More Focus on Entertainment in Cobourg

The New Year brings a new web site –  The content is not new, it has been moved from the Cobourg Internet Entertainment pages.  This section of the Cobourg Internet site has been the most popular so a separate site is warranted. Also, citizen input to the Cultural Plan asked for the Town to do a better job of collecting event information and making it available to the public, but currently, the Town’s event pages focus on their own events.  They do a good job of publicizing Library events and events whose tickets are sold at the Concert Hall Box office but that’s pretty much it.  So for information on other events, Cobourg Citizens must either rely on word… Read complete articleMore Focus on Entertainment in Cobourg

Netflix Back in Town

In late August this year, a film production company was in Cobourg shooting an early episode of a new Netflix series, Ginny and Georgia (see link below) – and they were back again on Tuesday.  This time they shot a scene in front of Victoria Hall with a “Fall Festival” theme and they closed off King Street for the day. Lots of Cobourg passers-by stopped to look at what was happening but if you ventured past a sign (see text below), you could end up as a free extra in the film.   It’s flattering that film producers like what they see in Cobourg but also the crew needs to eat so they do bring business to the Town.  The Town… Read complete articleNetflix Back in Town

Final Cultural Plan presented to Council

At the Committee of the Whole Council Meeting on 15 October, Consultants MDB Insights will present the “final” Cultural Plan for approval (see link below).  A draft was presented to the public for comment online and at a meeting on 5 September and I estimated 42 citizens came out.  The presentation mostly talks about what was done to create the document with a limited number of recommendations.  As described in the Public meeting, 6 strategic Directions are suggested but most of the plan is about what the role is for the Town and how Cultural activities should be directed.  There were no recommendations on hard questions such as: “should the Park Theatre be purchased and restored?”; “exactly how much money… Read complete articleFinal Cultural Plan presented to Council

Cultural Master Plan – Public Meeting

The second public meeting for gathering input on the Cultural Master Plan was held at the CCC on Thursday – only 42 people showed up, mostly the same people as always come to these meetings.  Three Councillors were there (Deputy Mayor Suzanne Séguin, Councillors Adam Bureau and Nicole Beatty). A draft plan has been issued and it contains Six Strategic Directions which the Public was asked to comment on.  The common theme of the “Directions” is better promotion and communication.  It seems we are already doing well and have a good supply of culture – all we need to do is communicate and promote it better.  The Plan contains no blockbuster recommendations – some thought it might recommend establishing a… Read complete articleCultural Master Plan – Public Meeting

Netflix Comes to Cobourg

From Monday 26th of August through Wednesday 28th of August, a film crew was in town shooting parts of a new Netflix series, Ginny & Georgia (more below).  Since the story was set in “the charming New England town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts” (which doesn’t exist), Cobourg had to look American with lots of American flags and even a US  Post mailbox.  The script required a drive through the Town and I learned how movie producers do this realistically – see photos below.  There was minimal disruption of downtown – mostly just some temporary loss of parking space – but “approx. 100 actors (I think they meant total number of people) and 40 trucks” were said to be in Town so… Read complete articleNetflix Comes to Cobourg

Changes Recommended for Christmas Lights

In 1995, Cobourg started to light up Victoria Park at Christmas time.  However, in 2015, the DBIA thought that it did nothing to get people into the Downtown area so they were moved to Rotary Park and the Esplanade.  It was also said that the lights were damaging the trees although they were added to a few trees in Rotary Park.  On the Esplanade, there were no large trees so trees were brought in.  But many citizens thought the lights had been better in Victoria Park so in January 2019, a citizen Ad Hoc committee was formed to recommend what should be done.  Called The Christmas Magic Ad Hoc Committee (CMAHC), the committee is composed of Bruce Moore, Ron Hyatt,… Read complete articleChanges Recommended for Christmas Lights

Dressler House to get Expanded Museum

At Monday’s Committee of the Whole Council meeting, Marie Dressler Foundation (MDF) chair Rick Miller presented plans to expand the existing Museum at Dressler house to include two other Canadian female Oscar winners: Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer.  Rick said that he had firm commitments from partners in the Venture who would supply material for the museum and assist with marketing.  To proceed, Rick wanted the Town to revise the existing lease from just a part of Dressler House to include the entire building.  Some councillors were concerned that the Cultural Plan was not yet complete but Nicole and Adam asked whether there could be any better use than the museum proposed. Background Dressler House was built around 1840 and… Read complete articleDressler House to get Expanded Museum

Marie Dressler Foundation Awards Four $1000 Bursaries

Once again, the Marie Dressler Foundation (MDF) has awarded bursaries to four outstanding students in Northumberland who are planning tertiary studies in the performing arts. On Saturday, 6 July 2019, awards of $1000 each were presented at Marie Dressler House which houses the amazing Museum dedicated to the memory of Marie Dressler – one of the three Canadian actresses to win an Academy award (the others were Mary Pickford and Norma Shearer). One of the four winners was honoured with the 2019 Bill Patchett Devotion to Community Award for exceptional community service. Many will know that Bill Patchett left us recently after a long life of working for many causes, big and small, including the restoration of Dressler house after… Read complete articleMarie Dressler Foundation Awards Four $1000 Bursaries