normal year, Canada Day celebrations and the Sandcastle Festival, were a special focus with the cost of Canada Day fully paid for by a Federal Grant.  One of the more successful events was a Photography competition which is intended to be seasonal – four times a year.  All events involved local businesses in some way… Read complete articleReview of Town Managed Events in 2020

Virtual Concert at the Cobourg Loft

You’ve heard of virtual concerts and seminars (webinars) where you watch at home on whatever screen size you have.  But you are missing out on the group experience where you are with others. In the Covid-19 era, you have to be socially separated but cinemas have been operating successfully in this fashion for a month or so. Michael Pepa moved to Cobourg from Toronto a few years back and brought with him his Les AMIS classical Concerts with world class performers. He was initially planning concerts in St. Peters but was stymied by their roof problem so he moved to the Cobourg Loft. A full program of concerts there was interrupted by the pandemic but he has found an innovative… Read complete articleVirtual Concert at the Cobourg Loft

Victoria Hall Restoration Work gets another Contribution

In June this year, Council approved a tender for the work from Colonial Building Restoration Ltd in the amount of $275,000 (plus HST) to restore the sandstone at the front of Victoria hall including the speakers’ balcony.  In July, the Victoria Hall Heritage Maintenance Trust Fund contributed $10,000 to this work and today, at 3:00 pm, the Victoria Hall Volunteers (VHV) contributed another $20,000.  In accepting the cheque, Mayor John Henderson said:  “I don’t know of another Town with this kind of support for heritage projects”.   The Victoria Hall Volunteers have a long history of supporting Victoria Hall with a total contribution to date of over $356,000. Today is the closest available to the 160th anniversary of the opening of… Read complete articleVictoria Hall Restoration Work gets another Contribution

Cobourg Community Centre to Re-open in Phases

The CCC will re-open gradually and in phases starting August 31. Protocols have been cleared with the Health Unit and physical distancing will be required.  Conditions for Phase 1 are clear (see below) but later phases are still a little vague and subject to change.  Dean Hustwick, Director of Community Services says that “it will look a little different inside the building” and “the gradual reopening of our community centre will see more programs and services being restored when it is safe to do so.” Dates and some rules are spelled out below but before you visit you should: Register for a program or book your facility rental by calling (905)-372-7371. Complete our online COVID-19 Pre-Screening Form on the day… Read complete articleCobourg Community Centre to Re-open in Phases