Police to support Legion Pipe Band

Cobourg Police are continuing to expand their community work and they wanted a Pipe Band.  Who better than the Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums?  At an awards dinner at the Lions centre last Wednesday, Chief Kai Liu announced the new partnership.  Police will provide the band with new kilts in the recently approved Cobourg Tartan (see link below) and will provide other ongoing assistance. The Band will retain their affiliation with the Legion but will have two official names: The Cobourg Legion Pipes and Drums (and as band member Lorrie Krebs put it) “but when needed, we are Cobourg Police Services Pipes and Drums”.  Apart from a new tartan, they will also use a newly labelled drum with the new name…. Read complete articlePolice to support Legion Pipe Band

Another Cultural Icon Closes Shop

The Friends of Music have announced that after their next concert on April 15, they will suspend operations.  Their announcement says that “There will not be a 2018-19 concert season. Instead, the FOM Board will seek a new direction for the organization.”  The problem was financial due to declining audiences and rising costs.  Their demise follows on the heels of the shutdown of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival and Port Hope Jazz Festivals last year – although neither of these were Cobourg based, their audiences included a large number of Cobourg people. (The Port Hope Jazz Festival may yet be resurrected).  To many, the thought that Friends of Music would shut down would be a shock since they have presented… Read complete articleAnother Cultural Icon Closes Shop

Film and Book about Victoria Hall

In October 2014, historian John Taylor announced that he would be creating a documentary film about the history of Victoria Hall (see links below).  He hoped to get a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts but it seemed they did not think a documentary film was art so his request was denied.  But now, he is planning a book and a 15 minute documentary and wants to use his own money plus raise $25,000 from donors. John currently lives in Vancouver and works in the film Industry but he previously lived in Cobourg and was Executive Director of the Society for the Restoration of Victoria Hall from 1971 to 1975.   At the Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting… Read complete articleFilm and Book about Victoria Hall

Work on Cultural Plan starts

The Town of Cobourg is planning to create a Cultural Master plan.  In this context, “culture” does not mean the different cultures of ethnic groups but refers to the arts, both performing and visual, with the addition of heritage factors.  Major goals of the Strategic plan that was developed when the Council was new, were increased awareness of and investments in culture, and an arts and culture centre.  Decisions on what to do about the Park Theatre and the Marie Dressler House have been deferred pending this plan.  However, with an implementation time frame of 12-15 months, any resulting action will be the responsibility of the next council.  At the next Committee of the Whole Council meeting on April 2nd,… Read complete articleWork on Cultural Plan starts

Boost to Cobourg Tourism planned

Under the direction of Dean Hustwick, Director of Recreation and Culture, Cobourg is adopting a new strategy to attract Tourists to Cobourg.  Instead of simply listing attractions, a new “guide” will focus on “experiences”.  Other initiatives include a new tourism web site to expand on this and the hiring of summer students as “experience ambassadors” to encourage visitors to stay longer and spend more.  Work on this project was done by Bryan Mercer, a contract employee who has many years of experience marketing Tourism, most recently in Kingston.  Bryan presented the result of his work to Council on Monday and handed out copies of the new guide to Councillors and the media. The new guide looks very different to previous… Read complete articleBoost to Cobourg Tourism planned

Armistice ’18 Program Announced

The First World War ended in 1918 with an Armistice and Cobourg will be commemorating this with many events this Fall in the several weeks up to November 11.  Director of Recreation and Culture Dean Hustwick, said that Cobourg’s commemoration will be the largest in Canada!  At the Council meeting on February 26, historian, playwright and organizer Hugh Brewster gave some of the history of Canada’s and Cobourg’s involvement in the War and listed all the planned events.  Canadian General Arthur Currie, who played a major role in the success of the Canadian army, was accused by the Port Hope Evening Guide of pursuing a last minute effort to capture Mons for his own glory.  He sued them for libel… Read complete articleArmistice ’18 Program Announced

Councillor Séguin asking for Citizen involvement

In her Coordinator’s report at Monday’s Council meeting, Suzanne Séguin said that work on getting the Cultural Master Plan created is getting under way. This plan is expected to shape the future of culture in Cobourg and is long awaited. It will require a steering committee of citizens who have an arts/cultural involvement/expertise and Suzanne asked that anyone interested should contact her at sseguin@cobourg.ca In a letter to Council, residents Simon and Emily Chorley said that the remuneration Ad Hoc committee should have at least one female member but has none. In response, John Henderson said that the members were appointed by several advisory committees and any females nominated had declined. However, there is room for a seventh member so… Read complete articleCouncillor Séguin asking for Citizen involvement