Big Changes at Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums

In April 2018, the Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums partnered with Cobourg Police so they effectively have two roles, two names and two tartans – see link below for article explaining this.  They have been a “fixture” in Cobourg for 50 years – originally with founding Pipe Major George Lovett and more recently with Mary Ito as Pipe Major.  She was Pipe Major for 12 years but has now retired and there are a number of other changes with the band.  Their Communication Officer, Ian McFarlane, calls it a new era.  The Town supports the Cobourg Concert Band but not the Pipes and Drums – they have left that to the Police to support. This year the Highland Games were held… Read complete articleBig Changes at Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums

AGN Leads Project to Decorate Garbage Cans

In September 2018 Wally Keeler teamed with Lydia Smith to ask Council to fix the eyesores of ugly garbage cans around town (see link below).  The Parks and Recreation committee agreed with them  and in June 2019 Council passed a resolution to implement a “Trash to Treasures Pilot Program” and add it to the 2020 budget.  This did not happen and also did not happen in the 2021 budget – it’s currently listed in the 2021 operating budget as a special project in 2022/2023 with an estimated amount of $2000.  But all is not lost.  The Art Gallery of Northumberland has taken it on as an Education project for the Youth Council.  They plan to beautify 25 metal garbage cans… Read complete articleAGN Leads Project to Decorate Garbage Cans

Capitol Theatre re-opening

By some measures, we are “getting back to normal” – the beach is open, Rainbow Cinema and the Loft are operating with a “normal” program albeit with limited capacity, and the CCC is gradually opening up. Last year, all entertainment events at Victoria Hall and the Capitol were cancelled but now the Capitol is opening up – will Victoria Hall be next?  The Capitol started with a live show “The Importance of being Earnest” and is hosting the long running Vintage Film Festival this coming weekend. There are safety plans in place which follow Provincial guidelines and these include a requirement that all patrons are fully vaccinated.  The program this year consists of films that are “based on a true story” such… Read complete articleCapitol Theatre re-opening

Cobourg’s 2021 Highland Games has Big Crowd

In Cobourg at least, there are signs that we are “back to normal” – almost.  There were no Highland Games in 2020 and this year’s was moved from the usual June date to Saturday, September 11.  Billed as the “only Highland Games, in all of Canada, with Pipe Band, Individual Piping & Drumming, and Heavy competitions” it felt just like it has been for the last 57 years.  Although there were no highland dance competitions, many dancers were there anyway – doing “demonstrations”.  I heard an announcement that there were 170 pipers and drummers and organizers expected 12 bands.  Although there were obviously fewer bands (maybe about half the usual), the number was still impressive – see the video below. … Read complete articleCobourg’s 2021 Highland Games has Big Crowd

About Cobourg’s Web sites

This post is a little different – it’s about web sites serving Cobourg – and particularly about ones that entertain. Most web sites provide information but some do more. This post will attempt to help guide you. Many people use Facebook pages for information. These are really personal web sites and some are even used by businesses instead of conventional web sites but Facebook sites are limited. I will point you to easy ways to get news, information on clubs, information on the Town and I’ll highlight a few neat stories about Cobourg that you may or may not have heard of. Did you know that a commercial passenger plane once landed here?  And that there was a public hanging?  Did you know that Cobourg… Read complete articleAbout Cobourg’s Web sites

Entertainment in Cobourg is Coming Back

The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall, the Firehall Theatre and the United Church as an entertainment venue, are all still closed so you could be excused for thinking that there is no organized entertainment in Cobourg – but you would be wrong.  The Loft is open, Rainbow Cinema at the Mall is operating, there are several outdoor events and some organizations have innovative activities to keep you entertained.  Some events are scheduled for the Fall and plan to use current Covid-19 protocols although these may be relaxed by then – let’s hope so. There is a web site that provides local Entertainment Information (Cobourg Calendar) and it has a page listing venues that are operating despite Covid-19 – and the… Read complete articleEntertainment in Cobourg is Coming Back

Twenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration of Ecology Garden

Cobourg’s Ecology Garden was started 25 years ago by Minnie Pennell and it has since become a significant place in Cobourg for residents and visitors.  On Saturday, a ceremony was held to celebrate this anniversary and it was also a wonderful way to also celebrate the beginning of the end of the pandemic.  Given the current restrictions, attendance was monitored and the count was 95 inside the area at the west end of the Garden which was “roped off” with ribbons.  The original opening was by Mayor Joan Chalovich and she was there again on Saturday.  The garden has certainly grown over the years – it started as a 20 foot by 100 foot patch on Legion Village property, just… Read complete articleTwenty-fifth Anniversary Celebration of Ecology Garden

Some Entertainment Venues Now Open

With the Province re-opening, we can hope that more local entertainment venues will open since with Step 3, 50% capacity is allowed.  That means cinemas, theatres, museums, Art Galleries etc. can open and operate.  But in Cobourg, not all venues have announced any change.  The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall is still closed; the Firehall theatre is closed; the Cobourg Community Centre is partially closed; there are no events at the United Church; the Learning connection is not holding live events; the Cobourg Lions Centre and Columbus Centre are not holding events – at least not yet.  BUT, some venues are now open and providing entertainment.  There is a page on the Cobourg Calendar site that tries to list all… Read complete articleSome Entertainment Venues Now Open

Library MOU approved

When budgets were being prepared in 2019 for the 2020 year, it was apparent that Library management was not clear on what the Town would pay for and what the Library should include in their budget. Things like heating systems, managing tenders and maintenance of the grounds and building were not clearly the responsibility of either the Library or the Town so budgeting was difficult. The Library is funded mostly by the Town (69%) but also by the Township of Hamilton (23%) and some small Provincial grants but the main building is in Cobourg and owned by the Town. In November 2019, the Library asked that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) be prepared that would spell out who was responsible for what. After… Read complete articleLibrary MOU approved

New Film Group launches in Cobourg

Film Access Northumberland is launching with a Film Festival called the Eye2Eye International Film Festival.  Scheduled for August 29, 2021, at 8 PM, it will be free and outdoors at Victoria Park.  All Covid-19 protocols will be in place so there’s little danger of cancellation.  The new Cobourg based group (Film Access Northumberland) is not affiliated with Northumberland Film Sundays or the Dressler Foundation which holds an annual Vintage Film Festival.  The group is chaired by Ross Pigeau and their board includes local film fans Chris Worsnop, Cathie Houston, Adriana Monti and Micol Marotti.  Their organization is incorporated and supported by CAMECO in Port Hope, the Town of Cobourg, the Watershed Magazine, the Art Gallery of Northumberland and the Loft… Read complete articleNew Film Group launches in Cobourg